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  1. BFirebird

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Hmmm...thats a team I didn't really consider.
  2. BFirebird

    Marcus Semien

    I am less afraid of Boras in this situation than the fact that Semien just played too well that he will get too big of a contract for us to be in it. If we offer the most he will sign here.
  3. BFirebird

    2021 NHL Thread

    To me this whole thing is very upsetting and casts a very dark cloud on probably my 2nd favorite team behind the White Sox. The utter lack of compassion and common sense makes me want to throw up. This crap makes the whole LaRussa debacle look like nothing by comparison. I agree with the statement that unfortunately this happens everywhere and has probably happened in most locker rooms in most sports....but that needs to change. The more this kind of stuff gets this much airplay and the more teams will do the right things just out of sheer fear of shame. (I don't believe teams/organizations would do the right thing altruistically unfortunately) I will never look at the Blackhawks in the same light. Between this and what happened to Aliu is just extremely disheartening and disgusting really.
  4. BFirebird

    Playoff game parking question

    What was the end result? I didn’t purchase parking yet…is it really through Park Whiz?
  5. BFirebird

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    Purdue fan here. I try to forget that Elite 8 game…..
  6. BFirebird

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    I was 27 and just married in August of 2008. Now I am about to turn 40 (ugggh) with 2 kids and a dog. Sox need to do this more often.
  7. BFirebird

    Do the White Sox have new minority ownership?

    Wouldn't that depend on who's shares she purchased? Could she have bought some of the other minority shares so Reinsdorfs still have control still until they are fully ready to give it up? If true, it is an odd situation regardless. Maybe Jerry wanted to hand pick the next owner before he passes? Give up 30% now to get involved and then just sell the rest upon death or when just ready to do so?
  8. BFirebird

    2021-22 Free Agents

    Cleveland is going to have to play out of their minds to even get this close. There are only 33 games left.
  9. BFirebird


    I am in this camp. That is what we got him for. He didn’t have his best stuff but he got two outs without a run. Let him at least try to get out of it.
  10. And also how are the Guardians only at the spot right above us missing their entire starting rotation (including the CY Young favorite)?
  11. I don't like bunts either as sacrifices, but it looked like he was trying to bunt for a hit there, so I think it was a smart play. Sacrifice was worst case scenario in that situation (hit was the best case) and like you mentioned it is already the 8th inning and getting 2 guys in scoring position it is worth the out sacrifice in my book. Sacrificing in the 2nd inning or when you have 4-5 hard hit balls in a row is NOT the right situation to bunt.
  12. BFirebird


    Agree with this...Cleveland was class on the HBP and I think the team took note. Shouldn’t carry over. Need to start hitting better with RISP and they will go on a little run I hope. Get Eloy and Robert back and start mashing.
  13. BFirebird

    Eloy's Groin Injury Thread

    That’s good news. Thanks for the update.
  14. BFirebird

    7/30 CWS v CLE 7:10 PM CDT

    This is what concerns me with Tony. He is infatuated with the alternating lefty/righty and has to play all lefties vs a RHP.
  15. BFirebird

    Eloy's Groin Injury Thread

    I am more concerned with Eloy because there have been no updates.