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  1. The White Sox announced their player development and minor league staff assignments for 2019. Get not only the full list, but also notes on every single name that has moved or been added! All the details here.
  2. The first pod of 2019 for FutureSox features Baseball American Executive Editor JJ Cooper discussing lots of White Sox prospects with Clint Cole. All the details/links here. Next episode will feature Laz Rivera and Blake Rutherford, later this week most likely.
  3. NorthSideSox72

    FutureSox looking to add more affiliate correspondents

    It was 2020. FutureSox (myself, really) made a mistake. Baseball America had it as 2018, and then a Hahn quote seemed to echo that, but as it turns out Hahn misheard my question when I interviewed him. BA didn't know because the Intimidators didn't bother to tell anyone they extended.
  4. As part of the site's off-season transformation, FutureSox is looking to bolster their affiliate coverage by seeking out additional local folks to act as correspondents. This could be at any of the affiliates (Charlotte, Birmingham, Winston-Salem, Kannapolis, Great Falls, AZL/Glendale/Phoenix, and I suppose Boca Chica too). Content could include stories, photos, videos, interviews or whatever you can provide that is truly local content - in other words, not something you can get out of just reading the box score. If interested, reach out to @Clint Cole via DM here or email FutureSox at gmail, and more details can be provided. Thanks!
  5. NorthSideSox72

    Big Changes at FutureSox - Part One of Three

    Funny you should ask. Keep an eye on FS in the coming weeks.
  6. NorthSideSox72

    Sports Media discussion

    This is also posted in PHT, so if you clicked through there, no need here. But just in case you didn't and because it's related... FutureSox changing EIC's, among other changes coming.
  7. As we've been hinting for the last few weeks, we have some pretty big changes about to roll out at FutureSox between now at when pitchers and catchers report. The first one is now official and you can read about it here. I would say it's the smallest of the three in terms of impact on our readers, but it is part of the broader plan.
  8. NorthSideSox72

    FS: Guest Post by Micker Adolfo - Ups and Downs, and what is next

    3 months in High-A for a guy like Adolfo are a BIG DEAL. That's half a minor league season, and a guy who is very raw. Look at the numbers he put up - that was big time development and definitely worth it. And even with that he will STILL be healthy in spring, and with a team by May from what we have heard. If your choices are 3 months and 5 months of play in 2 seasons, versus 0 months and 6 months, you take the former without question.
  9. NorthSideSox72

    FS: Guest Post by Micker Adolfo - Ups and Downs, and what is next

    Timing-wise, it made more sense to do what they did, even if the chances of healing on its own were small. Think about it this way - for a position player, recovery time is like 9 months. If they shut him down in March, that would have been missing the entire season, then starting in April 2019. By letting him DH and then re-evaluating in July, even if he still had to have surgery, he'd have had three critical months of hitting development done, and STILL gotten back in April or May of the next year. They did the right thing.
  10. NorthSideSox72

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Well ISU has SHARED the title with KU a couple times during their run. Would be great to see ISU win it outright. With their full roster back in place now they are a pretty dangerous team, more so than they were for the first 8-10 games of the season.
  11. Our latest Prospect Perspectives article is written by outfield prospect Micker Adolfo. Micker had a very interesting, and at time for him quite frustrating, 2018 campaign before ending with Tommy John Surgery. In his guest article, Micker talks about how the injury cropped up, adapting to DH'ing, the almost-comeback to throwing, surgery and where he stands today. There are some details in here I am pretty sure were never made public that are pretty interesting around what happened in July. Here is the article. Enjoy!
  12. NorthSideSox72

    Sox have 4 prospects who threw 100mph

    Fry had his first TJ way before his pro career, and really only missed a year of time. Bummer was a little more akin to Diaz in this case with two surgeries and that much missed time in a row.
  13. NorthSideSox72

    Sox have 4 prospects who threw 100mph

    One of the injuries is shoulder-related. Another was leg-related, but not sure exactly what. He pitched briefly in fall instructs but was pulled from like his second game there with... an injury. Guys who miss basically two full years, and have shoulder issues, usually don't make it. Though if you prefer glass half full, Aaron Bummer did miss nearly two seasons to two different elbow surgeries, and he turned into a major leaguer.
  14. NorthSideSox72

    Sox have 4 prospects who threw 100mph

    Has barely pitched the last 2 years due to an array of injuries.
  15. NorthSideSox72

    Sox have 4 prospects who threw 100mph

    Yes, and assuming Diaz' arm is still attached.