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  1. Jack Parkman

    Sox trying to get Moncada more aggressive

    Before yesterday's ofer.
  2. This was yesterday before the 0-5 but Moncada has kinda figured it out lately
  3. If they were going to sign another reliever, bringing back Tepera made more sense.
  4. All they had to do was not double down on Kimbrel and sign Pedersen. Joc and Engel would have been a fine RF platoon.
  5. Jack Parkman

    7/1 Games

    It's so refreshing to see a Sox hitting prospect that isn't a free swinger.
  6. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    hahaha my brian is not working right now.
  7. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    It's the americanized version anyway, I really don't care. Real Italian is capisci. I should know, l speak a bit and my mom is from there. Forgive me for not knowing how to spell a dialect that my family doesn't speak lol.
  8. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    They're not cheap in total payroll but they definitely are with player contracts. Capish? You could also argue that they're cheap with total payroll because they're completely unwilling to go the extra mile to win a championship. See: Brantley, Michael.
  9. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    They'd rather light $25M combined on fire signing guys like Eaton, Harrison, Garcia and Kelly than spending that same amount of money on a quality player like Bryce Harper. It's basically, "I'm ok spending $25M in bad money as long as it comes off the books in 1-3 seasons" which is so dumb. They're afraid of long-term deals for quality players even though they're a better investment over the life of the contract than dumpster diving on an annual basis.
  10. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    They're too wimpy to spend money wisely.
  11. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    The White Sox are 28th in baseball in largest contracts in team history ahead of only Oakland and Pittsburgh. Until that changes, arguments that they're not cheap are laughable. In terms of guaranteed money(what counts) the largest FA is Grandal at $73M and the largest extension is Moncada at $70M.
  12. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    Power comes from the legs and even on Moncada's double the other night he didn't explode on the ball. There's something up with his hip rotation that is messing him up. His swing seems very mechanical and choppy rather than smooth.
  13. Jack Parkman

    Great Expectations

    Moncada has a ton of swing and miss in his game so he's always going to be volatile offensively. I think he still has 2019 seasons in him. Should be a 3-5 win player most years.