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  1. southsider2k5

    Harper + Machado?

    With a LOT less future obligations.
  2. southsider2k5

    Harper + Machado?

    Let's get one guy signed first, then we can talk about two. The other interesting thing is say we were to sign Machado, it could set us up to facilitate someone like the Dodgers getting Harper. Think about it, with the money they need to dump, the Sox could actually receive a lot of talent for not much of a price to help the Dodgers free up cash. It might actually be more talent combined than a Bryce Harper alone depending on how deals were structured.
  3. southsider2k5

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Way to take one for the team.
  4. southsider2k5

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    You really have to wonder if Corey Crawford's hockey career is over. So depressing.
  5. southsider2k5

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Not if they were going to be a shit bidder anyway.
  6. southsider2k5

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    Can't believe I forgot Buehrle. Slot him at #3 and move everyone else down. My wild card from today is Yolmer.
  7. southsider2k5

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    And more importantly, I don't think Machado or Harper would be entertaining the Sox if they didn't think it was worth their time.
  8. southsider2k5

    Update: Machado met with Sox

  9. southsider2k5

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Let's be honest, if Manny said I will sign with you if you fire Ricky, they would fire Ricky.
  10. southsider2k5

    Top 5 Least Favorite White Sox

    Jaime Navarro really deserves to be on a list by himself. I mean it is easy to dislike players who sucked, but the dude was the worst teammate on top of being an awful ball player.
  11. southsider2k5

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Philly left looking like clowns in all of this.