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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    It's the best site I go to! Thanks to all of those that put in the hard work to make it as good as it is!
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    Sellout Monday game after 7-0 road trip to Cleveland and New York in 2000.
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    Fisk or Kittle (Hoosier!)
  1. mreye

    The Score on iphone

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Apr 7, 2011 -> 08:20 AM) It's $14.99 for the entire season... Which is reasonable, I guess, but for what little I'd use it I'll pass.
  2. mreye

    The Score on iphone

    QUOTE (G&T @ Apr 7, 2011 -> 07:36 AM) You have to pay for it through mlb. The Score does have an app through radio.com. But the games are not streamed online (they switch to SNR during the game). Screw that. Thanks.
  3. mreye

    The Score on iphone

    Is there a way to listen to the game on my iphone? I went to the website to "Listen Live" but that uses Flash. And I don't believe The Score has an app. Any suggestions?
  4. Sorry, just recently switched to DirectTV from Dish. What channel is CSN+?
  5. mreye

    Pre-Internet Habits

    I was happy when we moved to California because there were no more "Late" scores in next day's paper.
  6. mreye

    Awesome Sox commercial

    QUOTE (Heads22 @ Mar 24, 2011 -> 07:28 AM) The whole tearing off the jersey to reveal another jersey is pretty awesome as well. And he throws it over the kid's face and she just stands there with her arms open. Classic!
  7. mreye

    New Organist

    I apologize if this has been posted. Big Shoes to Fill When the White Sox take the field for their home opener April 7, the South Side boys will have a local fan providing the soundtrack. Lori Moreland, 52, of Crete, will be the new organist at U.S. Cellular Field this season. The lifelong Sox fan said Wednesday she still is pinching herself to make sure it isn't a dream. "It's just unreal," she said from her home Wednesday afternoon. "It's just such an honor." Moreland was among a host of musicians to audition for the role in October at U.S. Cellular after White Sox legend Nancy Faust retired after 40 years with the club. "Nancy was a legendary organist, and she did a tremendous job of being a part of the new, evolving ballpark experience," Brooks Boyer, White Sox senior vice president of sales and marketing, said in a statement issued Wednesday. "Now, we feel Lori is the perfect fit to carry on that mission." More at link...
  8. I don't think this is a serious post. IMO, the OP is making this suggestion in jest as his opinion of the Republicans suggested cuts are insignificant. If you think the cuts are "nickel/dime", I'd like to have a few of those nickels and dimes.
  9. QUOTE (greg775 @ Feb 18, 2011 -> 04:18 PM) All the Sox had to do to shut us all up, and make us all optimistic for the season is to sign Dunn and get rid of Kotsay. That's it. To a lesser extent, getting rid of Bobby also has silenced all the naysayers and put everybody in an extremely positive frame of mind (although I still love Bobby). Many of us don't like Teahan, but there's not the unabashed, vicious hatred especially with him likely being in a platoon role. Can you ever recall an offseason where all of the Sox fans on this board have been so pleased? The only thing that could wreck this feeling is if the Sox start slowly, then there will probably be a lot of anti-Ozzie stuff beginning again. But this has been a nirvana off season for Sox fans. If I lived in Chicago, I definitely would have bought in season ticket wise for this season. Probably?
  10. mreye


    I got a pretty good price through Amazon last Christmas (2009).
  11. mreye

    Baby crap

    QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Jan 20, 2011 -> 03:30 PM) Yep. It saved having to change shirts every hour or so. Of course then they get old enough to start pulling them off and it doesn't matter anyway. I'll second this!
  12. mreye

    Fox News

    I don't get involved in these pissing matches anymore, but thought this was interesting.
  13. I'd want to be the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.
  14. mreye

    Coach Tex

    QUOTE (Tex @ Aug 17, 2010 -> 06:26 AM) The number one goal they have for the program this year is to increase participation. That's why they approached me. Gee, I thought it was because I was all-conference in college. The soccer has me a little intimidated but basically I have to follow the HS's system. All-Conference in college? What, were there like 6 colleges in the US back then?
  15. mreye

    Beloit survey class of 2014

    I read this story yesterday and somehow knew you were going to post it.