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    Prospect info for last night

    I agree DJ deserves the job, he has a very good OBP by taking walks and Ks infrequently. I think Miles deserves AAA 2B job over Harris. Miles looked good down in Tucson, he is an Eckstein type player for sure. Miles would be with team in my opinion if he could play more than just 2B. Let him learn CF. I agree Borchard should be out LF and soon. Hummel played almost entirely at SS when I was in Tucson, he and Nunez, of course that is because Jose was sitting the first week out after winterball.
  2. MnSoxFan

    Prospect info for last night

    Miles DHd a couple games, has not played much since. Harris is playing brunt of 2B, why I have no friggin clue. I want Miles getting the time in, not Harris. Oh well. BTW, Hummel playing 3B. Grasshopper, yes Joe B is playing CF.
  3. MnSoxFan

    Minor League Recap

    I was not overly impressed with Malone in Tucson, did not appear to throw as hard as I had expected to see, lots of off speed crap and wild too.
  4. MnSoxFan

    Eldred Is Pitching on ESPN Right now

    1 nice inning with 2 Ks, he has had 2 strong outings and 2 poor outings this season so far I believe.
  5. MnSoxFan

    Tigers lead KC

    UNS, cat got your tongue?? Eldred got a win with 2 perfect innings earlier this week.
  6. MnSoxFan

    Twins lose 2-0

    They are quiet up here, no one is hitting, 3 hits today, 2 by Gomez. Rivas under .100, Hunter at .125, LeCroy (who they thought would replace Ortiz) about .120 or so. Miserable. Santana with 4 outstanding innings in relief, they did not need Rogers. Idiots.
  7. MnSoxFan

    Tigers lead KC

    Armas with 8 Ks thru 4, Cubs really K'ing a lot. Gonzalez whiffed all 4 times up yesterday and both times today, still over .400 tho. Parque sucked with us. I could not stand the whiney little turd. He also has a fragile brain.
  8. MnSoxFan

    Tigers lead KC

    That is worldcrossing speak, means Expos are kicking the Cubs in Wrigley.
  9. MnSoxFan

    Tigers lead KC

    Did ya see Parque went on DL??
  10. MnSoxFan

    Minor League Recap

    Kannapolis did lose 1st game of DH last night, 6-0, Miller took the loss, gave up 4 in the first, Webster and Varela had only 2 hits for the Intimidators.