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  1. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    This series is going to remind me why I despise the Twins more than any team in sports. Hopefully this core has more mental fortitude with them than the last one. Weird shit used to happen at that godforsaken dome and it got in their heads.
  2. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Berrios is struggling lately. I have 2 shares on my 3 fantasy leagues.
  3. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Eddie Rosario is really good dude.
  4. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    There is never a logical reason to bunt. Ever. The only thing it does is make your team less likely to score.
  5. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    From what I've heard Omar likes bunting more than Ricky.
  6. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Wtf is with Renteria???
  7. Jack Parkman

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    He did have good stuff on the nights when he wasn't fighting his mechanics. Unfortunately, he was fighting his mechanics quite often last year. His reduced velocity and spin on breaking balls were related to his mechanical issues. You could see wild velocity and sharpness fluctuations from game to game and inning to inning within a start. Did I think he'd get this good this quickly? No. But the ability was always there. He's comfortable with his delivery and now the elite velocity is starting to come back as I thought it would.
  8. Jack Parkman

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    Giolito's problems stemmed from the Nationals messing with his mechanics. He was fighting his delivery until he shortened his arm swing this year. Not that I'm complaining, because his slider is awesome, but in 2017 he had an overhanded yellowhammer of a curveball when he came up in September. He was generating swings and misses along with attacking with the high fastball. He learned the slider in ST 2018 and lost all feel of his curveball last year, and is just starting to get it back. It is, in my opinion, another case of fixing what isn't broken and I don't understand it. I hope he gets the feel of his curve back because it would be just another weapon to use as an out pitch vs. LHB.
  9. Jack Parkman

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I agree with this train of thought. However, if the Sox took Vaughn I couldn't blame them. Vaughn, Abrams, Bleday, Lodolo, Bishop, Greene if they took any of them I couldn't complain. After Adley this is kind of a meh draft. Witt is more interesting than the other guys in that list but I'm almost positive he's going to KC.
  10. Jack Parkman

    McCann Extension

    He should be kept around as a backup at the very least.
  11. Jack Parkman

    McCann Extension

    No 2020 silly.
  12. Jack Parkman

    5/23 Games

    Pitching is different. As long as the stuff is there, if the guy can harness it they can be good.
  13. Jack Parkman

    5/23 Games

    It would be one thing if these guys were hitting .220-.240 in AA, but they're hovering around or significantly below Mendoza. That goes well beyond normal prospect growing pains. Even Gonzalez hitting .227 is concerning because he's 24.
  14. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    Lopey has been fine after his first 3 starts. Go look at his game log. His first 3 starts were bad, as was the one vs. Boston where he had to take one for the team with a depleted bullpen. He was done after 5 innings in that game, and Ricky threw him out there for the 6th and left him out there to die because the bullpen was taxed.
  15. Jack Parkman

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    Glad you admit it.