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  1. spiderman

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    It's a rebuild of a smaller-market team. Clearly, they offered a LOT of money to Machado, but it wasn't enough. They then claimed a large reason they couldn't offer more was because they need to be able to resign their younger players several years (at least 5, if not longer) year from now. Obviously, that's not exactly operating as a large market club if they are pretending that they are going to be handicapped in 2025 or 2026. If Carlos Roden is able to stay healthy and pitch at a high level, I'm very curious what they are going to do with him. He's a Boras agent, with 3 more years (I think) under control. When (and IF) the time comes, will the White Sox pay him or trade him?
  2. spiderman

    Outfield Moves if No Harper

    If anything, I'd like to cut Jay now that Machado isn't here. I don't see a point of adding veterans.
  3. Any increase over last season's 62 would be progress, in theory, however, we will ultimately judge this season based on the progress of the younger prospects, many mentioned here. Speaking of Harper (or other elite free agents), teams like the White Sox do need to balance the short-term (say 5 years) vs. the long-term (10 years) of a long-term deal that could cripple a franchise if the deal doesn't produce the expected results. A team like the Yankees or Dodgers can easily absorb a very bad contract, but if I'm a fan of the Padres, I don't want to be told that in 5 years, he's the reason that they can't keep adding. Once you make a move like that, you're going to have a player in free agency.
  4. I don't think the White Sox were ever in a position to force Machado to make a decision. His team always believed patience would be needed. A new team (SD) entered and offered the best deal. The White Sox were operating within a pre-defined window. As much as it's very pathetic that the White Sox got outbid by the Padres, especially when they have almost no payroll to speak of, there's probably a better than 50% chance (probably 60%+) that SD will regret that deal.
  5. Agreed. I don't see much reason to spend on free agency at this point. Make the season about the youth. If they develops, they are on their way towards contention.
  6. There's no reason to think they will pay more to sign Harper, is there?
  7. spiderman

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I haven't heard the contract details (if they are even out there yet), but this should simply not happen if the White Sox are serious about becoming a serious player.
  8. spiderman

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Given that this is a "depressed" market and teams like the Yankees, Cubs and Dodgers are not actively involved in these free agents, it would very disapointing if they get outbid by the Padres (in particular). The Phillies are a big market club. They are probably not going to be outbid, but to be outdone by SD would make many question (assuming the offer is close to what is being rumored) the Sox committment to landing a big fish. They may still make a few moves as a reaction to not getting one of these two that will make the team better, but let's be honest. Here's the perception - IF they don't land one of these, the Sox are not major players for premium free agent talent and are even more dependent on the rebuild working within the 2-3 window before it becomes too expensive for them.
  9. spiderman

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    This is where I am at. Unless the young talent takes a big step forward at the major league level, this team is likely to show improvement, but still be a below .500 team, perhaps well below.
  10. spiderman

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    My gut says this is very reliable. White Sox just need to figure out their lineup now.
  11. spiderman

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Bowden will eventually be right, just like others who have had several reports throughout the winter about the premium free agents.
  12. spiderman

    Moncada hopes to stay at 2b

    If the current roster doesn't change, does he change because of minor league talent coming vs. current talent at the major league level? Of course, the big elephant in the room is that he won't have a position 2 years from now he doesn't start performing.
  13. spiderman

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Is it sad that I just don't care anymore if the White sox sign Machado (or Harper, although he seems to be connected to other teams moreso)? Yes, I'd be happy if the Sox sign Machado, but I've stopped checking in like I was in January, and now it's pretty much....just make a decision .
  14. The NBA is so unique that a superstar player or player(s) with the super-teams now popular change a team's fortunes because of their dominance. In baseball, how many great hitters single handily get their teams to the playoffs, even if they do put up massive numbers? I understand the value of pitching in a short series - we've seen an ace go 2-3 times in a 7 game series to win a series. Even in football, the elite QB's, while needed to a championship, do not guarantee a playoff spot with injuries and other weaknesses on a team. The NBA is a league built on dynasties and individual play and the NFL (see the Patriots) are capable of that with an all-time great QB/coach. Baseball has been there with the Yankees, etc.
  15. spiderman

    Lucas Giolito's 2019: Do or Die?

    He needs to DRASTICALLY improve and I don't think he's entitled to the entire season to show this. Didn't he allow the most earned runs and walk the most hitters in MLB last season? Of course, having the opportunity to walk that many batters is a testimony to the rebuilding effort where his development trumped the team's success. However, the White Sox have made it clear that expect the major league team to improve in 2019. I think Giolito needs to perform like a middle of the rotation starter (ERA under 4.00); I don't think a 4.70 ERA with continued struggles on throwing strikes will keep him in the rotation.