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  1. SoxRock192

    This makes me VERY mad

    QUOTE(Steff @ Oct 26, 2005 -> 03:51 PM) Don't go.. Agree here
  2. SoxRock192

    The Rally Crede

    Wow, since the Rally Crede has been my avatar, he has been more clutch than ever
  3. SoxRock192

    Minutemaid Park

    Sounds good to me
  4. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Hope we win Tuesday
  5. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    I didn't actually have to use it afterwards for 20 minutes
  6. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Yeah, his unproven power, but I was in my freakin bathroom when they won
  7. SoxRock192

    Damn Jeff Brantley isn't even TRYING

    QUOTE(Harry&JimmyRocked @ Oct 24, 2005 -> 01:17 AM) this guy is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top in his anti-sox b.s. i'm just loving it as the sox continue to win and stick it in his ear. listening to this guy and he's actually ANGRY at the astro's pitchers just like a fan. and espn radio is already spinning the "tainted" championship b.s. this is for them :finger this is for us as we win the freakin championship Lets do it
  8. SoxRock192

    Sorry Harold Reynolds

    QUOTE(DonkeyKongerko @ Oct 23, 2005 -> 11:12 PM) But why are you still preachin on how the Sox are a terrible fastball hitting team? Konerko, Dye, and even Podsednik tonight have shown themselves able to hit a fastball. I don't know where he got this idea that we are a terrible fastball hitting team. Maybe just because we're not the Red Sox? Who thought Pods would win it
  9. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Also, Jenks throwing 102 in the WS, sick
  10. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Scotty Pods did it last night!
  11. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    Paulie tried to put it out
  12. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    ChiTown takes the lead