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  1. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(heirdog @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 12:58 PM) Andy the Clown, Thanks for the info to get things stirring on the board. One question not related to the Tejada discussion: In you sig, you say you have "waited 37 years for this" (so I assume you are at least 37 years old) and then you say "if the Bears make the Superbowl..." So weren't you around in 1985-86 when the Bears not only made but won the Superbowl? Thank you. As to my Bears sig, I meant that two Chicago teams winning in the same year. I was around and actually was lucky enough to go to the game. It was an incredible experience.
  2. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 12:53 PM) Well, I have already said why in a lengthy post. But I think Uribe and Contreras have higher value than Tejada IMO. If we had unlimited budget, then yes he is a good fit. But I really like Uribe's talent, his youth, and his contract. Because he have to resign some EXPENSIVE pitchers in a couple of year, and uribe's contract will allow that, Tejadas wont. They would have a higher value IF Contreras was signed long term. As you know, this is his walk year. If you think sandwich draft picks are enough compensation for him, you keep him. As to Uribe, I agree. His contract and defense are his biggest pluses. FYI: Uribe is only The resigning of Buerhle, Garcia and Garland over the next three years will have nothing to do with Uribe's contract. Openings in RF (Dye), 3b (Crede) will free up money if KW decides to resign these players.
  3. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 12:13 PM) I call BS You can believe what you will! I am not claiming it WILL happen or it is even close, rather I am saying there have been discussions between the organizations. Also, do not forget about the additional revenue from the Nationals sale. Many of you forget to factor that in.
  4. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 12:09 PM) Well, if budget is not an issue and we don't need to dump salary then KW should offer Contreras, Uribe, and prospects not named McCarthy for Tejada. Their salaries would be a wash for 2006. It is not that KW is offering BMac, it is that the Orioles are ASKING for him! They would be crazy not to.
  5. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(JimH @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 11:57 AM) Mr. Brzozowski or Mr. Judelson or Mr. Malkin or Mr. Mazer or Mr. Munchin or Mr. Pinsky or Mr. Pogofsky or Mr. Takiff or Mr. Ury or Mr. Stern or Mr. Walsh? Now if I gave that up, you would know who I am! Believe what you want, but, I know first hand that budget is not an issue. Also, and probably the most important issue, is that none of the current WS contracts are deal breakers. They have not (and will not) overpay. If the WS ever had to dump salary, they could and would very quickly. We do not have a ARod or Manny contract.
  6. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 11:48 AM) Is your source a shareholder? I'm not busting your balls I just wonder who KW and friends would give this information to. You are correct sir! And as to how reliable he is, I would trust him with my life. He is my father after all.
  7. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(sayitaintso @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 11:37 AM) AndytheClowns source said they had made an offer to us, wether that is true i don't know. I think "offer" is too strong a word. From my source (who is reliable) the Orioles and KW had a conversation. When Tejada came up, the Orioles told KW that these are the players that would have to be included to continue the conversation.
  8. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Dec 30, 2005 -> 11:07 AM) In an attempt to stop these threads, ESPN 1000's Bruce Levine is reporting that although Kenny Williams and company have interest in Tejada, they are in no position to add to a payroll that is already over-budget. I think he said the acquisition of Tejada would mean for roughly $8M per year. Kenny is looking to cut pay-roll, not add to it. These rumors are now over. Bruce is wrong. The White Sox OWNERSHIP group has agreed that they would spend up to 106 Mil. As to this deal, I do not think it will happen because the Sox's refusal to give up BMac. Budget will not be an issue with any of the decisions KW makes. The Ownership group wants to win this thing again.
  9. AndytheClown1

    Can Tejada be a reality?

    The chances of Tejada coming to the Beloved are no greater than 25%. I know from a friend with the WS, that Baltimore asked for Contreras, BMac and Uribe. The Sox countered with 1) Contreras, Uribe and Sweeney and a pitching prospect. Baltimore has not yet responded. The other offers do not fly because they are unrealistic (Cubs) or are within the division (Red Sox). The wild card in this deal will be the Astros.
  10. AndytheClown1

    Jon Garland signs a 3 year extension

  11. AndytheClown1