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  1. I'm sure Liam Hendriks has kept him up to speed on what's being said on here.
  2. Great. Now fake uncle Luis can keep tweeting at everyone who posts a highlight or comment about Yermin to "release him or trade him." I checked out that guy's activity on twitter and he's remarkably consistent and persistent in his tweets from the beginning of July until today.
  3. Rick, is that you? If you had your druthers, I'm sure you would have released him since he's mired in mediocrity and won't help us compete for multiple championships.
  4. I wonder if that Chicago joint will remove the Yerminator from their menu and replace it with a Burger Burger
  5. Do you mean those people that are able to use google translate and those that are not?!?
  6. I don't think he cares to add accentos to his letters so maybe "el retiro?" is him asking sarcastically if "he retired?" Like he's being passed up for call ups (i.e. Zavala over him when Grandal was hurt) and future is cloudy (sox acquiring his clone is Devy Grillon). Removing all White Sox mentions is the key here...he is probably pissed (whether traded or not).
  7. heirdog

    More Moncada hot takez

    Kahnle had control, a live arm and relative youth so if you are talking Burger for someone like that, great. If its for a rental, then forget it.
  8. heirdog

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Good point. No need to rush as there may be soreness after repeated days playing. The blessing in all of this is that even if the trade deadline is underwhelming, we have Eloy and Robert soon. But just gut feeling that Grandal will be longer than we expect.
  9. heirdog

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Makes sense. You know he is a successful MLB hitter and he is murdering balls at over 100 mph exit velo so he is healthy. Why waste his bullets/swings down in AAA.
  10. Cease's disc golf game must have impressed TLR.
  11. heirdog

    FA Rodon / Lynn - Locked on Sox and SoxTalk Poll

    Lynn for 2 years with a 3rd year option makes too much sense not to do. I voted to sign Lynn only. I would have voted yes to Rodon too but not at that dollar amount or years. Unfortunately, someone will probably give him close to that and so White Sox won't be in the running. Keuchel isn't worth his current contract but if he holds down the ship as a solid #4 innings eater for one more year, perhaps we will have Crochet ready in 2 years (or someone else pops). Ideally, we can sign Rodon for 2-3 years and trade Keuchel this off season but not likely.
  12. heirdog

    Eaton to Atlanta rumor

    He was dominant against the Angels in the season opening series...fool's gold
  13. Any update on ReyLo? I didn't see anything further from Jeff Cohen.
  14. Why waive him today unless there is a reason to do so?
  15. Last time I remember this happening so close to game time...well, let's just hope that Reynaldo didn't have a problem with the jerseys and find a pair of scissors close by.
  16. The tweet also says "healthy scratch" so if we remove injury and spot start, then it has to be a trade. Either he is being traded or being removed from the 40-man to accommodate a trade target onto the 40-man
  17. That would be fantastic and the ultimate sell high...and then we don't have to worry about a 40 man crunch for the trade target if its Lopez + lower level prospect
  18. With the ASB, couldn't they just do a bullpen day for one of the 7 inning DH games? Most of the guys are well rested with the break.
  19. heirdog

    One Trade Chip for every team

    Good point. I'm just worried that he cools off and he really doesn't have much position flexibility so looking to sell high. If we can time it with a winter or next trade deadline to get max value, so be it...just don't see him as a regular over Moncada, Abreu, Vaughn or anyone else in the next two years.
  20. heirdog

    One Trade Chip for every team

    I'd love Kris Bryant but Cubs aren't selling... So get the best player possible in return for a Burger and a Frye. 😉
  21. heirdog

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I wonder what Bruce Bochy's thoughts are on Yermin hitting the homer?
  22. Why did they use Nick Madrigal's pic for Billy Hamilton?!?
  23. heirdog

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Good point. I suppose TLR's argument defending the opposition in this case would be that its under a 10 run lead so the team should "keep pushing." If that's the theory, then why give up on the game and throw out position players to pitch? This whole saga reeks of an old school manager trying to publicly protect his HoF image as an "old school" manager. It stinks...but I'm glad that the players have insulated themselves, said the right things and just moved on. I love this team!
  24. heirdog

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    Yep, that means its guaranteed Jake Lamb batting lead-off today against the soft-tossing giant.
  25. heirdog

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    I don't want Vaughn extended per se...I just think he would be considered part of the "core" had he signed his extension. I could be wrong as TLR didn't mention Robert (though he has played every day) but noted all the key regulars with several years in the bigs.