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  1. Purdue1906

    7/31 - White Sox @ Minnesota Twins (7:10pm CSN)

    Classy bunch in Minnesota they are....
  2. Purdue1906

    Mike North: He gone!

    North was great in the afternoons; in the mornings, he flat out sucked, and over the past 3 years, it's gotten progressively worse. The Score has been in decline for the past couple of years, Boers and Berstein are hit or miss depending on the day and Hubner is awful. Matt Abbatacola, Laurence Holmes and Jason Goff are the only two personalities worth listening to on 670 now, IMO.
  3. Purdue1906

    White Sox Loser

    Please tell me why Thome swings at the first offering from Wood instead??? GRRR....so frustrating how this one got away....
  4. Purdue1906

    Sox have most to gain in City Series

    No way the Sox have more to gain, especially with the Cubs coming off a SWEEP at the hands of Tampa Bay......I don't care how much more improved TB is this season, we're coming off completing a sweep, their coming off getting swept.
  5. Purdue1906

    Where most Sox fans live

    Born and raised in NW Indiana (Gary). Was an easy 25-minute drive to the ballpark, so started going to Sox games with the old man at the age of 5. Live in KC now; the Royals are dreadful, but I get to see the Sox when they are in town for SUPER cheap (plus great seats because few go to see the Royals unless they're playing the Red Sox, Yankees or Cardinals). Moving back to Indianapolis soon, which, for some weird reason, is a Cubs town (they have no problem cheering for the CHICAGO Cubs, yet have the nerve to get on me for cheering for the CHICAGO Bears). Go figure.
  6. Purdue1906

    Old Frank Thomas article by Rick Reilly

    To this day, I STILL believe that if Frank had been 100% in the '93 ALCS, we win the pennant (he had a pulled hammy, I think). I vividly remember him having trouble stretching out for throws at first base, and not being himself at the plate. His presence in the box in the 90's, and his hitting ability, was nothing short of awe-inspiring though.
  7. Purdue1906


    After watching the good guys leaving half the city on base last night, today's outburst was refreshing. The pitching has been there most of the season, as soon as the bats consistently catch up, look out
  8. Purdue1906

    Best White Sox Brawl?

    The Sox/Tigers brawl in '00 w/o a doubt I still believe that brawl was the catalyst that lead the Sox to come together and win the Central that season
  9. Purdue1906

    Willie Harris, 6-6, RBI's

    Can't remember him getting six hits in a WEEK, let alone a game when he was with the Sox, but way to go Willie. One of my all-time favorite Sox players, and the man who scored the championship winning run in '05. Props to Willie Harris :headbang 6-6, 6 RBIs
  10. Once again, the Cubbie fans are out of the woodworks. This is my simple response to a MySpace bulletin gloating about sweeping and winning the season series. Thought I'd share it for Cubs lurkers on SoxTalk. Have a nice evening. Congratu-f***in' lations. The Cubs won 5 of 6 this year from the Sox. Gloat, all you want, because it's the only thing you have to cheer about for that pathetic joke of an organization. All the money you spent this season and the damn BREWERS are 7 1/2 games ahead of you (coincidently, yet ANOTHER team that's actually won a pennant since the advent of the affordable automobile and the television). But let's get back to the facts. The Cubs: -STILL haven't WON a World Series since TEDDY ROOSEVELT was president (1908) -STILL WON A PENNANT and PLAYED in a World Series since the year WORLD WAR II ended (1945) From a strictly Chicago baseball standpoint, let's remember: -Responsible for the city's last two World Series appearances, the WHITE SOX (1959, 2005) -Responsible for the city's last World Series CHAMPIONSHIP, the WHITE SOX (2005) -Has a fan base where 90% of the people who claim to be "fans" or go to the ballpark AREN'T just doing because: a) it's trendy, B) to relive their college days as a Lambda Alpha Chi Omega Tau Rho Beta Whateverthef***, c) to get drunk, talk on their cell phone for 8 1/2 innings, then look at the field and go "Holy s***, there's a baseball game going on." d) look at the half dress, D&G sunglass wearing, Paris Hilton look-a-likes at the park for reasons A and B. So, in closing, congrats Cubs fans. I'm happy that the underachieving '07 White Sox could shine a ray on sunlight on your otherwise miserable team's very existence. See you at baseball playoff time, where you'll be in front of the TV, just like us White Sox fans....watching the Bears. Cubs fans are happy to win the battle; Sox fans want to the WIN THE WAR.
  11. Purdue1906

    Favorite not-so known ex White Sox

    Daryl Boston-Remember my first Sox game at old Comiskey shouting at him through the grating from those picnic bench underneath the outfield stands Ron Kittle-Went to my old high school in NW Indiana Lance Johnson- 1 Dog Dan Pasqua Steve Sax Norberto Martin Miguel Olivo Ross Gload My all-time favorite ex Sox though is WILLIE HARRIS. I just liked him while he was with the Sox, and while he was a liability at the dish, he came through with the pinch-hit to get on base in Game 4 in the 8th and eventually scored the only run of the game. For that, I'll be forever grateful.
  12. Purdue1906


    I used to be a HUGE North fan when he was on in the afternoon, but the bump to the morning spot has blown his head to the point he thinks he's larger than the city and the teams he's supposed to be covering. Ozzie was right on.
  13. Purdue1906

    Official Ozzie/Mariotti Thread

    QUOTE(SleepyWhiteSox @ Jun 22, 2006 -> 10:20 PM) http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=Amz3...=yhoo&type=lgns calls Ozzie a coward... Ok, so its a sports bar. Why the hell does it have to be referred to as a "gay sports bar"? Just say the thing is a damn sports bar! That being said, Ozzie had to know that everyone outside of Chicago is looking to dethrone his reign, and this was the perfect thing to do it. People dont take stuff in its context in PC Y2K America. Funny part is, when the Sox win it again, or if Ozzie was even willingly to give them 5 minutes of his time, these same writers will/would be eating 10 miles of his s*** to get an interview.
  14. Purdue1906

    Mariotti Column

    You'd seriously think AJ not only trucked himself, then he got up, grabbed himself and then slugged himself. I cant stand this idiot on ESPN or in print. I encourage everyone to write this clown and call him on his blatant bias. Assclown Mariotti