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  1. bighurt574

    Glad to see Dallas has pride

    I don't know how to isolate that from run of the mill aging, but he's awful either way. Did his spin rates and the like really change that much? I'm not sure he's even the type of guy who'd be super affected by that.
  2. bighurt574

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    That's sort of the problem -- we don't have enough, who are actually producing.
  3. bighurt574

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    Hahn needs to find a Jermaine Dye.
  4. bighurt574

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    If it were me, I would have signed him a few years ago and gladly paid what CIN paid. But even his latest deal (5 years $100M) isn't terrible. JD Martinez is another one. We've had years and years to find a long-term solution in RF. Heck, I wasn't a huge fan of the Harper pursuit at the time, but given all our whiffs since, Harper would have been huge. More than Machado even (who I personally preferred back then).
  5. bighurt574

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    The frustrating one to me is how we’ve now passed on Castellanos multiple times. The guy just produces, at a reasonable enough price too.
  6. bighurt574

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    Harrison was an awful signing, but most of the FA 2B have struggled too (especially Semien and Story at the top).
  7. bighurt574

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    I'm no expert on the Dodgers but I doubt they were slotting him in as their everyday 2B.
  8. bighurt574

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    It's not Menechino's fault but I'm not opposed to shaking things up. Wish it would start at the top though....
  9. bighurt574

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    Some hindsight there. It was still a good deal for the Sox at the time, even if they only got 1 year of extra control. There's always a risk somebody doesn't pan out but it's still not a ton of $$$ in the big picture. I'll take the risk to lock up top prospects just about every time. These are generally very club-friendly deals.
  10. bighurt574

    Carlos Rodon... What could the Sox gotten in trade?

    When are you suggesting they should have traded him?
  11. bighurt574

    Lawsuit Filed Against the Sox

    I'd be shocked if that's the way it played out, but if it did, you operate by telling your players that you can't fire a guy because he's gay. And I'm not going to pretend that homophobia doesn't exist, but no clubhouse is "revolting" over that in 2022.
  12. bighurt574

    Sox @ Twins

    Isn’t putting him on first the obvious call? Yikes.
  13. bighurt574

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I sort of doubt that’s a big issue, especially for a 4-5 year deal when hopefully the politics of it will long be forgotten by the end of it anyway (knock on wood, I sure hope we’re not having the same pandemic debates in 4-5 years).
  14. bighurt574

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Start negotiating with OAK, see which prospects they want, then don't trade those guys....
  15. bighurt574

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Bellinger made $16M last year in arbitration, is due to make $17M this year, and has 1 year of arbitration left. That's a fair amount of money for what he's done the last 2 years, but obviously you'd be hoping for a bounce back. I don't know if that counts as a bad contract but it's about what Kimbrel is making.