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    July 1

    On this date in 1910- The original Comiskey Park opened. On this date in 1990- The Sox were no hit by Andy Hawkins, and won. Today- Bobby Bonilla is the highest paid player in baseball.
  2. southsider2k5

    Hamilton on Disney +

    As a literal Hamilton junkie, I was kind of thinking the same thing when this was announced. I was excited to see the original broadway cast (I saw the show in Chicago 7 different times, 3 by winning the lottery, but never saw it in NYC), but thought it would kind of be the same staging as is typical of the filming of a broadway show. The previews they have ran so far give me a lot of hope that they are doing to do the show justice by utilizing tons of angles and not just the simple ones typical of these shows. I have gotten WAY more excited in the last week. The Trib's critic said it was literally the best staging of a broadway show to movie he has ever seen.
  3. southsider2k5

    Where is Jake Burger?

    As roster settle out, it wouldn't shock me to see his name come up. The kid needs reps worse than pretty much anyone in this organization.
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    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    My company has products centered around SEC and Fed reporting, and I can confirm that most companies are a mess when it comes to big data.
  5. southsider2k5

    Where is Jake Burger?

    Really happy to see him back and playing again. Even past the baseball aspect, but for his own mental health.
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    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The government HAS to replace income if they want this to start to put this virus down until a vaccine can be created.
  7. southsider2k5

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Which is another way of saying this has a really high chance of being a flukey season, so a team has to be ready from day one. Think of it this way, a 60 game season when compared to the 162 game season means each game this year is worth 2.7 in a normal season. A bad week is more like a bad month than a bad week. A bad month is the end of a season.
  8. southsider2k5

    Masur to replace Ed Farmer in booth

  9. southsider2k5

    Amateur Draft Signings

    Another one for the UDFA signing list. https://athletics.aurora.edu/sports/baseball/roster/aj-gill/10663
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    2020 Minor League Season Canceled

  11. southsider2k5

    Ex-teammate alleges Grandal took roids in front of teammates

    The teammate snitching on him is the new part.
  12. southsider2k5

    Rule 5 changed

  13. southsider2k5

    Top 3 Things You’re Looking Forward To

    I thought 2020 was universal but 2021 was not because they couldn't agree?
  14. southsider2k5

    Top 3 Things You’re Looking Forward To

    That's the answer right there. You also won't play him over McCann at C, so catching ABs are pretty much out of the question even before you get to his lack of catching skills. DH is going to be a pretty limited position for opportunities as well.
  15. southsider2k5

    Predict the White Sox 30 man opening roster

    If your start goes 3-4 or innings, versus the ~6 they normally do, you are probably using 1 to 2 more pitchers per game than you normally would. Seeing as you can't use the same pitchers every day, it means you really do need at the very least a couple of more arms more than you would normally staff. 3-4 may well be the right number.
  16. southsider2k5

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    My mom is in a LTC facility and the daily numbers are just staggering once it gets in. It just explodes once it enters. And this is in a facility that hasn't taken visitors or new patients since early May. You aren't even allowed to take your family member OUT of the home. If you do, they are NOT allowed back in until their quarantine is over. Between staff and patients, they have almost 60 cases, and 8 deaths.
  17. southsider2k5

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The Beaches, mall and casino over here are the same way.
  18. southsider2k5

    Predict the White Sox 30 man opening roster

    They are talking about starters going 3 to 4 innings early in the season. I think Jim is right that we will be pitching heavy.
  19. southsider2k5

    Predict the White Sox 30 man opening roster

    In a season like this one, I would be shocked if we didn't see a higher than normal volume of injuries.