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  1. MnSoxFan

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    One year Tyler Flowers tore the league up, average and power if I recall correctly
  2. MnSoxFan

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    The post right before yours, last sentence, answers that as affirmative.
  3. MnSoxFan

    8/30 Games

    Birm promoted Tomscha up to Charlotte to replace Cordell (coming up for John Jay). Winston-Salem now owes a player to the Barons, Vaughn not playing tonight. Hmmmm
  4. MnSoxFan

    8/29 Games

    Vaughn 2-2, no one else with a hit. Same ole W-S.
  5. MnSoxFan

    8/25 Games

    Winston-Salem, Kannapolis and Great Falls have all been having trouble hitting the ball. Need some guys to take that next step up in 2020, just not a lot of good bats, or at least consistent bats.
  6. MnSoxFan

    8/15 Games

    Tough loss for DSL team, Navarro gets hit in the 9th, he has come through more often than not. Oh well.
  7. MnSoxFan

    8/14 Games

    Yep, give me the CF kid Laureano too.
  8. MnSoxFan

    8/13 Games

    Juan Uribe, likely not, did not have 2400 plate appearances before doing it
  9. MnSoxFan

    8/13 Games

    Ray only hit 20+ twice. I wondered about Don Buford but he did not either, even with the Orioles.
  10. MnSoxFan

    8/13 Games

    Extended Spring training "minor league games" do not count. They get players who are repeating Rookie ball ready for Rookie ball after the draft. Feliz played in those games, but not legit games in any specific league.
  11. MnSoxFan

    8/13 Games

    No, he did not. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/t/tatisfe02.shtml
  12. MnSoxFan

    8/13 Games

    I do not believe extended spring team is same as the AZL team. Extended spring team is all the players that end up at Great Falls and AZL after the draft but not newly drafted players. Before that they play other teams in the same area with some of those players. They are the players that are in at least their 2nd year with the Sox (but not in Kanny or above), before we add a lot of draftees as you said in June.
  13. MnSoxFan

    8/10 Games

    He was called up to replace Varnell who was promoted to W-S. Frare was sent to W-S too and McClure went on the IL
  14. MnSoxFan

    8/10 Games

    If he has the right makeup to be a closer type I do not mind him staying there. Guess you want him to work some innings though to work on all his pitches. Either way, but seems he deserves a shot.
  15. MnSoxFan

    8/10 Games

    Veloz, I think a 2019 signee, has been lights out for the DSL Sox. Another save today, ERA under 1.00