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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    I love the Sox, and being away from home, I don't get to talk about them that much. Therefore, I get to talk about my team here.
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    Scott Podsednik
  • Favorite Sox minor leaguer
    Pedro Lopez
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    Bobby Jenks striking out Jeff Bagwell in Game 1 of the World Series. Jose Valentin hitting a walkoff HR against the Cubs in 2003.
  • Favorite Former Sox Player
    Frank Thomas / Carlton Fisk
  1. QuittersNvrWin24

    Pick your Poison

    Twins...I didn't cheer for the Cubs in '03 and I still wouldn't have even if they didn't choke and beat the Marlins to reach the series.
  2. QuittersNvrWin24

    Guillen named AL Manager of the Year

    Yea Ozzie. Just four more wins and you'll reach immortality as well.
  3. QuittersNvrWin24

    Yanks or Angels

    I'll go with the Angels. The last thing I want to have to do is go up against the Yanks lineup or have to comeback against Rivera late in the game.
  4. QuittersNvrWin24

    EAT SHIT CHRIS BERMAN!!!!!!!!!&#33

    Berman does suck. Did anyone see him on SportsCenter last night bring out the Red Sox World Series Trophy, AFTER THEY JUST GOT SWEPT???
  5. QuittersNvrWin24

    Bandwagon Jumpers

    I just found out about this site, so I don't want to be considered a bandwagon fan. Need proof? Check out this article I wrote for my school's newspaper. Keep in mind I go to Arizona State, which isn't exactly a drive down the Dan Ryan to U.S. Cellular. My Article about the Sox