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  1. illinilaw08

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    My experience in Denver has been that produce is fine. The first weekend, onions, potatoes and garlic were completely wiped out, but since then, no issues. Non-perishables are still really, really picked over in stores. I haven't seen a can of black beans on a grocery shelf in like 3 weeks.
  2. illinilaw08

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    https://www.npr.org/2020/03/26/821457551/whats-inside-the-senate-s-2-trillion-coronavirus-aid-package Per NPR, the bill provides that employers can contribute up to $5,250 to employee student loan payments without those contributions being treated as income to the employee. That might be what is being referenced here.
  3. illinilaw08

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    This. We have a health crisis in this country. The response to the health crisis (which is necessary to save lives) is causing a financial crisis. The feds need to step up to provide a safety net that allows small businesses to survive and re-hire on the other side (grants, no interest loans, a complete halt to evictions, etc.). The feds need to provide direct stimulus to individuals - without delay to means test - to provide people with the resources to weather this storm without breaking quarantine and putting others at risk. The food supply chain will continue. There will still be gas at gas stations. But a lot of small businesses are going to suffer a lot of hurt, and a lot of workers are going to lose their jobs. And the way to deal with that is to have the feds provide the resources for those businesses to survive the next couple months without operating, and those workers to have the resources to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.
  4. illinilaw08

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    Couple years back, when I lived in Indy, I left the windows open at the house when I went to work. We had several retired neighbors that were usually outside, so in the daylight, it was pretty low risk for any property crimes (though those definitely happened in the neighborhood I lived in at the time). Came home from work and the screen had been kicked in. Kindle, Wii and PS3 were gone. But the dog was fine, and neither of the cats had gotten out. It was a crime of opportunity - the window was open and no one was out, probably a kid (read, teenager), and they were probably in and out in under 5 minutes. An unfortunate lesson to learn - I definitely keep the windows closed and locked now when the house is empty - but it was just a couple minor electronics, and none of the animals were hurt.
  5. illinilaw08

    Luis Robert

    But if the contention window opens in 2020, that adjustment time is costing the Sox in meaningful games. 2019 games are not meaningful, so if Robert scuffles early, who cares. If 2020 is "maybe we get lucky and contend for a Wild Card spot," sure, take service time into account. If 2020 is Sox are pushing for the division title, then Robert's adjustment period (if any) hurts that goal.
  6. illinilaw08

    Luis Robert

    This. Eloy has had an adjustment period. Moncada had an adjustment period. If the Sox think that 2020 is a compete year, I'd rather they get Robert up here early so he's in the best position to succeed out of the gate in 2020. I thought they played the Eloy decision the right way. But expectations in 2019 vs. 2020 are starkly different.
  7. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    You literally said that in the first response - and responding to that has been the crux of my side of our discussion here. I'm also not saying that Denver is running laps around the field. I'm saying that for Denver - what the team is now, and how they have historically done in free agency, I love their philosophy on Porter and Bol (full disclosure, I go to 10-15 Nuggets games a year). Jokic is a first team All-NBA candidate (he was first team this year) with a really unique skillset. Jamal Murray is really close to becoming that second star on a legit contender. They have a solid group of role players (though they have a decision to make on Milsap). Their question is - how do you get that third star. And their process in the draft the last two years - as a 46 win team in the lottery in the Porter draft, and as a team with no picks in the Bol draft - were smart gambles under the circumstances.
  8. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Right - the odds of either reaching their potential is longer than it was when they were incoming FR. But saying they don't have star potential anymore is just flat out incorrect. The risk at 14 (Porter) and 44 (Bol) on a good, young roster is smart business from the Nuggets IMO. ETA: Embiid had a stress fracture heading into the draft as well. There was a lot of risk in his profile when the Sixers drafted him. I'm not saying Bol or Porter will be stars. Just that saying they no longer have that potential ignores a pretty recent example of a guy hitting his ceiling after an injury caused a draft slide (and a guy who still manages his minutes because of injury).
  9. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Here's Woj on Porter from this week: Wojnarowski added, “All I’ve heard from Denver is Michael Porter Jr., every day in the gym, has been outstanding. They think he’s going to be really, really good. That team…If he helps that team next year, don’t forget about the Nuggets [as contenders]. They have depth and that’s a really good team.” https://www.nba.com/nuggets/news/espn-raves-about-mpj-20190617a I don't know how one can say neither Bol nor Porter have star potential anymore. That would be like saying Embiid didn't have star potential after his sit out year for the Sixers. Porter and Bol have longer odds of hitting than they did entering their FR year of college, but the star potential is still there for both. And the Nuggets' history of luring FAs is decidedly Bullsian. So that leaves find the guy in-house, or find the guy via trade - and having high upside assets certainly helps get a trade for a star done.
  10. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I love the Nuggets' process here. They gave up a future second and cash to take a flyer on a guy who was a preseason top-5 pick. Get him into your program, give him a redshirt year, and see what you have when the dust settles. If the Nuggets hit on just one of Porter or Bol, they jump from "good playoff team who is really fun to watch" to "title contender" pretty quickly.
  11. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    This. Don't spend capital moving up in this draft. Also of note, if the Hawks moved up for Hunter, Garland is expected to go at 5 to CLE, and White at 6, then that means Culver falls to the Bulls? I can live with that.
  12. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I think that it's a relatively weak draft so a team can talk themselves into THT's measurables. You see a guy with his wingspan, and you see the potential for an elite, switchable defender who can develop into a solid scorer as well. The case for Ayo - as somebody who watched him a lot this year - is tougher for me. I don't think Ayo showed he's a plus passer. I don't think Ayo showed he could reliably get to the rim/foul line. I'm not sure Ayo has elite athleticism. Even in a relatively weak draft, the case for Ayo as a guy in the mid-first round this year was one I just couldn't see.
  13. illinilaw08

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    They get paid almost nothing to play minor league baseball - outside of the signing bonus. The kids the Sox drafted in rounds 2-4 will never have more leverage than they have now, so I have no issue with them squeezing every dollar they can get out of the team that drafts them. As has been said on this thread previously, at some point, the team says, "that's too much - we aren't going to spend any more here. Either take the deal or risk it all on college."
  14. illinilaw08

    Game of Thrones

    His character is redeemed, then he's running back to Cersei. He is redeemed, and then he's running back to Cersei. All of the times that they push Jaime back to Cersei on the show seemed to be because the plot dictate that happen rather than the natural progression of his character arc. Characters die on this show, but that doesn't mean that the characters shouldn't act consistent with their characterizations over the prior 8 seasons...
  15. illinilaw08

    Game of Thrones

    In the show, doesn't Jaqen H'ghar wear Arya's face at some point? The rules of Faceless Man magic are not very well defined on the show.