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  1. matche22

    7/30/06 White Sox v. Orioles

    Way to go Bobby!
  2. matche22

    05/18-@ Tampa Bay

    Way to go GUCHI!!!! c'mon Thome...Back to Back
  3. matche22

    05/18-@ Tampa Bay

    Jose Uribe??? Chris Berman is an idiot!
  4. matche22

    05/18-@ Tampa Bay

    Way to start off the inning Paulie and Dye! I'm so sick of listening to Chris Berman, aren't the Red Sox playing somewhere?
  5. matche22

    The Official Soxfest Thread

    I'll be there all 3 days, can't wait for my first Soxfest!
  6. matche22

    ARow Appreciation Thread

    Aaron, you will definitely be missed, not only for your sportsmanship and outstanding play in the outfield..but for your huge heart as well. The Phillies are lucky to have you! Best of Luck
  7. matche22

    Good & bad Dolgin news..

    QUOTE(Steff @ Nov 14, 2005 -> 04:20 PM) No offense to Ed.. but I'm likely not going to listen at all. John made the broadcast for me. It wont be the same without him. I agree. Ed was good for the color commentary, not so sure how he'll be with the play by play. I watched the majority of the games with tivo on a delay for the sole reason of being able to listen to Rooney. I also listened to Dolgin's pre and postgame show, this is definitely 2 major blows to the Sox broadcasting in past week. It will be interesting to see what happens next season, looks like I may be listening to the tv announcers more.
  8. matche22

    2005 Manager of the Year

    Congrats Ozzie!!! Way to Go!