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    5/30 Games

    Seen him pitch a couple times in A-ball, at each level. Didn't look like a major leaguer to me and he was already old for level. He's had some recent success, maybe he added something, I don't know.
  3. NorthSideSox72

    Automobile Thread

    I don't think EV's are going to be any heavier - you add battery and take away engine etc. Any difference would be negligible anyway. But I agree, the gas tax concept starts to fail as more EV's hit the road.
  4. I left my role as EIC at FutureSox a few months ago, but in the background I've been helping with a couple "special projects". This is one of them. In order to attract and retain our writing talent (which I personally think is the best and deepest in the Sox blogosphere), to allow for more in-person coverage, and to help us move to the Next Phase, I have helped FutureSox set up their first Patreon page. The details and link are here. Please give that a read, and consider our request. I think it is a high-value proposition for a tiny amount of money, and I know the people who are moving forward with FS will very much appreciate your support. Thank you!
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    FutureSox has a Patreon - consider supporting!

    I mean, do you really want that? If you want a photo of my pale, hairy chest while wearing a swimsuit I can arrange that.
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    FutureSox has a Patreon - consider supporting!

    Thank you!
  7. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    I give no passes for their performance overall. What I am saying is, Brennan is a non-issue and the kind of thing that happens to all teams on a regular basis, with the Sox being on the flipside at times as well.
  8. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    Thyago HAS shown filthy stuff at times. He didn't last year. It happens, like I said. The Sox have done this with pitchers they bring in at least as often as ones they have lost. Anyway, I'll say once more, wait until July. And furthermore this Brennan thing isn't an issue to me. I can name a whole bunch of other things that concern me about this front office, and a bunch of player examples that went badly, but Brennan wouldn't make my list. When he was picked, everyone was puzzled. What you are stuck in here is revisionist history. Now if you want to talk about OVERALL success in player development with the Sox (or lack thereof), I'm right on board. The Sox have done poorly, period.
  9. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    That is part of it I think, but honestly it is always hard to seperate injury issues from performance issues. Hard to make the case it was a thing for 3 years, but maybe? No idea. He was a TJS survivor upon arriving with the Sox.
  10. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    Meanwhile, guys who throw triple digits and has some filthy stuff are ones you always take a shot at. And I'd take a Vieira over a Brennan every single time. Out of 100 times, 20 Vieira's will work out, and like 2 Brennans.
  11. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    lol GMAB 10 other guys just like him. With Minaya or Brennan there was no one who saw either as more than filler anyway. And between those two, knowing what and who they are, Minaya is the easy choice to keep because he's likely to be able to get some outs here and there at the MLB level. If you want to talk 10 guys, there are 10 actual prospects who needed protection this past winter that I would have protected over Brennan. Sometimes a prospect clicks with a change of scenery. That doesn't necessarily mean the previous team screwed up (though sometimes it does). And again, get back to me in a few months. I think the frustration with the team (which I am totally on board with) is making people overreact to some pretty silly things. Not one person on SoxTalk or anywhere else did I see be upset about leaving Brennan unprotected. Hell when he was taken in the R5 there were a crapload of people around the Sox and overall prospect sites who said "WTF?". Baseball America's JJ Cooper did his usual R5 preview with like 75 players and Brennan never was even considered for it, he later said.
  12. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    He was also a 27-year-old who needed 3 seasons in AA to find success at that level. Who would you have removed from the 40-man to keep him this past winter? I understand it is frustrating to lose talent, but let's keep the full picture in mind.
  13. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    My AAP thread on him All articles on FutureSox discussing him
  14. NorthSideSox72

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    Brennan was a guy I had as an "Adopt A Prospect", so I know a little about the guy. I've seen him pitch, I even interviewed him some years ago. The reality is the guy came into the system with interesting stuff (mid-90s sinker, slider that showed promise) but repeatedly struggled with command, and injuries, and re-tooling of his arsenal. His stuff in the upper levels never really indicated future MLB success. So this one, I really don't mind it. In fact I am skeptical that he keeps it up. Let's see how he is doing come July. Is it possible the Mariners saw something the Sox didn't, had him make a change or two and now he's playable? Sure. The Sox have done that with pitchers successfully too. More often than I've seen it the other way around in fact. It just doesn't bother me I guess.
  15. NorthSideSox72

    FutureSox: Sox to sign brother of Tatis Jr., Elijah

    We know because of insider sources. I've never once seen a team rep quoted saying it.
  16. NorthSideSox72

    FutureSox: Sox to sign brother of Tatis Jr., Elijah

    What honestly shocks me is a White Sox rep saying on record (even if unnamed) that the agreement is in place. That's frowned upon and technically against the rules, although all teams do it.
  17. NorthSideSox72

    2018 Travel Thread

    I've done the Vatican - it is the only one on the list I've been to. Lux is the one I am least excited about, as others have said something similar - that it just isn't all that different from other places around it.
  18. The AAA roster is an eclectic mix, including a lot of AAAA guys. But there are also Cease, Collins, Zavala, Stephens and some other significant prospects who all could see MLB in 2019. Read about the Knights here.
  19. The AA squad should be the biggest prospect show in the Sox minors in 2019. Even when some of them graduate, the likes of Robert and Madrigal should arrive soon too. Read all about the Barons in this preview.
  20. NorthSideSox72

    2019 SEASON PREVIEW: Winston-Salem Dash

    He has a minor injury, says he will be assigned to Winston-Salem when he's ready which should be soon.
  21. NorthSideSox72

    Minor League Rosters

    Both were re-added to the 60-day DL. So neither will pitch in a game until at least June. Davis had a knee injury and surgery, then a new arm problem but I am not sure the nature of it. Diaz I have no idea, the guy is just always hurt. It was a shoulder thing at one point.
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    If you want my honest opinion, I think those are both pretty terrible. Seems really forced. A good nickname is never searched for, it just kinda happens.
  23. NorthSideSox72

    Life as a MiLB player

    I made exactly that case in this article. Forgetting the moral or legal aspects, I tried to illustrate that it was just plain smart business to invest more in their future players.
  24. I guess you could call this the Opening Podcast of the 2019 season for FutureSox. It is a preview of the 4 full season affiliates, who open play tonight. The guests to cover each (joining host Clint Cole) are: Trevor Wilt, radio for the Intimidators Joe Weil, radio for the Dash Curt Bloom, radio for the Barons Jonathan Lee, media member covering the Knights for Sox Machine and FutureSox All the details, links, ways to download and subscribe, are here. Enjoy MiLB Opening Day!
  25. FutureSox is releasing the affiliate previews today and tomorrow. First up is a Kannapolis squad that has some serious depth in the infield and the rotation, and should be a fun one to watch. Winston-Salem later today, Birmingham and Charlotte tomorrow.