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  1. yakyusox

    WBC perfect lifeline for Sosa's fading career

    The steroids have officially gone to Sammy Sosa's ego. He should retire. After the Cubs got a hold of him and told him to go on the "Flinstones soft chews" program it was all downhill. He is a disgrace to me, White Sox fans, Texas Ranger fans, Oriole fans. Ironically the cub fans still love him. Shame on you Sammy. Way to think of the kids out there who still-kinda respect you. Betcha he's still pissed at the cubs for ruining his career. :puke
  2. yakyusox

    contreras and dye for abreu and gavin floys?!?

    I just called MLB Radio this morning and I was told that it was a rumor. You agree, I agree, and even they agree that it wouldn't be a good trade. We rode Contreras to the World Series in the second half. During the second half, during White Sox post game shows everybody was on Crede and Contreras. Now, Crede and Contreras' value is the highest ever and neither person is going anywhere. I kinda disagree in that the trade blows. Abreu and (top pitching prospect Floyd) for JC and Dye isn't a bad trade if the White Sox needed a big bat with speed and didn't have a pitching rotation. BUT, they have (most likely) the best rotation in baseball with proven winners and have no need for Abreu. I'll tell you a bad trade...Matt Karchner for Jon Garland (if you root for the crappy other team) but the flubs make them bad ones all the time.
  3. yakyusox

    Defiant Bush admits breaking law

    Yeah...I guess your right. What the hell am I talking about? Bush may be my friend, but your employer is Bush. To tell the truth I just get peoples' opinions from overseas. I respect people who want to do their part for the country yet, I don't support the war because I dont want to have any American shot in some far away land. What I don't believe is how people, in the United Forces, could support a draft-dodging, coke-tootin, smirk-faced, awwww-shucks, dumb-ass, lame-brain, ill-prepard, ill-equipped, momma's boy, soft-in-the-tummy poser, 'D'-gettin, father's-money receivin', illegal-abortion getting,paranoid hypocrit like that. Saaay, kinda reminds me of Nixon. Get 'em Ok, I'm all right now. What's the word on the A&E Sox World Series DVD pack?
  4. yakyusox

    Defiant Bush admits breaking law

    I think it is sad when, in America, people are struggling to get by. They go from job to job hardly able to save much. People in America don't have insurance unless they work for a pretty big company (usually) but the norm has become outsourcing and getting part-time people to work full time hours on part time wages and benefits. Meanwhile, the people in Washington and all the major companies are giving their business to even bigger companies and this is all money that will never find it's way back to the people. Bush has started this s*** and even has the machismo to say, "Hell yeah, I did it and would do it again." He is the weakest link. All of this chaos started from the war on terror. We lost 400 BILLION dollars and almost 3000 lives and for what...? So Halliburton could misplace money in Iraq? So we could get first dibs on oil? So the politicians could invest in this war and make out like porn stars? The politicans have learned how to cover their tracks since Watergate. They are covering their tracks but this nation is going to suffer for it. And don't think because you don't see it on the news it's not there. Living in Japan I get to see not only CNN but also BBC and Japan news channels, Al Jazeera, among others and America is shameful. I love America but I can't fathom what it has become. America has become a nation of pimps and whores running the country. Us generation Xers will have no insurance for our family, no pension (but we get a 401k which will be ours to manage if we enjoyed managing stocks, but many people don't follow the stock market. These dicks who thought of the idea of a 401k can't see that WE don't like f***ing with our money, unlike them who f*** with money for a living) and no social security. I've already resigned myself to the fact I'm gonna be working and I'll drop dead at my desk. You can say what you want about Clinton but theybalanced the budget under his watch and Clinton was a lover, not a war-monger. We would have gone to war with or without the terrorist attacks. That I can promise you.
  5. yakyusox

    Rick Morrissey Cubs vs. Sox article

    Hey everybody. I didn't get a chance to read all of the emails but I just wanted to say I grew up on the north side and started to follow baseball with the winning ugly 83 SOX Anyways, this was before the cubs had ANYTHING on the Sox. We outdrew them, we had a better team and ballpark (I still think we do) and couldn't stand watching the Sox go down. I watched it with a cub fan who had relish with his grin dog. THEN in 84 when I still supported the Sox I got s*** from everybody and I think this is the cub fans MO. To brainwash or threaten people in to submission and I even gave in for a while because it was cool to watch a baseball game during class and if I rooted everybody knew I was a expletive expletive Sox fan. Since when have the cubs developed this plastic aura around their ballclub (taking pride in curses). They should rename Wrigleyville; Bizarroville. I'm a new member, but I7m enjoying the news I can't seem to get anywhere else. Thanks. By the way "yakyu" means baseball in Japanese. I'm in Japan now and am feeling more home sick than ever after I couldn't be there for the parade. :headshake
  6. yakyusox

    WS stuff at Harry Caray's?

    Hmmmm...good point Steff. I wonder when we walk in there, if there are any cub fans, will cub fans come up and ask, "Why are you a Sox fan?" And when I go in there, if they have a suggestion box, I'm going to stuff it with Sox names for their food ala The Soxtober Onion, The Big Munch, Early's coffee, The McCuddy. Those were on the fly, any good sox names for Harry Caray items?
  7. yakyusox

    WS stuff at Harry Caray's?

    Yeah, Harry started all that "cutsie cubbie stuff" with the White Sox lest anybody forget. In the early 80's the cubs didn't draw dick. Then Harry got in and became the legend, the man, and the myth. And I think they might just blow up that ball and eat it. I guess the cubs are hungry too but they still don't know for what yet.
  8. yakyusox

    Frank Thomas signs with Oakland Athletics

    I was at one of the first games when he was called up in 1990. The sun shone pink through one of the Old Comiskey windows and I could have sworn Frank had a glow, an aura or something. Whenever he came to bat good things happened. I hope Frank has a phenominal year. But, the A's always play us tough and Iwon't be able to watch Frank in an A's uniform winning a game for the A's. I can't...I won't.
  9. yakyusox

    White Sox picture will win Cy Young!

    As Mr. Bartels and Mr. Jaymes would say, "We thank you for your support." Yeah, MLB broadcasters are either Mets or Yankee fans. The cubs get slammed more than anything which is why they are so popular. The cubs started to get popular once Harry Caray came, but he was doing all that at Old Comiskey in the 70's. I just saw Ray Liotta's numbers. !!!!!!!!!!!. Daaaammn!
  10. yakyusox

    White Sox picture will win Cy Young!

    Nice. I see. I did go to the Heckler board and since they had no good comebacks they just took down their message boards for two stories. The next pitcher to win any award would have to be number 56. To tell the truth, Early Wynn won in '59 and the Sox lost. Lamarr Hoyt won it in '83 and we lost. Black Jack won it in '93 and they lost (wait for it). Hell, I won't mention 2000. I was kinda hopin' Gar wouldn't get it. Hence, I've learned that any award, other than the one award with the 30 flag, is a consolation prize. It's like trying to find gold in a silver mine; it's like trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine.
  11. yakyusox

    White Sox picture will win Cy Young!

    Hey, the people who told me are right. This IS a great board. Pitcher and picture. Ha. I get it. Are you a cub fan? I wanna talk s*** to a cub fan soooooo bad.
  12. yakyusox

    White House Visit

    Uuuuuhhhh. I miss White Sox baseball. At least I got the game archive.
  13. yakyusox

    What an idiot!

    Yeah. Cub fans are crazy. All they have is the fact that they keep rooting for their LOSING team which, to them, proves that they are "better baseball fans." What is really sad is that the Tribune Co. brainwashes these poor saps and they just say, "Yes. It must be true. Wrigley is a great neighborhood. Sox Park is on the south side, therefore it must be a slum. No cub fans would ever do anything bad." Pullease A few Sox fans were over on The Heckler, which claim to cover "Chicago sports" but all it is is a forum to bash the Sox until Sox fans started talking back. cub fans did what any pussy would do; cough up a furball, lift tail and left (and they took their comment board with them.) Is it possible to hate the cubs more than love the White Sox? I had a teacher that showed cubs games in class. The whole 45 min. class was the '84 cubs near the postseason. I think we started to associate the cubs with no homework and an easy class. What an easy way to assimilate unsuspecting kids on the north side.
  14. yakyusox

    White Sox 2005 WS Box Set!!!

    Oh yeah, I'm getting that next. Kinda wish they would add the phanton third strike game (Game 2 ALCS). Has anybody seen the MLB-released DVD. I'm still waiting for it but it's probably been held up because of the holidays. I hope.
  15. yakyusox

    Howry signs with the Cubs

    Ha ha ha ha. The Cubs are blowing all their money on a bullpen, but where are they on the players that will get them to .500 this year. So far, you've signed a bench player and a pretty good bullpen corps. What about Furcal? What's the news. I did hear the Cubs and Sox are fighting for Pierre. Who will come out on top? The pressure's on the Cubs.