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  1. MnSoxFan

    FS: White Sox sign 5th rounder Bailey Horn

    Tommy John surgery, here is a blurb from story Horn joined Auburn in 2019 as a redshirt sophomore after a serious Tommy John surgery the season before.
  2. MnSoxFan

    Claudell Washington died

    Bury him in RF
  3. MnSoxFan

    White Sox release 25 minor leaguers

    I was able to right click on each column (1 at a time) and then I saw the list of 12 everyday players and next the 14 pitchers.
  4. MnSoxFan

    Oscar Colas

    Talked about some in this other thread. July 2nd Latest from Futuresox & our James
  5. MnSoxFan

    Your All Time White Sox team

    Happy Felsch s/b CF, also part of scandal that cut his career short. He played CF, Jackson played RF. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/f/felscha01.shtml
  6. MnSoxFan

    Your All Time White Sox team

    Johnson for CF is a bit weak. Jungle Jim Rivera may be a better choice. Think we had a guy named Roush back around 1920s who was outstanding. Shoeless Joe maybe could have played CF.
  7. MnSoxFan

    Baseball America Top 30 White Sox Prospects

    You do that in college basketball and you get thrown out of the game.
  8. MnSoxFan

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    One would think the staff talked to Jose and some of the other Cubans on the team for their input on Puig. Maybe it was a resounding no.
  9. MnSoxFan

    White Sox sign Andrew Romine

    Once Madrigal is up with the varsity he would likely start at 2B with Mendick the reserve. If Anderson got hurt for a bit I could see Madrigal slide over to SS or else Mendick if he can handle SS at this level.
  10. MnSoxFan

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Sano moves to 1B since Cron is gone. Errors for the SS and Donaldson and whoever plays 2B are going to rise a bit with Sano on the 1B bag.
  11. MnSoxFan

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    One year Tyler Flowers tore the league up, average and power if I recall correctly
  12. MnSoxFan

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    The post right before yours, last sentence, answers that as affirmative.
  13. MnSoxFan

    8/30 Games

    Birm promoted Tomscha up to Charlotte to replace Cordell (coming up for John Jay). Winston-Salem now owes a player to the Barons, Vaughn not playing tonight. Hmmmm
  14. MnSoxFan

    8/29 Games

    Vaughn 2-2, no one else with a hit. Same ole W-S.
  15. MnSoxFan

    8/25 Games

    Winston-Salem, Kannapolis and Great Falls have all been having trouble hitting the ball. Need some guys to take that next step up in 2020, just not a lot of good bats, or at least consistent bats.