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  1. MnSoxFan

    Arizona Fall League

    Final stats? I thought they still had games left
  2. MnSoxFan

    9/29 Game

    DSL lost today, play again tomorrow. Veloz with a decent start.
  3. MnSoxFan

    9/23 - 9/24 Charlotte Games

    Winning 5-2 in the 9th on the 25th. Burger hit by pitch in 4th inning and replaced.
  4. You did not add in his 2020-21 stats in college. He still had decent year, but he allowed runs. Here are his college stats for his 5 years https://d1baseball.com/player/pPLLSblv/haylen-green/
  5. MnSoxFan

    9/6 Games

    ACL Sox win. Kath played RF last night. 2 new pitchers picked up, both from prior orgs, O'Neil and Nightengale
  6. MnSoxFan

    9/6 Games

    Hinestroza has had a couple tough outings of late.
  7. MnSoxFan

    9/4 Games

    Vera goes 3 very nice innings. Veloz follows up, 6-0 win.
  8. Guessing since Romy and Mendick will be on Sox roster up until playoff time they needed a middle infielder at Charlotte.
  9. Dick Allen with very similar raw talent.
  10. MnSoxFan

    8/20 Games

    3 batters in and game gets suspended for DSL Sox
  11. MnSoxFan

    8/19 Games

    Cesar Jiminez, who used to go by the name Enoy I believe, is 3-3 and now has a .326 batting average.
  12. MnSoxFan

    8/16 Games

    DSL cancelled two days in a row now, probably raining like an SOB there with these hurricanes swirling around.
  13. MnSoxFan

    8/13 Games

    Their pitching has been horrific.
  14. Correct. I found this. The term Short Stop had been in use since the earliest days of baseball, so the 2nd Baseman's position became known as the Keystone, and the pair together became known as the Keystone Combination
  15. Didn't he hit in front of Lance Lynn one game and take a couple intentional walks basically?