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  1. SoxPride56

    Is GRF bad at being busy

    Sorry for the dumb question, because I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but do they check your phone ticket how they used to check a paper ticket? Ie: you show them your phone as you're walking into the 100. I heard from someone they scan your ticket every time you come back...granted, I don't really trust this person, and that really wouldn't make sense to scan it every time, but figured I would ask.
  2. He is going to be #74, it has been mentioned a number of times by Eloy.
  3. SoxPride56

    Eloy officially got paid

    Not the same situation, not even close. But you know that.
  4. SoxPride56

    Eloy officially got paid

    100% this is a fact.
  5. SoxPride56

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I'm thinking he wants 10/$350M. Highest contract ever, and the highest AAV as well.
  6. SoxPride56

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I normally spending a couple hundred on Opening Day. I would rather put that towards this.
  7. SoxPride56

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Worse than yesterday.
  8. SoxPride56

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I'm down!
  9. SoxPride56

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Ending this week, meaning signing with the Sox?
  10. SoxPride56

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    1: Buehrle 2: Rowand 3: AJ 4: Paulie 5: Swisher
  11. SoxPride56

    Reverse Standings Thread

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Sep 7, 2017 -> 10:16 PM) Sox and Phillies lose. 0.5 GB of the Giants for the 2nd pick 2.5 GB of the Phillies for the 1st pick We are 1.5 GB of the Phillies.
  12. SoxPride56

    2014-2015 NCAA football thread

    Hoping for some things to happen, and Arizona makes the playoffs!
  13. SoxPride56

    Peavy to Boston, Avisail Garcia + 3 low lv specs to Sox

  14. SoxPride56

    Is Ventura a good game manager?

    I think it is more then just Robin's fault. Yes, he has made some (a lot) of in game mistakes. There have been many of times I am screaming at my TV "why the f*** are you doing this!!!" I have thrown the remote so many times, that now my dog thinks it is a game, and runs to go fetch it, and brings it back to me. Kind of nice of him if you ask me. But getting into why I think it is more then just Robin's fault. Outside of 2005, a year that every Sox fan will appreciate to the day they die, this Sox team just has been bad. I know they win the division in 2008, but that team had a lot of flaws, and only won because Hahn's son called the coin flip correctly. This is an organizational problem. From top to bottom. I understand we have made some changes, and it can not happen over night, but it seems like they are still attracted to the same, all or nothing, type hitter. I feel this organization is just out to be ok each year, and with some luck (2008), they will make the playoffs, and see what happens from there. That isn't going to work, not when Detroit isn't going anywhere for the next few years, and KC is up can coming. Being ok with hoping for luck will get you in 3rd place every year. Truthfully, I don't care if we finish 0-162 if we don't make the playoffs. What's the difference? A few thousand fans overall in attendance, and a worse draft pick? I know that rebuilding will not draw the casual fan, but those fans don't come up unless we are winning anyway. I would have no problem if we just tore it down, sucked for 5 years, and at least had a plan. I hate to say this, but something like what the Cubs are doing. Will it work for them, or any other team that tries it? Who knows. But what I do know, is this middle of the pack, average team year in and year out is not working, so you might as well try something different. Right now, IMO, the best thing that can happen is we either go on a lucky run, or we tank it. Trade off Rios, Peavy, and any other player that will fetch you something of value in return. Start the process of building a team that can win in a few years, get a top 5 pick this year. I honestly think it is going to get much worse on the field, before it gets better, but if that "much worse" includes the Sox having a new direction on how to build an organization, that is something that I am ok with. Sorry for my little rant, I just hate when we suck, and right now, we suck.