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  1. DaSoxFan

    In Cuba, pair of Sox officially don't exist

    QUOTE(rangercal @ Oct 22, 2005 -> 02:23 PM) It's Great to be an American :finger Castro Houston GO GO SOX
  2. DaSoxFan

    World Series Tickets go onsale Tues

    While I'm totally pumped about our Sox making the World Series, I'm even more pumped to see auctions on ebay expiring with out any bids. The clowns that think were going to pay through the nose for tickets are crazy. It's really simple, Supply / Demand drives = Prices. Hold out fans, don't buy till the day of the game and watch the prices drop like a rock. :finger the scalpers
  3. DaSoxFan

    Sox @ Angels - ALCS Game 3

    QUOTE(mkalk @ Oct 14, 2005 -> 09:21 PM) FOX is pulling for the Angels. They just said to wake up the primate. Let's not wake it up, let's kill it in its sleep!!!! f*** an A buddy, Garland was strong. Freddie tomorrow, Jose on Sunday, Will I get to use my game 6 tickets??? WS here we come... f*** Yeah :finger the Angels
  4. DaSoxFan

    World Series Tickets go onsale Tues

    A quick question: Why Ticket Master on the Phone? Doesn't that pretty much open the availability to everyone in the world with a phone / internet. Why not sell them at the Box office, charge me for parking, just let the real fans have a chance. The fact that every ticket broker in the county has 30+ people working the phones so they can in turn sell them to a chump like me is ridiculous. Fed-Ex just dropped of my game 6 tickets that I bought on Stub-Hub, they came from Utah. The internet / phone is a joke.
  5. DaSoxFan

    World Series Tickets go onsale Tues

    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Oct 14, 2005 -> 07:37 AM) But its at zero percent hun... What's in your wallet? :finger the Angels
  6. DaSoxFan

    Lack of Execution

    QUOTE(spiderman @ Oct 11, 2005 -> 09:18 PM) With the way the White Sox played, it was amazing that they even had a shot to win the game in the 9th inning. 1) Top 3rd...Contreras, who pitched a great game after the slow start, had the slow grounder back to him, and tries for a double play instead of the out at home. A run scores, turns out to be the crucial 3rd run, the Angels lead 3-0. 2) Scott Podnesnik has to be injured. You don't go from stealing 50 out of 59 bases to 9 out of 23 to 1 out of 3 in the playoffs. Molina is great behind the plate, so I give credit to the Angels for calling the pitchout. 3) A.J.Pierzynski gets thrown out with Joe Crede at the bat. We won't know until later whether it should have been a hit-and-run or A.J. was attempting to steal, but either way, a bad SB attempt or a missed sign, not going to have a good result. 4) Scott Podnesik and Aaron Rowand unable to get bunts down tonight. 5) Almost a disaster, Juan Uribe, who played great defensively, gets lazy at 2B (how he didn't get to 3B with 2 outs and a basehit to RF is puzzling), and is almost picked off by the throw in from Rivera. 6) More of a group effort, but the White Sox did not have a good approach at all tonight, especially early on, popping up several balls, and swinging early in the count vs. Bryd who was pitching on 3 days rest. 7) Can we get a clutch hit please ? Same problem the Yankees had, so give credit to the Angels pitching... All-in-all, just as I was afraid, the White Sox looked like they were playing their 1st game of the year, and the Angels did just enough to must out a victory tonight. Let's go get them tomorrow with Mark Buerhle ! You forgot 1. Why was Iguchi covering second on the comebacker to Contreas, the SS ALWAYS covers 2nd in a double play situtation. Also, if Jose throws home the runner would have been out. I understand the double play attempt but I don't understand why Uribe wasn't turning the play. :finger the Angles
  7. DaSoxFan


    QUOTE(mr_genius @ Oct 11, 2005 -> 01:38 PM) nice, you can still get tickets for about $100. $100.00 I'll take two please.
  8. DaSoxFan


    QUOTE(FlaSoxxJim @ Oct 11, 2005 -> 11:26 AM) Craigslist currently has several UD for $150 a pop. I just did a Google for "craigslist and found nothing... any help