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  1. Bears don't have the future draft capital to make another massive splash like that.
  2. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    He's a pretty solid 3 and D guy (40% from 3 the last three years - his TS% has been really good since he left Chicago). He's not a great player by any means, but Snell is definitely a useful NBA role player.
  3. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    Yep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO- House of Reps) is a former bankruptcy attorney. He spoke at a conference I was at back in 2017 - shortly after the election. He talked about the fact that there was some momentum for an amendment to the Bankruptcy Code regarding student loan debt had Clinton won in '16. I think it would have to be structured something along the lines of "not subject to discharge for the first 10-years out of school" with some additional requirement of showing a good faith effort to make payments during that decade. By the time that 10-years is up, folks with a chance to pay off the debts will have accumulated enough assets that bankruptcy isn't particularly appealing. Thus, the change in the law would end up helping the people who actually need it and it wouldn't be a race to Chapter 7/13 immediately after graduation.
  4. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    I'm good. We're aggressively overpaying on the student loans now and are probably about 2-years away from having those paid off. I know some people who went the JAG route out of law school - but you can't everybody from law school going to JAG - lol. The overarching point was that student loan repayment has cut into my disposable income pretty hard over the last decade - and while some of that $$ would end up getting saved, people who aren't in as comfortable a position as I am end up participating less in the economy as consumers. You want to stimulate the economy? Find a way to make that $1.5T in student loan debt go away.
  5. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    An educated society is valuable. A society with equal access to education provides greater opportunity for upward mobility as well.
  6. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    Just to be clear - that's both my law school debt and my wife's law school debt. Also to be clear, both of us had decent scholarships and worked while in law school - law school is 'spensive. I generally understood what my monthly payment was going to be. But because I went straight from undergrad to law school, I had no sense of the impact a student loan repayment would have on my budget in the real world. If I had it to do over again, I would probably have put off law school for a couple years. Making those kind of financial decisions when you are 21-22 years old sets some kids up to fail (it's even worse when they are making those decisions at 18).
  7. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    That's interesting. Does that calculation account for undergrad debt? If so, does it lead to a greater allocation of scholarship dollars to those with undergrad debt? For me, access to higher education is critical to an upwardly mobile society. There are obviously some pretty big issues with the current system which is evidenced by the massive amount of student loan debt in circulation. So I am interested in seeing different ideas on how people are addressing those issues.
  8. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    It's a relatively safe vehicle for the feds since the bankruptcy code makes it virtually impossible for people to get rid of their student loan debt... Student loan debt is crippling for a lot of people. My wife and I are comfortable, but between the two of us, we're paying approximately $1500/m on account of student loan debt (some of that is overpayment, but still). I legitimately don't know how people can have both student loan debt and children.
  9. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    Rabbit, I'm at 4.5% on all my grad school loans. I looked into refinancing again, but - like you mention - it wasn't going to save me enough to make it worth the hassle.
  10. illinilaw08

    Tax Refunds

    My big goal is student loan debt free in the next 2-years. With both the wife and I having large law school debt, getting rid of that makes non-401k saving way, way easier. On taxes, we both take 0 allowances on withholding, but this year is a decent sized tax bill (usually we get a really small refund). The loss of deductions hurt, and the Tax Code doesn't have much sympathy for double income, no kids.
  11. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    This. And it's what is so frustrating here. Claw back a second. Use the trade exception to get something that is actually of value to building the future roster. Monetizing the trade exception - much like selling the Jordan Bell pick - might be good for JR, but I fail to see how it is good for the Bulls.
  12. illinilaw08

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Griffin simply turns the ball over too much right now and isn't making shots. It's a process with FR - balancing playing time and game reps vs. completely destroying them when they aren't ready for the minutes yet. Tevian Jones was suspended for those games. I agree that the development of those two is key to this thing working out. But Rome wasn't built in a day... After last year, this thing was really basically pulled back to the studs. It's a really, really young roster that had a brutal schedule, so I'm not really looking at wins/losses when comparing this year to last. KenPom thinks they are basically the same overall today as they ended last year which I would argue IS progress considering how much offense comes from Giorgi - a nothing recruit, and Ayo. There are definitely concerns with BU, and even with Kofi in the fold, I'm pessimistic this works out. But the fact that this team is bad after losing their best player from last year (Black) and relying on an unranked FR for the majority of the big guy minutes isn't surprising...
  13. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Meh, there's nothing in those tweets about hunting midrange jumpers late in the shot clock. If "grind it out" means do what Memphis is doing offensively this year, that's fine (ie, maybe you are passing up a good shot for a great shot). Efficiency and getting the right shots - which includes getting to the line - is the way to win in the NBA - and that mindset could really help the development of guys like Lavine.
  14. illinilaw08

    The Fighting Illini

    No doubt. If you aren't a blue blood (and even them - see Doherty, Matt), you are looking for one of those unicorn coaches that develops under recruited talent, or recruits at such a high level that the coaching side doesn't matter. Those guys don't grow on trees.
  15. illinilaw08

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    I also think it's important to note that he intentionally excluded gun deaths by suicide on the other side of the equation. From Harvard - attempted suicide by gun is effective 82.5% of the time. Drugs and cutting are each effective less than 2% of the time. I will shout from the rooftops about how that stat matters any time someone seeks to exclude those deaths... https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/means-matter/means-matter/case-fatality/