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    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    Been quite a while since he has started. He has been lights out in the pen, ERA under 2.00 I believe. This was discussed in a thread somewhere and someone had those stats.
  2. MnSoxFan

    7/25 Games

    Would be nice to have first initial with their last name. I have gotten used to knowing by looking at averages, but sometimes I have to click on the name to make sure.
  3. MnSoxFan

    7/25 Games

    That was not Yogurt playing today, that was Wilber I believe.
  4. MnSoxFan

    7/24 Games

    Ah, I got it now. He is doing fine today. I think this is his 9th start of the season, so they may slow him down.
  5. MnSoxFan

    7/24 Games

    Starting today, the 25th. You had me worried for a bit.
  6. MnSoxFan

    7/24 Games

    He went 5 innings on the 19th, he may make their next start.
  7. MnSoxFan

    7/23 Games

    2-3 for him, he is really hitting well. Tatis not so much.
  8. MnSoxFan

    7/21 Games

    4th error already on Abbott, playing 1B for GF. Would think water polo would have made good hands.
  9. MnSoxFan

    Dylan Cease

    Melido Perez was also like that. One bad inning, usually early.
  10. MnSoxFan

    7/20 Games

    DSL Sox putting a hurt on Blue Jays, 15-4 in the bottom of 9th. Lots of singles. Like about 20 of them.
  11. MnSoxFan

    FS: Arizona League White Sox Update

    Sure seems like I read this one already. Sure this is not last weeks.
  12. MnSoxFan

    7/15 Games

    He was 1-5 today, but it was game winning hit in the 8th. 2-14 now, so .143. Not so great, but early.
  13. MnSoxFan

    7/15 Games

    DSL Sox now 20-17 after a 6-5 come from behind win. Nice relief for Veloz and Perez.
  14. MnSoxFan

    7/13 Games

    He just went to the Barons to fill in when Madrigal was gone for a couple days for the Futures Game.
  15. MnSoxFan

    Disco Demolition Review...

    I heard a story about this from Jack Morris when he was interviewed as a Twin one time. Jack was in the bullpen when the 1st game was ending. He said that the smell of pot in the air was as thick as he had been around. Fans were really getting into the entire evening. Also, a buddy of mine was in the upper deck, he did not participate on the field. Not sure this is true or not, but he said when fans stormed the field that there were some kids who slid down the foul pole from the upper deck to 1st deck and then hopped onto the field.
  16. MnSoxFan

    7/12 Games

    I believe his ERA is possibly under 2.00 since he moved to the pen about 18-20 innings ago.
  17. MnSoxFan

    7/12 Games

    Dawkins was HBP and removed from the game for a pinch runner.
  18. MnSoxFan

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    This kid I think played at Holyoke JC and is going on to Fisher College, he is a CF. The kid we drafted is a C from Puerto Rico.
  19. MnSoxFan

    7/8 Games

    Luis Rodriguez just was moved from DSL to AZL today. We have done it with others, not often, but it is done.
  20. MnSoxFan

    7/4 Games

    7 wins in a row now for the DSL White Sox. Nice pitching today, a new guy went 1 inning and then Mola pitched well. That Laureano kid seems to get a couple hits every game.
  21. MnSoxFan

    7/2 Games

    DSL Sox up 2-1 and are batting in bottom of 7th. So much more competitive this season, nice to see.
  22. MnSoxFan

    6/28 Games

    1-2 with an RBI today thus far
  23. MnSoxFan

    6/28 Games

    What happened to Rigo Fernandez, had a good first season last year, real bad thus far this year.
  24. MnSoxFan

    6/26 Games

    He has not been off the Injured List all that long, could be part of the reason.
  25. MnSoxFan

    2019 DSL White Sox

    I thought I read somewhere that Francees was in extended spring training, 1B Reyes is as well. Seems like there were a handful.