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  1. southsider2k5

    2022 Catch All

    You should replace your pearls after every 500 clutchings.
  2. southsider2k5

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Which probably makes the case for moving him up as well to keep him challenged.
  3. southsider2k5

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Well he isn't seeing them enough if his numbers look like they do.
  4. southsider2k5

    Keith Law on Colson Montgomery

    I have been very excited about Vera, but Montgomery has done everything you want to see from a top prospect at a premium position.
  5. southsider2k5

    Joe Kelly couldn't pitch back-to-back before 7/1

    I thought the TLR reach around was a bit excessive, but it's Leury's deal.
  6. southsider2k5

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    I have no doubt he could defensively handle it, but why?
  7. southsider2k5

    Notice: We're about to get hot

    He's taking one for the team, I guess.
  8. southsider2k5

    Fire Tony Chant

    And past that, he is quite literally an awful person off of the field.