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  1. Jim Fainter

    Bad News

    If Bart lgoes to the Angels, it is another case of the weigh of all flesh. Plus, we get two draft picks.
  2. Jim Fainter

    Guillen and Uribe

    Valentine stays. No one will take his $5MM contract. I have seen Uribe a lot. The kid has tremendous potential. Everyone forgets that he made the majors straight from A ball. He was brought up too fast. He has tremendous ability and upside, and I really think that Ozzie is the right guy for him. And I was possibly the biggest Miles booster on the board.. Uribe has always started fast and hits the wall in June. I think he will beat out Jose in ST.
  3. Jim Fainter

    Sox offer Guardado contract...

    I would rather have Keith Foulke.
  4. Jim Fainter

    Vlad Guerrero

    2 points: It is truly a joke that MLBB has owned the Expos for this long. I could see for six months to straighten out the bag of worms up there, but this is ridiculous; I wish JR had the ovaries to go after this kid.
  5. Jim Fainter


    The article was mostly the reporter's opinion, not so much direct quotes from the brass. He talked openly about Uribe's shortcomings as well as his skills.
  6. Jim Fainter

    Goddbye Robbie Alomar

    My thoughts exactly, Molto. I think Harris can be a solid, exciting player who will keep improving for several years. If he hits .275 he'll have a ton of stolen bases.
  7. Jim Fainter

    Tribune Article

    I remember one post game interview when he loudly announced that he "doesn't need Viagra." Even Hawk didn't know what to say.
  8. Jim Fainter


    Great article in today's (Sunday) Denver Post on Uribe/Miles, written by Mike Klis. I don't have the link. Talked about Uribe's great defensive skills and his tendency for mental mistakes. And they like Aaron Miles. Maybe one of you computer guys can find the link.
  9. Jim Fainter


    But who would take Jose and his $5MM baggage?
  10. Jim Fainter


    I'm not able to check the board every day, but I have seen verry little here on Senor Uribe. The Denver papers have put a very positive spin on the trade from the Rockies' standpoint. It appears that, barring a trade or FA signing, which is unlikely, second base and leadoff is Aaron Miles' job to lose going into Spring Training. I'm pretty sure Uribe will beat out Jose in ST.
  11. Jim Fainter


    Is six months a little stiff for running onto the field and hugging the ump's leg?
  12. Jim Fainter

    Goddbye Robbie Alomar

    Rex, you're right -- 28 games is too small a sample size, but it helps. I still remember last July when JM started playing Willie at second for a week or so before the Alomar swindle, and he was playing well. Then in September, he played quite a bit for the last 10 games or so and again played well. It makes the sample size bigger. I saw Harris hustling his ass off, stealing bases, taking the extra base, doing the job at second. Potentially a super lead off man. Alomar, on the other hand just kept getting older, and I think stopped hustling at the end. How many balls did he hit hard? Two or three in all the time he was with us? He is a shot player, IMHO. I remember lots of weak ground balls and Robbie jogging to first. Of course, I hated the trade from moment one. Same with the Everett deal, but at least Carl hits. Some fans don't like Willie, because of that terrible month he had with us early. But I think that is too small a sample size, also. I'm all for giving him the job at second, giving Reed a legitimate shot at center, Uribe at short. At least we'll have a little speed.
  13. Jim Fainter

    Goddbye Robbie Alomar

    Uh, speed, lot's of it. The mother f***er hit close to .400 in AAA. Had a bad month with the Sox, started playing very well in the 2-3 weeks before the Alomar/Mets rip-off, played well again in the last 1-2 weeks of the season. The kid can play. Lot's of teams would love to have him, but you would rather have Robbie at second, because you enjoyed him a lot. That's a pretty impressive analysis you made. You enjoyed him a lot, whatever that means. Offensively, Robbie is weak, can't run, he has decreased range, and is just going to get worse. All he can do is turn the double play.
  14. Jim Fainter

    Boras is losing his touch

    You must be very young, 52235.
  15. Jim Fainter

    Robbie- Arbriation?

    Of course they won't offer him arbitration. If you do you must offer at least 80% of what he made last year, which was about $8MM. So KW would have to offer him over $6MM, which Robbie would take and we are stuck with the contract and no draft pick. Even KW is not that dumb. Forget the draft pick; it's gone, we gave Ring away for very little. Same scenario for Everett, just higher numbers.