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  1. balfanman

    Love the rebuild, despise this attitude

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Feb 19, 2018 -> 12:33 PM) This thread is dumb and thread starter should feel dumb for starting it. I'm so sorry that I offended you and others here. I've enjoyed coming here for years to learn about and ask questions of knowledgeable fellow White Sox fans. But apparently I'm much to stupid to hang with you folks so I guess I'll leave so as not to make the site any dumber.
  2. balfanman

    Love the rebuild, despise this attitude

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Feb 18, 2018 -> 08:22 PM) No thread is dumb. Nobody should be banned. As far as the topic, no big deal. Moncada is the 2Bman and like somebody said, interviews that use translators aren't very good to begin with. Thank you Greg. I'm simply asking an honest question. I do not know Moncada personally and I hope that this is just a poor translation. But if there is an attitude issue it could easily grow into a situation leading to a clubhouse problem. We all have seen athletic prima donas. That particular quote just hit me wrong, but as I said in the beginning, it could well be a misquote.
  3. balfanman

    Love the rebuild, despise this attitude

    QUOTE (Nokona @ Feb 18, 2018 -> 04:13 PM) This thread is so dumb you should be banned I do take offense at this and I sincerely hope that you are the one who is banned.
  4. balfanman

    Love the rebuild, despise this attitude

    QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 18, 2018 -> 03:22 PM) I’d avoid getting mad at anyone going through a translator. Good point, I’m very open to that being the case.
  5. I can’t link the article from the tribune for some reason, if someone can it would be appreciated. I’m excited for the rebuild, but there is an article there where Yoan Moncada is quoted as saying that he’s excited knowing that the second base job is his. Maybe he was taken the wrong way, but this bothers me. He’s a talented, exciting young prospect, but it is not like he is a perennial all star and mvp candidate at this point in his career. I hope he does that in his career, but at this point he should have to earn it. Yes, he is the most likely winner there, but if he has a horrible spring, and someone else, say Yolmer Sanchez for example, tears the cover off the ball along with his sparkling defense this spring, Moncada should not just be handed the job. I just don’t like the attitude. JMHO.
  6. balfanman

    2017-2018 NHL discussion thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Feb 13, 2018 -> 04:34 AM) I think the vast majority of these people are the bandwagon fans who hopped on in 2010, took off work to go to all of the parades, and still can't name 10 players on the team. The fans who were diehards previously do respect these guys for what they have done, understand the run they had was awesome, and realize fFather Time is undefeated. I do agree with what you say, but your last statement has always bothered me. I realize the sports gm’s have a pretty hard job, especially the mental aspect of when to move on from a player and risk the anger of fans. I will also state that I’ve been a Blackhawks fan since the Hull, Mikita, Esposito days; but I’m just that, a fan, not an expert. I really hate the way the NHL is operated now in that it forces good teams, who draft well, to give up assets due to a hard cap. Nick Leddy comes to mind among others. It’s tricky to stay on top very long, you have to choose the right players to part with. That said, I think where the Blackhawks have really erred is in who they traded and who they decided to sign long term contracts with that included no trade, or hard to trade clauses. I for one, again admittedly as a novice, was pretty sure that Jonathan Toews would not age well. I could tell at least 2 or 3 years ago, after several concussions that he was no where near the same player he once was. I realize he is a good leader, but honestly, I would of traded him right after the last cup win. Patrick Kane is still okay, but again seems to be a step slower and doesn’t seem to scare opponents the way he used to by stickhandling right passed them. Duncan Kieth is still a good defenseman overall, but has definitely lost a step or 2 in the last couple of years. Keith is probably the one player I would of kept though. Brent Seabrook lost whatever speed he had at least 3 or 4 years ago. I don’t know if anyone saw the Crawford stuff coming, but if you were that close to the team you had to be aware of his concussion & vertigo issues as well. It really is hard to watch these guys now, I much rather pay attention to the kids. I say all this also admitting I have no idea what was being offered for any of these guys 2, 3, 4 years ago. I also realize that Dale Tallon was the actual architect that constructed the nucleus of the championship teams, so who knows what Stan Bowman would of done if he had several young players or draft picks from trading these guys. I just think, especially after the last cup win, that I would of risked the ire of Hawk fans and traded some of this core group to try to keep the dynasty going. It’s hard to watch even the bad teams out skate the Hawks now. JMHO. Hindsight is usually 20/20.
  7. balfanman

    Prospect Perspective: Matt Cooper, from Pitcher to Parent

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 08:56 AM) You aren't missing anything. He did have a real shot at the majors. The life is hard with being a parent, but yes some players make it work. Apparently Matt and his wife felt otherwise. I personally have a hard time with that decision, because he was pretty close to making it. Take a shot! But the truth is, I don't know his exact situation, and maybe there are things that make it impossible. Yes, I’m a very conservative guy by nature, but being that close I believe that even I would of taken a shot. But it’s a free country and it’s his choice, more power to him. Thank you for all the work you guys do, I appreciate it!
  8. balfanman

    Prospect Perspective: Matt Cooper, from Pitcher to Parent

    I really like the fact that these guys are giving us glimpses of their lives by writing articles for us. That being said there is something not answered here that I’m not understanding: why can’t he be both a good father and persue his baseball career? It sounds like he had to make a choice. I realize that minor leaguers don’t make a ton of money, unless you’re a high round draft pick, and the life can be strenuous, but didn’t this guy have a real shot at the majors. At that point he would of provided for his family much better than most other occupations. Lots of others major league players started a family prior to reaching the big league, some before their minor league career. Maybe I missed something.
  9. balfanman

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jan 8, 2018 -> 05:41 PM) Crazy that Nagy is only the 2nd offensive coach the Bears have hired since the merger. Trestman was the other, so lets hope Nagy works out better than that, haha. If your referring to the 60’s AFL merger I believe that Jack Pardee was an offensive coach. Even though he was technically a special teams coach I would think that you would have to consider Ditka more of an offensive coach as well. That aside, I do like the hire too!
  10. balfanman

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    Now I make no claims to being a football genius. That being said, it seems that everyone is blaming Fox, Loggains, Trubisky, Pace or a few others. I would submit that the biggest issue is our overrated offensive line. I think they don't do a very good job of opening holes for running game, pass blocking is far from tremendous and most opposing defenders seem to be able to push them wherever they want to.
  11. balfanman

    Geo Soto working out

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Aug 22, 2017 -> 10:45 PM) How did Soto go from ROY to this? Change the y to ids and you have your answer!
  12. balfanman

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 08:05 AM) Cubs got him for Bonifacio. Man they recycled their garbage well. I admittedly don't know much about him but he seems major league ready as he is on the major league roster backing up Contreras since they got rid of Montero. Len Casper was bragging on him the other day but was lamenting that he was blocked by Contreras and needed at bats. Maybe someone here knows more about him but it seems the Sox could use more quality catching and I was hoping that he would be part of the deal.
  13. balfanman

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 07:44 AM) Zagunis? Victor Caratini
  14. balfanman

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 01:33 AM) A top 50 - 65 league wide prospect with the potential to be a top of the rotation SP is "filler"? I like the prospects we got and I'm sure that Mr. Hahn got the best return that he could. I'm just wondering if it was even possible to pry that young catcher who's name escapes me (not Contreras) who they rate pretty high from the Cubs instead of Cease. Seems to me that he would be blocked by Contreras anyway.
  15. balfanman

    Is this off-season the time to add a cheap 1b?

    QUOTE (South Side Fireworks Man @ Jun 20, 2017 -> 06:55 AM) Improving the defense at 1B also improves the defense of the SS and third baseman, as many of their potential throwing errors are eliminated and even converted to outs. I'm a defense first guy most of the time anyway, but I strongly believe that most people undercut the value of a good defensive 1st baseman. How many errors, and ultimately runs did Konerko save over Thomas at 1st over the years. Guys like Jim Spencer and Mike Squires were big time error and run savers too. I understand that having a big bat can be important at first, but saving a few runs given up can be more valuable than a few a few extra RBI's, especially to a pitching staff. I just don't subscribe to the idea of just throwing anyone over at first because it's "easy".