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    This makes me VERY mad

    QUOTE(Steff @ Oct 26, 2005 -> 03:51 PM) Don't go.. Agree here
  2. SoxRock192

    The Rally Crede

    Wow, since the Rally Crede has been my avatar, he has been more clutch than ever
  3. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Scotty Pods did it last night!
  4. SoxRock192

    Minutemaid Park

    Sounds good to me
  5. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Hope we win Tuesday
  6. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    I didn't actually have to use it afterwards for 20 minutes
  7. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Yeah, his unproven power, but I was in my freakin bathroom when they won
  8. SoxRock192

    Damn Jeff Brantley isn't even TRYING

    QUOTE(Harry&JimmyRocked @ Oct 24, 2005 -> 01:17 AM) this guy is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top in his anti-sox b.s. i'm just loving it as the sox continue to win and stick it in his ear. listening to this guy and he's actually ANGRY at the astro's pitchers just like a fan. and espn radio is already spinning the "tainted" championship b.s. this is for them :finger this is for us as we win the freakin championship Lets do it
  9. SoxRock192

    Sorry Harold Reynolds

    QUOTE(DonkeyKongerko @ Oct 23, 2005 -> 11:12 PM) But why are you still preachin on how the Sox are a terrible fastball hitting team? Konerko, Dye, and even Podsednik tonight have shown themselves able to hit a fastball. I don't know where he got this idea that we are a terrible fastball hitting team. Maybe just because we're not the Red Sox? Who thought Pods would win it
  10. SoxRock192

    A Miracle

    Also, Jenks throwing 102 in the WS, sick
  11. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    Paulie tried to put it out
  12. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    ChiTown takes the lead
  13. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    Get it done
  14. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    2-2 to Pods
  15. SoxRock192

    Iguchi's Swing

    QUOTE(joeynach @ Oct 15, 2005 -> 09:19 PM) Iguchi's swing id say the last two weeks maybe more seems a little off from his high production and .280+ BA all season. He seems to be way less of a nice contact hitter kind of with a slap swing able to take balls the other. Id say about 95% now hes dead pull, clearing his hips open way to soon and all the time. Thus he cant hit that outside pitch like he used to, especially for power. I can think of numerous instances when he had his great swing going and hit shots to the rightside, the homer against the jays to win, the pinch hit one against texas, etc etc, all to right. He just doesn't seem to stay on the ball and drive it, he seems to open up way to soon and try and pull everything. A little disturbing and uncharachteristic, anyone else notice this??? Don't like that
  16. SoxRock192

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 5

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Oct 16, 2005 -> 06:48 AM) What happened to Santana being "unhittable" like you said? Didn't you predict that last night would be an automatic loss? In your eyes, the Sox are always the underdogs. Are you even enjoying this or are you waiting for the Sox to lose? The stat of 3 straight CG is amazing
  17. SoxRock192

    Gameday Ritual

  18. SoxRock192

    oh my god

    Well, 5 wins does it
  19. SoxRock192

    Santana vs Konerko - 1st inning

    44 combined HRS this year
  20. SoxRock192

    I'll be damned!!!

    Why don't you wear hats anymore
  21. SoxRock192

    Santana vs Konerko - 1st inning

    QUOTE(YASNY @ Oct 16, 2005 -> 12:54 AM) During Konerko's at bat in the 1st, immediately after his check swing and near strike out, I noticed him say something to umpire. I didn't put it together at first, but after the inning it dawned on me ... Paulie told the umpire that Santana's shirt tail was hanging out. He got Santana out of what little rythem he had. Next pitch .... BOOM! I went back on my DVR and watched the AB again just to verify what I thought had happened. You can first notice the shirt tail out as Santana made his second pitch to Konerko. I don't know if Paulie picked his spot or happened to notice just before he said something to ump. The point is that he said something and then got a cookie from Santana on the next pitch. That was just awesome, he totally his given these balls