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  1. Smart Ball Sox

    Your Walk Up Song

    "You're Going Down" by the Sick Puppies. Sort of surprised that a closer has not used this song yet. Near the end of the song, with the lyrics, "Cause I was never goin' Yeah, you're the one that's goin' down" would be perfect to finish the warm up tosses with.
  2. Smart Ball Sox

    Speed pitch challenge at Grate Field

    Hector and I go way back... just kidding. Other than the competitors, some media, and some staff, there was really no one there. Kind of eerie.
  3. Smart Ball Sox

    Speed pitch challenge at Grate Field

    Oh... and I did not pick up any sauces, sources, info, or anything like that being there.
  4. Smart Ball Sox

    Speed pitch challenge at Grate Field

    I tied with another guy at 76 during the round robin. In the pitch off, he threw 72, I threw 73. He (Andy-2nd place) was a great person. Weather conditions were rough. See WSD's tweets... to add to his comments about the weather, there was not much room to do an actual wind up (we were against the bullpen wall). Great idea, loved it, and there's some room for improvement if they do it in the future. Having said that, the Sox team/employees there did a great job and kudos go out to the White Sox staff, especially with how cold it was! Two other things... not too much security at the event (which goes against the info shared in the Machado thread) and one dude wore a coat that said Pay Manny on the front and Machado 300 on the back.
  5. Smart Ball Sox

    Speed pitch challenge at Grate Field

    Quickly, long time lurker, been on the board since early 2000s. But I want to thank the Soxtalk community. I was checking the site for Manny info on Saturday and saw this post. I signed up and went there today.
  6. Smart Ball Sox

    Opening Day - Who's standing in our OF (Poll)

    Garcia and that just isn't acceptable.
  7. Smart Ball Sox

    United Scout Seating

    Longtime lurker, don't really post a lot, but I have some feedback for you. I have sat in the Scout Seats a few times, but the last time was in '09 (so don't know if it changed). The ticket price includes all your drinks and food. You just may want to tip the servers at different times or tip them at the end (they'll wait by the exit at the end of the game). The area opens when the park opens. There is a restaurant that you enter off of Gate 3 where they have an all-you-can-eat buffet with a fully stocked bar. They usually have a carving station, some pasta, ball park fare (dogs, burgers, etc.) and some random other stuff. I recommend getting there at least an hour before the game. The wait staff will get you your drinks so you don't even have to get up and go to the bar. When you are done "feasting", you can head to your seats. There will be people to usher you to area. You walk right by the visitor's clubhouse door (Sheffield was standing outside it once before during a Tigers game), but they won't let you mingle with the Sox, the opponent, or the umpires (their room is close to the Scout area as well). Just before you emerge into the seating area, there is an area to fill up on peanuts, popcorn, soft drinks (not sure why? guess for the kiddies), and ice cream treats like ice cream sandwiches. At your seat is a different menu from the restaurant that you can order off of. The only difference between the seats and restaurant is that you can get any hard liquor drinks or wine in the restaurant, whereas there is only beer and a couple of mixed drinks (along the lines of a margarita). So you can sit there and pig out some more. The only things you don't order off the menu are hot dogs and brats. There is one server who will come around every so often and hand them out. Lastly, about the 7th inning back in the restaurant the open a dessert bar. You can bring the dessert back to your seats. Let me add one thing, you can't bring the hard drinks from the restaurant bar back into the seating area if I remember correctly. All in all, it is a fantastic time. The one thing that stinks is that it is a long walk to the bathrooms. You have to go all the way back to the area by the restaurant, plus they have no TVs on this walk to watch the game while heading there. It is a very minor issue, but I thought I would tell you. Otherwise you will have an absolute blast. By the way, there is no special parking lot. If you get the parking pass, it is for the lot adjacent to Gate 3. As a plus, Kenny came and ate dinner in the restaurant back in '06. I talked to him for a couple of minutes, basically congratulating for the year before. Good guy... Otherwise, sorry about the length, but I think this gives you what you need to know. As far as Chicago goes, I could go on for hours about what to do. If you are looking for a specific recommendation let me know. It is hard to make a wrong choice though...
  8. Smart Ball Sox

    Octavio Dotel signs with Sox

    QUOTE(ptatc @ Jan 18, 2008 -> 07:47 AM) Another good move to address the team's biggest weakness. Yeah, MLB Trade Rumors has an article up from some Dominican reporting site as well about this.
  9. Smart Ball Sox

    White Sox vs. Yankees, 6/6/07 (L)

    I don't why I picked tonight after all the lurking I've done, but we are done. I feel like Randy Quaid in major league 2
  10. Smart Ball Sox

    White Sox are Done

    Long time lurker, rarely do I post, but I just wanted to add a bump to this thread to say, "It's Ova."
  11. Smart Ball Sox

    MLB Discounts

    I was trying to use the search button to find the MLB Discount thread and couldn't find it. From what I remember if you wanted to get 20% off on anything in the www.mlbstore, you needed a code and I forgot the code. Can someone help me out?
  12. Smart Ball Sox


    QUOTE(robinventura23 @ Sep 14, 2005 -> 09:31 PM) ^^^^^^ The noose is tightening by the day. The sad thing is, I think the Sox were on their last breath already
  13. Smart Ball Sox

    Official Game Thread, Sox vs. Royals, 9/15/05

    For once I hope Mark comes through tomorrow in the second half of a season
  14. Smart Ball Sox

    Ken Rosenthal Says

    Yeah, I diffinitely think Garcia should be the Game 1 pitcher....