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  1. I figured you wouldn't be able to do a couple of clicks, but the ISFA's audit doc's are on their website. It is really easy to find if you want to.
  2. And to get even deeper into the weeds of conspiracy theory... Coming from their most recent audited financials.
  3. As a matter of a fact, they even have a part of their website dedicated to FOIA requests. https://www.isfauthority.com/foia-requests/
  4. His point was that money on subsidies from the ISFA (was wrong about the acronym) were what was driving the $76 million profit. Because the ISFA is a governmental agency, that is all public domain and he could FOIA it is he really wanted to know.
  5. southsider2k5

    What Now?

    Lead by example.
  6. If you really want to know, it would be a FOIA request away.
  7. southsider2k5

    FutureSox: Sox to sign brother of Tatis Jr., Elijah

    I wonder if because he is actually eligible today and not July 2, if that changes what they can say?
  8. southsider2k5

    4/10 Game Thread - WS Underway

    Charlotte is 6-1.
  9. So the Sox should avoid signing players because they will remind people of other players? Seems snowflakey to me.
  10. southsider2k5

    Someone is going to get fired.

    Yet, here you are.
  11. I didn't know he could sign now. That is good news. But if the deal was over 300k, which it is, they couldn't sign him anyway, which is why July 2.
  12. With our luck, since the deal is apparently "agreed" to ahead of the deadline, MLB will now void it for front running the start of the signing period.
  13. southsider2k5

    Madrigal sitting 2nd game in a row

    Both my kids had actual Influenza A over the last month. It was brutal.
  14. southsider2k5

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

  15. southsider2k5

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

  16. southsider2k5

    Carlos rodon

  17. southsider2k5

    Cubs thread 2k19

  18. southsider2k5

    Ozuna climbs fence and holds on to try catch

    It has always been this way.
  19. southsider2k5

    Chris Sale

    For the record, just cross Diaz off of the list. We just need to quit pretending he is even a real person at this point.
  20. southsider2k5

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    They are doing UCL replacement just to be safe.
  21. southsider2k5

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    There is so much gain to be made by getting a top D-man. If we got that out of a kid, I would love it.
  22. southsider2k5

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    I bet Cubs fans are thrilled looking at those numbers.
  23. The one I never forget is someone being pissed when we signed Tatis, because it was only because of his father.