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  1. mooja

    Sox at Twins September 1st game thread

    Wow. This is uh ... This is a black day for baseball.
  2. mooja

    Sox at Twins September 1st game thread

    and here comes the pretzels.... err bullpen
  3. nastymasty is right.. pods could've run and makes for a good DH too.
  4. tough hop, definitely playable, but not an easy play..
  5. mooja

    White Sox @ Tigers 9/26 Game Thread

    is it rally crede time?!
  6. anyone know what time the next game starts?
  7. QUOTE(ScottPodRulez22 @ Aug 20, 2005 -> 01:31 PM) Konerko and Thomas. Crede and garland are eligible for arbitration. so our pitching will still be in tact next year? that's good. i figure we gotta give KW the time to get some real bats in the lineup next year. that's only way we're gonna go anywhere in the playoffs... not that i'm giving up on this season or anything, just looking down the road
  8. anybody know who's going to be free agents on the sox after this year?
  9. Look on the bright side, at least Hermanson is gettin some rest.. I didn't think we had enough pop to go far in the playoffs anyways; even with KGJ. one man is not going to save this team. Let's face it, without Konerko and Pods, we have very very little chance of winning any games.. Anyways, I think they picked a perfect time to slump. Just need to wait it out.. they'll come out of the slump eventually. Just in time to make a final run. (I hope!!) (first post - woo hoo!)