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  1. BFirebird

    Latest Fangraphs Prospect Rankings

    Interjecting myself in the argument here.....I like the Altuve Pre-2015 as the comp. And you can actually use Altuve alone as floor/ceiling. 2014 Altuve as the ceiling (batting champion / .830 OPS with 8 HR) & Pre-2018 Altuve as floor (.700ish OPS - which to your point is pretty much Eckstein). This is probably what we are looking at in Madrigal. I agree with pretty much everything you are saying with him and I believe the Sox believe he can be that clubhouse leader and has the intangibles they were looking for on top of the very high floor.
  2. BFirebird

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    Ugggghhhh. Awful news.
  3. BFirebird

    Reynaldo Lopez and breaking balls: Fangraphs article

    This is an encouraging article and will be interesting to see if it carries to his next one.
  4. BFirebird

    Sawx @ Sox, 7:10, 8/31- Kopech Night III

    Bah! More rain.
  5. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    It would be better if he wasn't making those calls.
  6. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    If Robert can get healthy and play a full year he could supplant Engel, but you could do worse with a 4th OF than can play like that defensively and hit .250.
  7. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    When this team is he will definitely be no higher than 7th or 8th because of his OBP woes, but his defense, power, SB capabilities is definitely valuable. I guess he is hitting there now anyways, but I agree he can still be valuable when the Sox are good. He also seems to be liked on the team and possibly could be leader material.
  8. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    He is better on the bases, maybe slightly worse in the field but improving. His power could get better too. I agree he could end up better.
  9. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    Yanks having some issues in the field tonight.
  10. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    wow. Nice DP to get out of the inning.
  11. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    I think so. Gio has been better. Rodon has been good, I won't call it great until he gets his Ks up. Kopech is up and hopefully will be the real deal. That is 3/5 rotation being what I would call good. That is a big step up from the first half of the season. Offense has been getting a lot more homeruns of late. They have had less games where the offense looks completely overmatched. We may be climbing out of bottom of the rebuild....maybe.
  12. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    Wait until Eloy comes up next year...then we could have something here. But it has been much better to watch the last month or so.
  13. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    Thanks for the stats. He may be better suited for 3rd-5th spot if he continues to hit this well with guys on base.
  14. BFirebird

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    I liked Yoan's aggressiveness on the first pitch. He doesn't do it enough and I like it in an RBI situation. I don't have any stats to back it up, but it seems like he performs better with guys on base.
  15. BFirebird

    Eloy Players Tribune

    Pretty good Players Tribune Article from Eloy. Some interesting things from his perspective on his childhood and coming to Chicago as a kid for baseball tournaments. The title of the article says it all as well....and it is true. He is ready. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/eloy-jimenez-white-sox-chicago-im-ready