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  1. NorthSideSox72

    4/26 Games

    They have three catchers in Kanny for some reason or another. Having watched them, my feeling is that Perez should probably move up to W-S. Mercedes is just a beer league softball player there anyway. Zavala should maybe go to AAA sometime in May or June, send Yermin up to be Collins' backup/platoon in AA, Nolan and Perez pair off in Winston-Salem. Allows Skoug and Hickman to play more, and they need more development too.
  2. NorthSideSox72

    4/25 Games

    Not sure it has to happen this year, but at some point the power needs to happen in games. He's still quite young, it can wait a bit. But if it never does, he's Ryan Sweeney.
  3. NorthSideSox72

    FS: The Kannapolis Piranhas?

    Sorry there are so many pinned FS posts, but I really wanted to make sure this one got some attention. It took a lot of work and I'm pretty proud of it, plus I think this is a team people should know more about. I promise, most days there will only be one article from FS to pin in PHT. The Kannapolis Piranhas - a run-down of their entire starting lineup, with video and quotes.
  4. Julie's column this week takes a look at some big performances thus far in 2018 on the farm, from players that are not generally part of the prospect conversation.
  5. NorthSideSox72

    4/25 Games

    What a weird ending for Charlotte. Ryan Brett pinch runs as the 2nd base auto guy in the top of the 10th, in his first game of the year in AAA, doesn't score. Brett is then put at third base defensively for the bottom of the 10th - a position he has literally never played in his pro career. First pitch, the other team bunts, he throws it away, runner scores from 2nd and game over. I feel bad for Ryan Brett.
  6. With injuries to some key position player prospects, who has been taking advantage of the gap? Which players are doing well with those opportunities? Ken goes into detail here, highlighting some players getting unexpected daylight.
  7. Lots of strong performances to highlight, especially with the A-ball clubs. See who's had the hot hand lately on the White Sox farm.
  8. NorthSideSox72

    Avisail Garcia to the 10 day DL, Palka called up

    If it's a DL trip, my guess is they go with Daniel Palka. Corner OF, can also play 1B, left power bat. They might want to see if there's anything there with him.
  9. NorthSideSox72

    Cease or Hansen

    I was definitely Hansen when I voted on the T30 in January. Now having seen Cease in person (and been very impressed), and with Hansen injury concerns, it becomes a really tough call.
  10. NorthSideSox72

    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    Adams improved pretty dramatically last year in the areas he needed too. This year its 2-3 starts and I wouldn't read a lot into it yet. And yeah, he's still a good couple years younger than the average player in his league. But again, there are legitimate reasons why a pitcher may do better in relief than starting. As far as I can see, none of those apply to Adams.
  11. NorthSideSox72

    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    I would still take Engel's defense over Leury's quite easily. I think Adam is taking his struggles onto the grass. That said, I am losing what little hope I had of him ever hitting enough. Not just because of a year's worth of results, but how he looks doing it. I think you start working Thompson in more starting now, and give Engel until like June or July to get going on offense. If he can't do it, ship him to AAA and he's just not part of the plan anymore. Hopefully by then you'll have a healthy Cordell, Tilson with his feet under him too. So there will be options available.
  12. A couple signings not reported broadly yet among the transactions, updates on the affiliates and of course some Courtney Hawkins talk. News and Notes right here, to get you caught up!
  13. NorthSideSox72

    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    That is not a reason to see him being successful as a reliever. What do you see that makes you think he A) won't be a good starter and B) would be better in relief?
  14. NorthSideSox72

    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    Seen you say this a couple times now. I don't see it. What about him screams reliever to you?