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  1. Nyx81

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    👋 I have less than 100 posts in 13 years. I probably don't matter, just wanted to say it's nice to see the old regulars.
  2. Nyx81

    ITS ALIVE!!!

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 4, 2017 -> 11:04 AM) I SURVIVED THE GREAT SOXTALK BLACKOUT OF '17! !!!! Went to reddit to look for answers. Thank goodness your back, I was worried!
  3. Nyx81

    How a Woman Wants a Man to Smell

    You cannot go wrong with Tom Ford, U have good taste! They make fine female fragrances with I love. I find gourmand cologne off-putting. Cool Water is icky but aquatics are nice if done right. Want to sample Versace Eros before I purchase. I will not blind buy perfume/cologne, no matter what the reviews are.
  4. Nyx81

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (lasttriptotulsa @ Dec 27, 2013 -> 01:09 PM) Hopefully they signed him to a 20 year deal for eleventy billion dollars. My fingers are crossed. Not cutler news.
  5. Nyx81

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    Bears announcement coming soon. Heard on espn1000. Cutler extension?
  6. Nyx81

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    That was a nice drive. Forte looks good!
  7. Nyx81

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Nov 23, 2013 -> 12:20 PM) When the hell is this MRI? I got a feeling the Bulls know it's a torn acl and are just working on a way to release the results if that makes sense. I thought the same. I'd figure he'd have his MRI this morning. What's taking so long?! According to @WojYahooNBA : DRose is a couple hours away from getting an MRI in LA
  8. Nyx81

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    QUOTE (Harry Chappas @ Nov 21, 2013 -> 04:19 PM) Can we call him injury prone or is it too soon? I don't know as much about basketball as you guys but...IMO yes, injury prone. I'm a fan of his btw.
  9. Nyx81

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    What a dumb penalty. That should help our offense
  10. Nyx81

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (thxfrthmmrs @ Sep 29, 2013 -> 01:14 PM) There should be no excuses for Cutler this year, he's just plain out dumb and suck. Let's move on. But he's the best qb the Bears have ever had!
  11. Nyx81

    Soxtalk General Culinary Thread

    Add some garlic and rosemary. Just a little bit don't over season Enjoy:)
  12. Nyx81

    2012-2013 Official NHL thread

    Oh no They cut feed quick, hope shaw is ok
  13. Nyx81

    I'm a finalist for the MLB Fan Cave.

    Fingers crossed for the win. Good luck!