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  1. lord chas

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Maybe someone can articulate a bit on these Schwarber is improved fielder articles. I saw that he let a ball bounce off him and a runner attempted to score on the misplay last night. Baez took the relay and gunned down the runner at home. He gets credited with an assist and then his WAR goes up .3 just for that? It seems he is being rewarded for taking bad routes and angles. Runners take the extra base because of his miscues and naturally some get caught. Is this accounted for in the fielding metrics?
  2. lord chas

    Have the sox found an all star in avi?

    I'm already thinking about where the Avi statue should be placed
  3. lord chas

    Can Illinois Survive?

    QUOTE (Soxfest @ Jun 30, 2017 -> 02:55 PM) Mike Madigan face of faliure Exhibit A of why there should be term limits
  4. lord chas

    Update: Tilson BACK IN walking boot

    Cut him and use his roster spot on someone else that can actually stay healthy
  5. lord chas

    President-Elect Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jan 4, 2017 -> 07:39 PM) I hope those stupid f***s get serious time. Absolutely disgusting to do that to anyone let alone a special needs kid. Hate crime charges need to be filed
  6. lord chas

    The Decline of White Sox Fan Culture

    David Kaplan is a buffoon
  7. lord chas

    2016-2017 NCAA football thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 9, 2016 -> 11:15 AM) The Ruth's Chris in Ann Abor gives a discount based on the margin of victory. It probably was hard to get a table last night at 78% off. Heard they cap it at 50% off but still a solid deal for sure
  8. lord chas

    Crosstown Cup Game Thread, Game 3

    Is tomorrow Sale's last start in a White Sox uniform?
  9. lord chas

    Crosstown Cup Game Thread, Game 3

  10. lord chas

    Crosstown Cup Game Thread, Game 3

    Cant be upset at a quality start
  11. lord chas

    2016 Cubs catch-all thread

    QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 24, 2016 -> 08:49 PM) Gotta love Kaplan having no problem with his Cubs getting Chapman, yet he acted like the Sox actions towards LaRoche was worse thing ever. Bernstein is definitely not happy about Cubs getting Chapman. Bernstein is the ultimate social justice warrior so no surprise there
  12. lord chas

    Chris Sale scratched from start

    No reporting by Scott Merkin. Just another Jerry lackey/shill
  13. lord chas

    Chris Sale scratched from start

    This organization needs a complete enema
  14. lord chas

    Chris Sale scratched from start

    It has gotten so out of control the Raiders think the White Sox are dysfunctional