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  1. Jack Parkman

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    01 and 02 weren't much better. The best players the Bulls drafted, they either traded or had a career altering or ending injury. Nobody knows what Jay Williams would have become if not for that motorcycle accident. One of the biggest "what ifs" in Post-Jordan Bulls history, along with Thibs/Rose. Best bulls draft picks: Brand(1999-Traded) Williams(2002 The talent was there... and then he got into that accident and couldn't play anymore) Aldridge(2006-traded for Tyrus Thomas) I hated this then, and it looked worse 3 years later. Rose-2008(discussed ad nauseum) Otherwise, there is a lotta shit involved. They got unlucky with spots a few times as well.
  2. Jack Parkman

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Ok so I want some advice about this, especially from women if possible(I know there aren't a lot on here, but there are a few) Anyway, I've been trying to do online dating for about a year now, but nobody responds to me. I'm open about being on the spectrum, because I live at home at age 32 and it is hard to explain that to a date in their 30s otherwise. I have thought about dating in my friend group's age range, but I don't feel like I have as much in in common with regard to shared life experiences with people in their mid to late 20s as I do with people in their early or mid 30s, when it comes to what I want in a partner. I had one serious relationship with a woman on the spectrum. It ended horribly, due to spectrum related issues (not communicating/miscommunication, misunderstanding personal space, etc.) I learned a lot from it,(most notably what I want in a partner) and also learned that she wasn't the right person for me. I probably don't want to date another woman on the spectrum again. Communication is really important to a healthy relationship and when both people struggle in that regard it makes understanding each other nearly impossible. This was the only SO I have ever had btw. I absolutely do not want kids ever. I have a hard enough time dealing with my own responsibilities, and I don't need anymore complications. Not to mention that there is a strong genetic component to autism and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. My questions are: 1) Should I be up front about my autism, living situation, etc? 2) If the answer to 1) is no, then when is it appropriate to share that info? 3) How should I approach sending a message to someone I'm interested in? Thanks for your help, Parkman
  3. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if it bled into the first week of March.
  4. Nah, I'm in Chicago. You're in Maryland. We definitely don't know each other.
  5. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, ok? This is my release where I don't have to put on the neurotypical show. I left the closet so to speak so I could actually be myself on here, which I wasn't earlier in my posting years. I have roughly 3800 posts on this forum, have been a member since 11/2005 and I think I had around 5-600 posts as recently as 2013 or 2014. I've probably made like 70% of my posts in the last 2-3 years, since I came out of the closet. I know that has the connotation of being LGBTQ, but it is used in the autism community as well.
  6. My brain works fine, I understand that, but when I read things my mind goes immediately to literal interpretation on stuff like this. It is fucking infuriating to me to read Kenny planted obvious bullshit in the media. What's the point of that? Nobody can possibly take it at face value, right? What is the point of publicly negotiating like this? At least plant something somewhat plausible, amirite? A 7 year contract offer under 200M total value is so ridiculous it can't be taken seriously.
  7. Dude, You're lucky I wasn't offended and I caught the implied sarcasm. If I thought you were serious I wouldn't have responded the way I did. Shack and Tony know what I deal with on a regular basis, and I appreciate them looking out for me. I've always put myself out there about having high functioning autism, and I hope you understand that my negativity is a coping mechanism for dealing with everyday life. Also, I tend to be gullible so I have to have my guard up at all times in order to protect myself. Naturally, I think that people are out to help others, and I have to put on that facade to protect myself from being taken advantage of.
  8. I tend to agree, but because it is coming from Nightengale it worries me, as he has always been KW's go-to reporter. Given that it is you telling everyone not to worry, I'm fine.
  9. No, I've been taking them regularly. Nightengale and Levine are driving me bonkers.
  10. Uncle Jerry is code for Reinsdorf=Scrooge McDuck. His nephews called him Uncle Scrooge. If you weren't in grade school in the late 80s or early 90s, you've probably never heard of DuckTales.
  11. I'm not in the South Suburbs, but I do want a drink. LOL.
  12. I hope you're right but you never know with Uncle Jerry. The reported 7/210 is borderline insulting. It cannot be true. An offer of less than 30 AAV is definitely insulting.
  13. It is exhausting because the franchise has nearly always been run as a Mickey Mouse organization. If I knew that they were actually making serious offers, of course I'd feel excited. OTOH, there is the distinct possibility that they're claiming to be in the running but never really were because their offers were insulting or a joke. Not only do we have to wait on a decision, we have to decipher whether or not they're actually making serious offers. That is where the exhaustion lies. If we knew they were serious, it would be a lot of fun. Because there is the distinct possibility that they were stringing us all along and are going to pull the "Awe, shucks we tried" bit, even though they were never actually making serious offers, that is where it goes from pure fun to exhaustion, frustration and annoyance. Even if the Sox do end up landing him, I won't even be excited until Opening Day. I'll just be relieved that it is over. To put it this way: If we were fans of most other teams, we'd all be having fun. Because it is the White Sox, we're not.
  14. Bob Nightengale is about as credible as Bob from Niles right now, or any other caller named Bob that used to call in to Boers and Bernstein. There used to be a running joke that they wouldn't take a caller if his name was Bob, and gee whiz, Nightengale certainly fits the bill. OTOH, if there is any truth to his report, that means that the Sox never made a serious offer, and they might as well be committing franchise suicide as we speak. You want to know a way to alienate what is left of your fanbase? Claim that "the money will be there" and prove to everyone that you're lying through your teeth. I want to ignore baseball until this bullshit is over and done with. I really do. I know myself too well to think I could stay away for the next month or so, but maybe I'll just check in on Friday nights to fill my weekly baseball quota and then be done with it. Congratulations, MLB. You got a diehard to quit paying attention for a while because it is too aggravating.