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  1. bighurt2719

    Bobby Abreu

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:48 PM) Ummm, if the Phils were stupid enough to want A-row for Abreu I would hope KW pulls the trigger that instant. Abreu is a superior baseball player. He has a career .411 OBP .303 BA and an OPS of .923. He is a superior hitter compared to Kong as well. With Abreu as a DH and Anderson in CF. Even with Kong gone I consider this an improvement on this team, offensively especially. i like what we have. we obviously arent going to agree. there is always the chance that abreu had a fluke year. it wouldnt be the last time something like this happened in baseball. then again i could be wrong.
  2. bighurt2719

    Brian Anderson

    QUOTE(tonyho7476 @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:46 PM) What is the outlook for him? What kind of scouting reports are out there? How many tools does he have? I know we saw him this year, but I don't really know what to expect from him. What are the thoughts on trading ARow and starting this guy in Center? i dont have numbers, but i surely do not think that replacing Arow with anderson is a good idea.
  3. bighurt2719

    Good & bad Dolgin news..

    QUOTE(BMac41 @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 03:30 PM) Fine i won't believe it until i see proof. well then, lets drop everything so that you do. stop the presses. close the four ring circus.
  4. bighurt2719

    Bobby Abreu

    QUOTE(Punch and Judy Garland @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:31 PM) OK. I'll let Abreu's agent know that he shouldn't pack his bags until you sign off on it when the dog bites...ouch. when the bee stings...i'm allergic
  5. bighurt2719

    Spring training..

    i will be there for at least a week, but i dont know exactly when yet. im going with my dad and brother.
  6. bighurt2719

    Bobby Abreu

    if and only if we lose PK do i consent to this deal
  7. bighurt2719


    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:22 PM) If I had to guess, you are stealing someones bandwidth and they don't like it. every other time i load the page, it comes up with this green smiley sticking it's tongue out at me. but not every time. guess i'll change it. damn, i liked that picture. thanks.
  8. bighurt2719

    Sox have interest in Piazza

    QUOTE(GreatScott82 @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:15 PM) There is also some talk that Ozzie wants some more speed behind Podsednick. So why not make a run for Damon? If we can't resign Pauly- why not Dye play 1B and Damon plays RF? Damon and Dye were teamates in KC and im sure he would play some sort of role of getting him over here? Imagine this: Not too shabby and still have to core of the championship team still here. What do you guys think? that is the worst idea ever. damon SUCKS! check out his numbers since he stopped juicing- and dont even try to say that he wasnt. we have Arow, pods, and dye- why would you want to start making a move of that magnitude that is completely unnecessary? Yeah, i might consider it, if crazy carl was starting in right or left feild. but damon's a bum and a juicer. just my opinion, but i think he would be a horrible fit. and hes too old and you know hes going to want a nice long and generous contract. dont buy into the hype- espn says one of the reasons he is the "best leadoff hitter in the game" is because he brings "character" to the red sox. character?! NO. DAMON'S A BUM.
  9. bighurt2719


    and who the hell keeps messing with my sig?
  10. bighurt2719


    QUOTE(TheBigHurt @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:08 PM) Yeah that's the crazy or wierd face. Pretty much the same look you can put on your face by looking at teh pic in my sig, lmao. O___o my first impression was that it had something to do with DJ's home run call (reminded me of timo's homerun in the twinkiedome- remember that one?). It was at the beginning of the 5th or 6th, when hawk is always out of the booth eating or something and only DJ was announcing. Did anyone else get that out of the O___o?
  11. bighurt2719

    Bobby Abreu

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 03:34 PM) Only in xbox world would someone trade A-row for Abreu. perfectly put.
  12. bighurt2719

    Ozzie wants a new #2 hitter

    QUOTE(southsideirish @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 01:45 PM) You consider it an insult to be thought of as gay? Why is that? Maybe you should think about why you feel that is such an insult. I really had no idea you were straight. I apologized for that. I find nothing wrong with you being gay or straight. I don't know why you find one an insult and one not. Maybe you should mull that over. gays are a minority, so maybe you shouldnt make assumptions like that. maybe it would be a little bit safer to assume people are straight unless they say otherwise. its guarenteed to piss people off.
  13. bighurt2719

    Ozzie wants a new #2 hitter

    QUOTE(southsideirish @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 01:42 PM) Where do I insinuate such a thing? Again, you are reading into things that just are not there. I really thought you were gay. That is why I even put that in there., That you can buy you and your boyfriend tickets. I thought you had a boyfriend. Sorry that I was mistaken. It is no different than if I thought you were straight and told you to buy your own tickets for you and your girlfriend. However, I had no idea that you were straight. I thought for sure that you are definitely gay. Sorry for the confusion. haha, thats a huge slap in the face, man. you better make sure before you say that to someone. thats like congratulating a really fat woman on being pregnant when she's just fat.
  14. bighurt2719

    A "Big Hurt"?

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Nov 12, 2005 -> 02:00 AM) lol, they may have interest in him but I can almost gaurantee he'd have no interest in them. After all those years of playing for the White Sox, I just don't see Frank going to a rival like that. i agree. no chance in hell.
  15. bighurt2719

    John Rooney - New Cards Radio Announcer

    good for rooney. i wish we still had him. i'll never forget his world series winner championship call.