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  1. SoxRock05

    Sox @ Jays - 8/6

    Why are Canadian Games played @ :07 times. In U.S. We play usualy 7:05, 3:05, 12:35...ect. They are on the :07's, i know it doesnt matter, but i just thought that looked weird.
  2. SoxRock05

    We Start now

    Still 8 back... Lets sweep these birds!!
  3. SoxRock05

    Sox @ KC - 8/2 Game Thread

    Just Got off Work..How long has the Rain been Falling?
  4. SoxRock05

    We Start now

    QUOTE(Jake @ Aug 2, 2006 -> 12:22 AM) Wait, what else is there besides games? 24 straight w/o a day off I Meant...
  5. SoxRock05

    We Start now

    Still 7 1/2 back. Lets sweep these Royal b****es. (then pepare for a very long streak of games - 24 to be exact).
  6. SoxRock05

    We Start now

    QUOTE(valponick @ Aug 1, 2006 -> 01:41 AM) Then this thread will continue until the day after opening day 2007. If it has too it will.... Believe boys, always believe.... Remember those famous words from Steve Perry, "Don't Stop Believing..."
  7. SoxRock05

    We Start now

    This thread will continue untill we re-gain first place. .......back 7 1/2.....
  8. SoxRock05

    Sox @ Cubs - July 1

    QUOTE(whitesoxin @ Jul 1, 2006 -> 02:31 PM) WGN?? lol...i mean FOX...im not in the most sober of states at the moment...have a good day boys...Go Sox!!
  9. SoxRock05

    Sox @ Cubs - July 1

    Since when is Eyre Pronounces Ire..I hate WGN
  10. SoxRock05

    Sox @ Cubs - July 1

    Damn..you cats are crazy...just shut up and enjoy the games...you all are so f***ing critical of every little thing.. PAULY WALNUTS..YES!!! PODS...YES!! Scott EYRE.....HAHA you suck Ball Sacks
  11. SoxRock05

    Suspensions Coming Down Friday

    Barrett 20+ Anderson 3 Pods 1 Done
  12. SoxRock05

    New Banner Format

  13. SoxRock05

    Good Sox Lines...

    As said in the broadcast during the game..."The Angels might have wings, but we have rings." I thought that was pretty good. Or..."Angels go to heaven but White Sox go to World Series." That was also good.. Can you guys think of any good lines for the whole MLB. I came up with one just off the top of my head...not much thought put into it..... "All teams in the MLB will suffer because in 2006 the White Sox are even tougher." I am going to try and think of more and make a bottom half of my Sig...Any suggestions would be nice. JiYea!!!
  14. SoxRock05


    MERCY!!! CREDE!!! Another Series Win in the books!!!
  15. SoxRock05

    Royals @ Sox

    HE GONE!!!!