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  1. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    That's fine. His swing is still long and slow. Maybe he'll figure it out, maybe he won't. But he should have to earn another look in Charlotte.
  2. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    Not true. Unless the Sox want to make a trade, he's already the best FA option for RF. Puig and Calhoun are the best FA options. Maybe if Polanco gets non-tendered he's an option as well, but idk what his arm is like after missing the better part of 2 seasons with shoulder surgery.
  3. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    I'd hope not, but maybe I'm biased because I don't like Collins. I have a very strong dislike for his inability to get hits at the MLB level.
  4. Jack Parkman

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    Everything about his first half felt fluky and his second half confirmed it. He works well with the pitchers, and I'd like to keep him around, but they need someone better than him as the every day starter.
  5. Jack Parkman

    White Sox final win total

    No longer sure they get to 70. I think they're going to shut Giolito and Cease down soon. Maybe Lopez too.
  6. Bye guys. See ya after the bye.
  7. This is just ridiculous. What a joke. Fire Pace and Nagy.
  8. Cousins just made the exact mistake that Trubisky did against GB last week to cost Minny the game. The Vikings called the same exact play the Bears did and it resulted in an INT.
  9. Jack Parkman

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    McCann is an excellent backup. Nothing more.
  10. Kirk Cousins blows chunks. Mitch looked better than him last week.
  11. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    I'm ok with Puig but they better get a LH hitter for DH then. I think Moncada is the only LH hitter penciled in the lineup, and he bats switch.
  12. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    I'd rather take a flyer on Nomar Mazara, but whatever.
  13. Jack Parkman


    I'm somewhere in between you guys. I think we should just enjoy him playing for the Sox for the next 3 seasons. I say 3 because there is no way in hell they should let him walk for nothing. He's going to have 5+ fWAR this year in 130 games.
  14. Jack Parkman

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Let all of the big guns go after Cole while moving on Strasburg. That being said, since they're both Boras clients so he'll sign after Cole.