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  1. NorthSideSox72

    Dump Ryan Cordell

    "Cordell's batting average has dropped to .048" ...in, wait for it... 22 plate appearances. That's about 5 full game's worth. For a guy who missed the majority of 2018 to injury, barely got his feet back under him before he got here, and has never played in the majors before. Are you serious with this? Besides, as others point out, they need to make a 40-man decision and he's a fringe case. The smartest thing to do is keep playing him, both for evaluation and his development. Dropping him right now makes zero sense.
  2. NorthSideSox72

    Midterms 2018

    Bredesen is very popular in TN, despite being a Dem. I think he's got a good shot to pull that one out. If I had to bet, I'd definitely take him. Yup, not a poll worthy of consideration.
  3. NorthSideSox72

    Palka (again)

    For some background - this guy was, going into 2017, the #10 prospect in a Twins system that was pretty deep at that time. He had a rough 2017 in AAA, and the Twins had a 40-man crunch with their own rebuild efforts, so that's how the Sox got him off waivers. Point is, he was a semi-significant prospect, not just a rando guy who's exploding now. I saw him in Charlotte in April, before anyone was giving him any talk about being in Chicago (more focus on Cordell at that time, and Tilson). You can see what I wrote here - I didn't get much video because when I first arrived he just wasn't high on my to-film list. Clint (another FS contributor) and I watched him in a pair of BP's and games, and the power just jumped off the page with this guy. There is swing and miss there, but also signs of long counts and going oppo to adjust, which makes me think the hit tool will still improve. And as someone else pointed out earlier, he was drawing walks in the minors at a good clip, so that probably comes along too (especially with his power). If he can hold down a corner OF slot even a little below average in defense, he should be in pole position for a DH/OF role in 2019. His personality is a nice bonus too, fans seem to be connecting with him.
  4. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    It's all a guessing game, I agree. Even in LLP's though, partners can opt out too, from what I understand. That's analogous to the threat of selling shares as the shareholder proxy action's consequences. Though again, I doubt any of that happens anyway.
  5. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    But as extension to this, it is like owning stock. By buying stock you are also engaging in a contract that specifies you do not get operational control. However, if a majority of shareholders gang up, they can force action by proxy. That's the trump card the owners hold.
  6. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    There is the answer. The Sox don't make a ton of profit. The owners have seen their share values rise - that is not money to put into the team though, it's not cash. It's unrealized gain.
  7. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    That's not what the article says, and it's JR making assertions and there aren't any lawyers or anyone else speaking up that actually know this stuff. He has a lot of control to be sure. This is like any other corporation. The leaders of the corporation can try to sell the company, but if a majority of shareholders don't like it, they have ways to stop it. I am sure it is no different here. In the end the ownership group probably will do whatever JR likes anyway, so this is probably all moot.
  8. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    There is a difference between operations, and sale of the organization. No one in their right mind would elect to own a share in a company if the ownership had zero control over who was in charge. Again, that's what shareholders do. They usually don't get involve in day to day, but they have say in things like selling the company and/or who runs the company.
  9. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    Hm. Even if Reinsdorff and his board can sell the team via the representative corporation, I think the ownershop group still has sway just like shareholders in a publicly traded company. So, Reinsdorff could sell his stake and sell the corporation that manages the team as a company, but he would also need to sell the owners on the plan because they'd be able to override him if they organized a majority of "shares" to do so. In other words, Jerry selling his stake and the corporation will mean a change, but only a limited one and one that the ownership group approves. That's my read anyway.
  10. NorthSideSox72

    2018 Travel Thread

    Even with the stops, the Bright Angel causes more rescues than any trail in any other national park. The fact that it's a lot more aerobically challenging on the return trip, combined with a heavily visited national park where 95% of the visitors are not experienced backcountry types, causes a lot of issues. Definitely be careful, bring lots of water and snacks, etc.
  11. NorthSideSox72

    New Owner

    Reminder: Jerry Reinsdorff is not the sole owner of the White Sox. Heck he's not even the largest shareholder. He is ONE OF the biggest holders, but the reason you see him is he's the Chairman and speaks for the ownership group. In other words, Reinsdorff selling his stake does not mean the team is being sold.
  12. NorthSideSox72

    Midterms 2018

    Cruz is taking some pretty big gambles in his approach choices in his race against O'Rourke. That tells me his internal polling is showing a very tight race. If he was comfortable, he wouldn't be taking these risks. Not sure Beto can win, but I'm pretty confident it's going to be close.
  13. NorthSideSox72

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    So there is this thing that Trump and the Polish President were discussing that is getting attention because the Pol hinted a new base the US would set up in Poland could be called Fort Trump. Ha. But that buries the really astonishing part - where Trump says he's exploring the idea of "defending really wealthy countries". He's literally saying that the US military should be a security service for sale to the highest bidders. Not that the US hasn't already favored closest allies that are usually (but not always) also relatively wealthy first world countries. But that's a far cry than outright selling the military as a service. This is alarming.
  14. Our Ken does some great analysis here of what happened to Alec Hansen, and where he goes from here. Includes quotes from Matt Zaleski (his pitching coach in Winston-Salem) and a scout, a few videos and more information. Definitely a good read.
  15. NorthSideSox72

    Fall Instructs Preview - 42 prospects in fall ball, and why

    That is correct, and that is certainly possible. It might explain why many lower round picks - who only got like $5k bonuses - were less present on the roster.