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  1. Quite a bit going on for the AZL White Sox last night, and our Sean was there for the game. His game report includes video of Madrigal's return and surprise stretch-signee Bryce Bush's pro debut. Ian Clarkin also made his second rehab start.
  2. Julie is back with her weekly column, this time showing us that despite the many (many, many) prospect injuries, there is still plenty of hope and no, the rebuild is not cancelled.
  3. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Congress. Can. Change It. If they wanted to invest the effort - but they don't want that set of changes in reality. I said earlier how it (an amendment) could work, and would have no problem with the courts. Don't even need a super-majority - just need some will in Congress. I believe the rest of the process - the vote and the states - would take care of itself. You are hoping for something unrealistic and legally twisted. The court, in my view, decided rightly. You hoping for some miracle court change just won't happen. I'm saying that as hard as a Constitutional Amendment seems - and it is - that path is actually the more realistic one and probably the only one that could ever work.
  4. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Funny you typed this while I typed my response just a moment ago. As I said, showing who is spending the money is good - I am all for it. But it is not a meaningful solution to the greater problem. Do you want me to say the people who voted against that bill were wrong? OK, sure, they were wrong. I thought that was obvious. But there are very few in Congress willing to change the fundamental legal problem at play here.
  5. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    The scale is not orders of magnitude though. The money-linked corruption seems pretty even to me. The reason I am much more angry at the GOP is that in addition to being so addicted to the money stream, they are ALSO (in many but not all cases) outright cruel to those who are not rich, white men. There might be more Democrats willing to fix the money/speech entanglement and related problems. Or not. But frankly that is irrelevant, because the problem is structural. Honestly they all have to play that game to at least some extent. Some do more than others. Have you seen any significant number of legislators from either party make a real effort to change the laws so that politicians aren't constantly chasing the money? I've seen efforts around reporting who spent what, and that's good I suppose, but it's a band-aid on a bullet-riddled body. This has been a problem for years to decades, when there has been unified and mixed control over Congress and the White House, yet no one has stood up to do something real. That is the proof here.
  6. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    I absolutely did not say the entire Senate is "scumbags". I said the scumbags in the Senate. Saying a drink has ice in it does not mean it is one big ice cube. And frankly, I do think we need more outsiders. But that does not mean we need some buffoon like Trump. Give me a break. I said all along, and it is still just as true now, that Clinton showed poor judgment in doing what she did. Because... she did. I also, for the record, voted for her anyway, because as flawed a candidate as she was, she was worlds better than the alternative. I might have considered 3rd party, except that none were viable and I didn't want to do anything that could encourage having the Orange Menace in office. How on earth does that mean I was "used and abused"? I went in with clear eyes, and frankly the only people who were used were those who fell into the fear traps set by TrumpCo.
  7. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    haha, what? You are comparing the acknowledgement of what is patently clear about both parties, to a specific and mostly empty political accusation against one person? Come on man, you can do better. And who do you think is being used here? Exactly. What is your point?
  8. NorthSideSox72

    Winston Salem Dash

    The Dash have been and probably still are the most talent-deep team in the system. Certainly hitting-wise. The entire starting lineup are actual prospects, no joke (though the catchers are quite fringy). Really, pick a hitter any hitter there. And you might see Madrigal there sooner than later too, though they keep changing that plan.
  9. NorthSideSox72

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    Just like the major league clubs, the minor league clubs often use their All Star breaks to rearrange their rotations. So I wouldn't put any money down on any date until things get going again.
  10. NorthSideSox72

    Bruce Rondon to be optioned/DFA'd

    Nature of this stage of a rebuild, but there is a segment of fans who don't understand that or don't want to acknowledge it.
  11. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    I didn't say all politicians are crooks though. I said the parties are both corrupt. Plenty of people are part of companies or organizations that may be corrupt (or something less bad but still unappealing) that they still work for, but not everyone there is a problem. I am not sure why people keep missing this important distinction - maybe I am not describing it effectively.
  12. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    I am fully on board with doing that. And I should clarify, it is true that to really, truly fix the money/speech entanglement problem, you'd need a Constitutional amendment to make that exemption. I'd be all in favor of that, and that process does start with Congress. I am fairly sure you could get an American voter super-majority and more than enough states to ratify it too. So again, what is really standing in the way is in fact Congress.
  13. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    I don't agree at all. Saying both parties are bad is acknowledging reality, and illustrating something they have in common. That is NOT the same as saying they are equal, or equally bad. That's not some subtle difference there either - it entirely changes the approach to discourse. And if people are using "both parties are bad" as a reason to be apathetic, then that's really sad and uninformed. It should cause the opposite. Then again, let's be frank, it is the voting public that is giving us this mess too. CU is a decision I don't like because of what it has caused, but which I also have to agree with on a legal basis. It was the only way for it to go. The way to fix money in politics is for Congress and the President to act, which admittedly is a wolf in the hen house problem. But that doesn't make it unsolveable - it means we as a people need to push it.
  14. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    On your first sentence - that's a straw man argument. No one has said that, certainly not me. In fact the very post you quoted I said the opposite - that right now I have far more problems with the GOP. I cited Trump as the leader of that, but didn't say he was the only issue. The GOP has run quite far to the right as a whole, which has enabled some of the festering racism and bigotry and general hatred that was simmering underneath in part of that party for some time, come to the surface. Also you seem to be confusing "ahh both parties are bad" by assuming that statement always means the same thing. The only thing clear in it, which is absolutely true, is that both parties ARE bad. But you seem to also think it means that people who point out that obvious fact, are equivocating the two parties as the same. That is not what I am saying at all, and if you read my words you will see that. The Dems are indeed pretty inept, but that can be said of both parties really, institutionally. That isn't even the main problem I was getting at. The main problem is systemic involving money and politics, and infects the whole system - therefore both parties (to varying extents for certain individual politicians). If you refuse to acknowledge that, you are forced to defend the indefensible.
  15. NorthSideSox72

    Bruce Rondon to be optioned/DFA'd

    That's possible too, but then either way kinda works in the meantime. Another scenario is, since Covey seems to have so much trouble seeing a lineup the 2nd time around, maybe he moves to the pen and Stephens to the rotation.