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  1. Soxman72

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    I have never posted that much, but this is bringing me back 15 years. Good to see some old posters.
  2. IMO, Eaton is a great addition. The team had 4 left handed starting pitchers and somebody had to go. Sale is the ace, Q has a very high ceiling and is a steal financially, and Danks is coming off injuries and has a big contract. Hector is a very cool person, but he had to go. I believe the Sox sold high on Santiago and the D-Backs sold low on Eaton. Eaton (if healthy) is a legit CF and will hit well at US Cellular. The Sox fan base will love him, if he performs like he should.
  3. Soxman72

    Rios, $1M traded to Rangers

    QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 31, 2013 -> 02:53 PM) If Konerko retires, who would be next in line to be captain of the Sox? Ventura. I just do not see the need for a player captain. The manager is in charge and captain of the ship. Now, I do like to see players call each other out and set examples. I love to hear stories about Carl Everett and A.J. calling someone out when they did something stupid. It can grow old after a long period of time (A.J.), but works over a short period of time. Who is currently calling the players out for all their mental mistakes? I am a huge Konerko fan, but that is the one knock I have on him, if he is our "Captain". It does not seem like he will call people out or be "that guy" in the clubhouse. He leads by example, which is great, but does not always get the best responses.
  4. Soxman72

    I'm a finalist for the MLB Fan Cave.

    Voted.....best of luck.
  5. Soxman72


    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 23, 2012 -> 08:49 AM) it was weird. I dont understand why there were fans in that area watching the interview to be honest. The fans were walking to the Scout Seats Lounge from their game seats. They have a path blocked off and you walk near the visitor clubhouse entrance.
  6. Soxman72

    Robin Ventura Named White Sox Manager

    It was obvious that we were going to get a first time manager (Martinez, McEwing, Alomar). They were not going to give Francona big money. They were not going to get in a bidding war with Boston or anyone else for Martinez (I have read and heard he will be an option in Boston). The Sox are going to get younger, dump salary, and Robin seems like a good baseball person and he is well respected. I love how people are giving up on a guy that has not even been given a chance yet. He could be great or he could be real bad, but hiring a guy with little experience should not be surprising. Baseball history has a ton of examples of young mangers doing well and winning. I am happy with the hire knowing the direction the team will be going in. This isn't really all that different from the hiring of our last manager.
  7. Soxman72

    Why is The Cell pointed South-East?

    FWIW.....I was in Baltimore a few years back and did the stadium tour. I was told that the design group that created their ballpark first pitched the design to the White Sox ownership, but that it was turned down. The Sox claimed that they wanted a "new design" and did not want to have an old time feel to their new park. New Comiskey was approved to be built right before the boom of "old time" new parks like Baltimore. Baltimore did make changes to the original design (warehouse & the stadium is built into the ground. You enter the park on the main concourse). Sox ownership wanted a brand new concept for their park without obstructed views. Today there are obstructed views due to the batters eye and upper deck supports. I think it is a great place to watch the game and I enjoy going to the park. I know there are better parks out there, but it could be worse. We could be in Tampa.
  8. Soxman72

    THE CLUB - 2010

    QUOTE (fathom @ Aug 2, 2010 -> 07:43 AM) I liked the draft episode a lot. However, last night's episodes featured like 5 minutes of stuff behind the scenes, and 18 minutes of game highlights, etc. I thought it would have been interesting if they showed the meeting when it was discussed who would be called up for Peavy, etc. I agree with you 100% The show is even using a ton of stock footage. Many views of the park show a ton of old blue seats. They are also repeating numerous interesting clips from previous shows. There is a lot of filler in each episode and very little behind the scenes. I still think it is fun to watch and I am enjoying them, but I expected more. I really wanted them to get into the Zambrano stuff and the Ozzie point of view, but it didn't happen. The draft episode was the best so far and I am looking forward to the trade deadline episode. I just do not want to sit through a "we love Jackson and we always wanted to keep him" episode.
  9. Soxman72

    White Sox Acquire Edwin Jackson

    Does anyone else find it odd that the Sox are not getting any money in return from Arizona? Usually the Sox get money back in a trade and IMO this is a tell that Jackson is going to be move for another player(s). Thoughts?
  10. Soxman72

    Sox vs Cubs 6-26 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    HELL YES! PK is just unbelievable!
  11. Soxman72

    Sox vs Cubs 6-26 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Great Play Paulie! I can not imagine not having him over there. He has saved this team so many runs and errors over the years.
  12. Soxman72

    Opening Day Pictures

    QUOTE (The Baconator @ Apr 6, 2010 -> 02:58 PM) Awesome shots. What kind of camera/lenses did you use? I have a Sony Cyber Shot digital camera. I am very spoiled and lucky to share in those seats. The family has had access to half the home games for some time now. I have more pics from Opening Day and past games. I will have to dig through everything and post. Thanks for the great comments!
  13. Soxman72

    Opening Day Pictures

    Hi Everyone, I have not posted in some time, but I went to the game yesterday and wanted to share some pictures. I am not sure if I should post the pictures directly, so I will include a link. Please let me know if there are any issues and I hope you enjoy. Thanks! Facebook - Opening Day
  14. Soxman72


    QUOTE (robinventura23 @ Jul 10, 2009 -> 01:26 PM) I remember the days of Rodney Bolton, Cris Clemons and Tom Fordham. Oh yeah. And who can forget the Ken Hill experiment? You beat me to Ken Hill.....I still remeber watching that game and he was oh so bad!
  15. QUOTE (fathom @ Jun 9, 2009 -> 08:56 PM) Gotta love that we didn't even have anyone warming up. I know there is a lot of Ozzie bashing and I don't like to b**** about him, but he is just not making good in game moves right now. I hope he is not burned out and ready to throw in the towel.