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  1. southsider2k5

    A Snowball in Hell

    LMAO! Dee -Troit Sux!!!
  2. southsider2k5

    Top 5 young pit

    I was surprised to see only one of the Oakland big 3 on there. I might have put Mulder or Hudson ahead of Myers
  3. southsider2k5


    kill-joy If that isn't incentive to win a title, maybe JR should say he will sell the team if they win it all
  4. southsider2k5

    Bartolos' first outing predictions?

    After the way predictions went the first day... I am going to say 2 1/3 IP 8 runs 5 earned, lol. Affeldt pitches a shutout.
  5. southsider2k5

    Good News about Wright.

    I think after the disaster that was Jason Bere's experience eith elbow surgery and just the general amount of arm injuries we have had lately, it sounds like the Sox are taking the safe road, which is just fine by me. If Josh Stewart has to make 3 or 4 starts now that is better than him making them during a pennant race!
  6. southsider2k5


    The hard caps (bottom and top) have worked wonders for the NFL. You never hear about labor strife or franchises in trouble. I think it is something baseball needs to try.
  7. southsider2k5

    Tickets still available?

    OK who hasn't bought their tickets yet? We need to sell this thing out and steal some headlines. Every ticket the Sox can sell this year is another chance of us being able to resign guys like Bartolo and Maggs long term.
  8. Let me guess, this is Mariotti (aka kotex boy's) column tommorrow?
  9. southsider2k5

    SoxNet.net/Soxtalk SITE UPDATE

    Good luck with all of this Mario. I can't wait to see it!
  10. southsider2k5

    Opening Day at KC

    Don't forget the two game series in Houston. Damn JR trying to make a buck, I wonder if he realizes he cost us openning day?
  11. southsider2k5

    Gas Can still got some in the Tank

    Well at least that means that the Ex-Sox are getting back to normal. The world will be right when Royce has his first couple of oh fers
  12. southsider2k5

    Opening Day at KC

    Very interesting. If it is true, I hope someone was in the unemployement line today!
  13. southsider2k5


    Top that off with some great hitters who just had two days to think how embarassed they were on openning day... I hope this all adds up to good news..
  14. southsider2k5

    Commentary: Review of the 2002-03 Offseason

    I don't know about another starter, but I am hoping we can get a kick ass SS or 2B prospect. We have some decent guys in the system at these spots, but no one you just ache to see in a Sox uni. I would be nice to have someone to point at as the future after Valentin leaves.
  15. southsider2k5

    Sox on FSN...

    the early days the sox were more prominate on wfld, or what is now wciu..... wgn has always been a scrubbies channel.. and untill the past few years the sox were only on there a small handful of the time.... now they have a ton of games on there...... i know its better for you out of towners to get wgn............ No way...they're only on WGN around 30-35 times. That's pretty much the way it's been for the past few years, if memory serves me correctly. Once a week is about how often they're on. back in the early 90's and even further back the sox were only on wgn about 10 times a season if that........honestly.......... I think you are right. I always remember them being on cable a ton right around the time the whole SportsVision/Channel thing got going.
  16. southsider2k5

    Opening Day Friday BBQ

    I met her at Soxfest last year, and yes she is.
  17. southsider2k5

    Commentary: Review of the 2002-03 Offseason

    OK so after reading this I got to thinking. If Brian Daubach gets off to a quick start, does it open up Carlos Lee to a possible deal, even if Joe Borchard isn't ready for primetime yet?
  18. southsider2k5


    Forget about it, and I'm not saying that because of Boras being the agent, but because of that ridiculous price tag. Vladdy is gonna get a contract similar to that and he's way better then Beltran. The number I heard for Vlad is 5 yrs $90 mil, which is still another $3 mil a year more than Beltran. And I hope this latest trend of greedy Boras clients losing out, doesn't end soon. I hate greedy SOB's! :fyou
  19. southsider2k5


    Just as a note Beltran is a Boras client so we all know what that means. And he is looking for $15 mil a year for 8 years. As nice as it would be, there is no chance of seeing Beltran in a Sox uni.
  20. http://premium.baseballprospectus.com/arti...?articleid=1764 Wow, that is a shocker. It sounded like they weren't even going to talk anymore.
  21. southsider2k5

    13th straight year

    That we have openned on the road, wow. I didn' realize it was that many!
  22. southsider2k5

    Miguel Tejada gets a surprise extension

    http://premium.baseballprospectus.com/arti...?articleid=1763 Here are some more yuks from baseball prospectus
  23. southsider2k5

    Why Cub fans are dumbasses, Reason #40559343843309

    I wonder exactly how long it took Cub fans to start calling about World Series tickets. Was it Kerry Wood's first strikeout? Was it Corey Patterson's first RBI, Sammy's first AB? Or did they wait until it was 5-2, and Glavine was out of the game? Inquiring minds want to know!
  24. southsider2k5

    The tinkering begins.

    I wonder what odds are better, the 750,000 to 1 on the Royals winning the World Series or JR openning his wallet and signing Tejada?
  25. southsider2k5

    Miguel Tejada gets a surprise extension

    It is an April fools joke actually. I thought it was pretty funny myself. I was hoping to let some stress off of here! Read the last paragraph, it is a dead giveaway.