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  1. bighurt574

    What about Collins?

    It's not hard to see Collins as a piece of a trade package for a RFer. I have to think combining him with a Dunning or Stiever could net you someone pretty decent (while likely not Benintendi unless we take a bad contract back too).
  2. I'm sure we asked but there was no way we were getting Devers as a third piece. That would have been a crazy package, at the time too, not even in hindsight.
  3. bighurt574

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Yep. This year's crop is about as good an opportunity as you're going to get with an ace or two on the market and a bunch of other interesting options.
  4. bighurt574

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Hey now, Erik Johnson helped us land Big Game James!
  5. bighurt574

    Potential Deals with Boston

    It would really be something if a salary dumped David Price broke Abreu's $68M contract record for Reinsdorf. There's some logic to it but I don't know if I can see it happening.
  6. bighurt574


    Given the sparse OF options out there, I'd gladly take Castellanos at the 4 year/$56-58M Fangraphs and MLBTR are projecting, but I sure wouldn't throw $100M or the like at him.
  7. 3 straight years at low-A, hmmm. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=mcreyn000jon
  8. bighurt574

    Possible inside ticket scam

    Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing....
  9. bighurt574

    Rendon thread

    I can't see WAS letting Rendon get away at this point.
  10. No one here has any idea whether BOS would want Madrigal. He's probably one of the more polarizing prospects out there. Just because he's a small guy doesn't make him the next Dustin Pedroia. If Madrigal develops 15-20 HR power, we'd all be thrilled. Realistically, I'd think Vaughn would have to be the centerpiece of a Betts trade, and no thanks. Trading for Betts really only makes sense if you're going all out for a world series in 2020. Otherwise, just bid on him when he hits the open market next year.
  11. I wouldn't trade for Betts. We're not going to win that bidding war to sign him long term, and I wouldn't want to give up top prospects for one year of his services (it's going to take a lot more than Steele Walker as the headliner, lol). If we want to bid on him though, wait a year and give it a shot I guess. I don't see how we put together a trade for Betts that doesn't involve Robert or Vaughn. Not sure Madrigal would even get it done, sort of depends on how BOS would view him as a prospect. But without those 3, there's such a big dropoff in our system. BOS would almost certainly find a better deal elsewhere.
  12. In Year 5 with Oakland. I'll hold it against the Sox for trading away a 3 WAR player (what Semien basically was in his first four years with Oakland). I'm not going to hold it against them for trading away an 8 WAR player. There isn't a Sox fan alive who thought Semien was an 8 WAR player.
  13. bighurt574

    Jimenez, Cease ranked 4th and 18th in long-term values

    Pretty crazy rookie class this year.
  14. bighurt574

    Nick Castellanos

    When the Cubs traded for Castellanos, there was a graphic showing all his flyouts at Comerica that would be HR's at Wrigley. Not sure how much the change of ballpark helped, but he's obviously doing quite well and probably playing himself out of our price range. Sure, we can pay up, but knowing the Sox, that would be the big acquisition of the offseason, and I think we'd all be pretty disappointed. I can't see them forking out the cash for Castellanos and a top starter. Any guesses on Castellanos's next contract? $75-80M over 5 years? 2020 will be his age 28 season, so he's still relatively young.
  15. bighurt574

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    Is there a video of the Goins play anywhere? Missed it.