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  1. BFirebird

    New Sox Podcast on The Athletic

    Exactly. Perfect name.
  2. BFirebird

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Thing is the NBA has always been about superstar players and dominate teams. Outside of the Pistons in ‘04 every champion has 1-2 HOF caliber players on them. It has very difficult with only 5 players on the court to beat a Jordan/James type player over 7 games unless you have a Jordan/James type player. Also, the Warriors just put the finishing touch of adding a HOF player to their roster. They built the rest through the draft. So while they can be annoying, they did build that team for the most part through the draft.
  3. If anyone has an Athletic membership, they started a White Sox podcast with James Fegen and Tom Fornelli. I listened and it was pretty good, I think they said they will drop 2 a week. They named it "All Up in White Sox Business", which is a great name.
  4. BFirebird

    2005 Championship team and WAR....

    If you take a look at the pitching WAR you can definitely see how the Sox won. All top 4 starters were in the top 50 pitchers in terms of WAR that year and Buehrle lead the way at 5.9...I didn't remember he THAT great of a year in 2005. The strikeout numbers were really low though...that wouldn't cut it in modern MLB.
  5. BFirebird

    FS Podcast: Keith Law

    Great job getting Keith Law for your podcast. I just listened and it was very good. Keith seems to have a good pulse on the Sox. Likes the top guys, not so much Madrigal (which I get), likes this year’s draft and thinks we are not deep as a system (which is true). I guess I gave away the gist of the podcast but definitely worth a listen if anyone hasn’t yet. Great work!
  6. My opinion is to never bunt, unless trying for a base hit.
  7. BFirebird

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    I personally chuckled...and then slumped in a sigh for Vizquel continued bunting.
  8. BFirebird

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    How so? You want your best hitters hitting 1-2-3-4. No bunting allowed.
  9. BFirebird

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    I like this, but agree with @fathom that you would flip/flop 6&8 depending on the RF FA. JD Martinez would be great, but that might be shooting for the moon there. Modern lineup construction you want Robert/Moncada/Jimenez/Vaughn getting as many ABs as possible. Robert could be our George Springer in the leadoff spot. And actually having Madrigal as 9 should give Robert a lot of RBI opportunities if Madrigal can get on base like I hope. This could be a REALLY good lineup if it works out correctly.
  10. BFirebird

    6/1 Games

    This. In order to become good/great over a long period of time you NEED to make adjustments. Scouting is waaaaaay too good to be able to stay good without making adjustments. They will find your weakness and exploit it.
  11. BFirebird

    And that's a 4th White Sox winner in a ROW!

    Was at the game...4-0 on the year now. Crowd wasn't huge maybe 18-20K?, but they were definitely into the game where i was sitting..good to see. There is a noticeable different vibe with this team, mostly because they are winning more games this year. Ricky tried to screw it up by leaving Banuelos in there too long, but Marshall bailed him out. I know he is NOT a good OF, but Eloy is a joy to watch out there as a player. He really enjoys playing baseball and doesn't take himself seriously, which I appreciate. Once we starts playing well it will even be more fun to watch him play. I also heard him on the post game on the radio, his English is pretty good for a young player coming over. No matter where they finish, this is definitely a fun team to watch compared to last few years.
  12. BFirebird

    05/29 Games #CeaseDay

    Any chance he makes it to AAA by MLB All-Star break? He would just kill it in Charlotte park with the new balls and the band box there.
  13. BFirebird

    5/20 Games

    TBH when you combined what happened last year, I would have thought it would have already happened. But it isn't like the Sox have a surplus of SP so might as well see if he can fix the control as a SP.