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  1. illinilaw08

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Griffin simply turns the ball over too much right now and isn't making shots. It's a process with FR - balancing playing time and game reps vs. completely destroying them when they aren't ready for the minutes yet. Tevian Jones was suspended for those games. I agree that the development of those two is key to this thing working out. But Rome wasn't built in a day... After last year, this thing was really basically pulled back to the studs. It's a really, really young roster that had a brutal schedule, so I'm not really looking at wins/losses when comparing this year to last. KenPom thinks they are basically the same overall today as they ended last year which I would argue IS progress considering how much offense comes from Giorgi - a nothing recruit, and Ayo. There are definitely concerns with BU, and even with Kofi in the fold, I'm pessimistic this works out. But the fact that this team is bad after losing their best player from last year (Black) and relying on an unranked FR for the majority of the big guy minutes isn't surprising...
  2. illinilaw08

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Meh, there's nothing in those tweets about hunting midrange jumpers late in the shot clock. If "grind it out" means do what Memphis is doing offensively this year, that's fine (ie, maybe you are passing up a good shot for a great shot). Efficiency and getting the right shots - which includes getting to the line - is the way to win in the NBA - and that mindset could really help the development of guys like Lavine.
  3. illinilaw08

    The Fighting Illini

    No doubt. If you aren't a blue blood (and even them - see Doherty, Matt), you are looking for one of those unicorn coaches that develops under recruited talent, or recruits at such a high level that the coaching side doesn't matter. Those guys don't grow on trees.
  4. illinilaw08

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    I also think it's important to note that he intentionally excluded gun deaths by suicide on the other side of the equation. From Harvard - attempted suicide by gun is effective 82.5% of the time. Drugs and cutting are each effective less than 2% of the time. I will shout from the rooftops about how that stat matters any time someone seeks to exclude those deaths... https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/means-matter/means-matter/case-fatality/
  5. illinilaw08

    The Fighting Illini

    Ayo looks good. Trent is definitely good. Feliz looks like he can play. I feel like this roster is a rim protector, and a 3 and D wing (Jordan isn't that guy; Kipper Nichols might get there if he wasn't so inconsistent) away from being a tournament team now. But the absence of the rim protector is massive. Georgetown was something like 20-21 at the rim on Tuesday. You can't win games where the other team shoots 95% at the rim. Mediocre team this year with a tough non-conference schedule. Next year is the line in the sand year for BU...
  6. illinilaw08

    The Fighting Illini

    Seriously. And at this point last year, everything was sunshine and roses in the basketball program. Mark Smith had just dropped 21 on DePaul. The bigs were experienced and could score. And Tejon Lucas was a solid starting PG. By the end of the season, Smith was leaving for Mizzou, Black to Europe, Finke to Grand Canyon, and Lucas to Milwaukee. BU underperformed expectations last year. He remade the roster this offseason. I don't think he gets to remake the roster again. The group that is in the building now needs to be able to play, and needs to stick around. I'm generally optimistic here - and I think the expectation this year should be 16-15 and an NIT berth, with a tournament berth in 2019 (this roster is too young, and too short on bigs to be anything better than that this year). To Greg's question, the why is important here, and Russ largely hit the nail on the head. When Lon Kruger took over IL basketball from Henson in late-90s, the program was DOA in Chicago. A talent-rich half decade downstate (Griffin, McClain and Frank Williams from Peoria, and Brian Cook from Lincoln) formed the nucleus for a strong roster. And when Kruger left for the NBA, Self was able to sell a strong basketball program both locally and nationally. Bruce Weber wasn't a good enough recruiter for the job, and Groce wasn't a good enough coach for the job. Best case scenario with Underwood is that he's IL's Beilein - he shows that he can win with largely lower ranked recruits, and then winning leads to better recruits, which leads to winning at a higher level. On the football side, part of it is a lack of investment in the program (as Russ noted, that's changed). Part of it is that they don't have a reliable base of talent to recruit from - the best kids in the suburbs tend to go elsewhere. Part of it right now is that the Tim Beckman hire was so staggeringly bad that it set the program back by years. There's a window where Lovie Smith gets the program on solid, sustainable footing. I think he has - generally - elevated the talent in the program, so if wins don't come in '19 - and the kids in the program stay - maybe hypothetical new coach has greater early success...
  7. illinilaw08

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    We kind of do know that's not a viable solution though. There's a reason this stuff happens in the US with the frequency it does, and not anywhere else in the developed world - and the answer is access to guns. We also know - based on the number of service members who have been killed by friendly fire - that even in the best trained hands, in high stress situations, mistakes happen. It's a fantasy that everyone with a firearm turns into John Rambo the second a shooter appears. Now, I agree - guns are a Pandora's Box that was opened a long time ago, and it's not getting closed. Simply banning guns is not a viable solution at any level. I'm not anti-gun - I see their value as a tool for hunting, it's fun to go to a range and shoot. But the national dialogue on guns has to change (so I definitely agree with your last line).
  8. illinilaw08

    Midterms 2018

    You made a blanket statement that democrats spend states broke. I gave you Colorado. SB gave you California. I would assert, Rabbit, that the burden is on you at this point to prove that Democrats categorically spend states broke. It's not on me to continue proving the statement incorrect.
  9. illinilaw08

    Midterms 2018

    Definitely not the case in Colorado, which is pretty blue at this point and in quite a good position fiscally.
  10. illinilaw08

    Midterms 2018

    Jenks, IF the Senate is designed to give each state the same voice in one chamber, thereby increasing the rural voice and diluting the urban voice, then shouldn't the House be an actual proportional representation by population? As things currently stand, urban areas vote overwhelmingly Democrat, and rural votes overwhelmingly Republican. Yet in the House - which is designed to give proportionate representation to each state - the Democrats need an 8% edge nationally to win the House. https://www.vox.com/2018/11/6/18068792/midterm-election-results-winners-and-losers It seems like we can't change House districts - because won't somebody think of the rural areas. We can't change the Electoral College - because won't somebody think of the small states. When do urban areas get a voice proportionate with their population?
  11. illinilaw08

    Midterms 2018

    There are a couple problems with the current system nationally. First, a lot of American citizens don't have a voice in the Senate, period (see D.C. and Puerto Rico) because they are not states. Second, the system provides a lot of checks on the entire nation if political parties aren't monoliths. But they pretty much are (with a couple outliers in either party). Why is coal policy a national issue? Because states with large coal industries are important political votes for Republicans. We don't see votes at the national level divided by region. If we did, you would see more Republican reps from Florida cross the aisle on climate change, and more Democratic reps from Colorado cross the aisle on oil and gas issues.
  12. illinilaw08

    Explosive Devices Sent to Clintons, Soros and Obama

    The bolded is very true. As of 10/24 in Colorado, there were 115,168 early ballots cast by people 71 and older. And 16,790 from people 18-25. People in that age range are really in their careers, or still in high school and college. For most of those kids, life hasn't happened yet.
  13. illinilaw08

    Explosive Devices Sent to Clintons, Soros and Obama

    I obviously lean left, but in addition to NPR, WaPo, NYT and WSJ, I read about policy on Vox as well. They usually do (IMO) a pretty good job of explaining the basis for policy in relatively concise articles. Not sure what the Conservative version of that would be.
  14. illinilaw08

    Explosive Devices Sent to Clintons, Soros and Obama

    Short videos/TV can't possibly actually inform you on issues though. The economy and world events are complicated and nuanced. You can't actually understand an issue via a short video. You can't both complain about headline journalism and then ask for journalism to be distilled into short videos...
  15. illinilaw08

    Explosive Devices Sent to Clintons, Soros and Obama

    1) I think it's impossible to debate the validity of Trump's attacks on the media without accounting for where he directs those attacks. He says "fake news" but it's not "24-hour reporting is bad and misleading" - it's "reporting of me in a bad light is bad and misleading." 2) I think you would find that Democrats would kindly point to Fox News' reporting on the Obama administration as evidence that aspects of the 24-hour news cycle were throwing out bad and misleading reporting prior to Donald Trump. If the 24 hours news media is, in fact, partisan, it didn't start with the coverage of Donald Trump. 3) I think we can agree that the 24-hour news cycle is a bad thing generally. But I'd just be cutting and pasting what bmags said above.