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  1. Jack Parkman

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Honestly if the Sox get anything from Giolito or Fulmer it is gravy. It is highly unlikely either of them are going to be major league contributors. Before people say "It's too early to write them off" consider this: If you saw their stats in the minors over the last two seasons, would you think they are a prospect? Be honest with yourselves. Fulmer: 2016 minors stats 103 IP 4.63 ERA between AA/AAA and a 104/56 K/BB 2017 minors stats 126 IP 4.96 ERA in AAA and a 96/65 K/BB Giolito: (I admit he still looked like a prospect when the Sox traded for him) 2016: 115 IP 2.97 ERA between A+-AAA and a 116/44 K/BB 2017: 128 IP 4.48 ERA at AAA and a 134/59 K/BB Whatever he had in 2016 he lost. That is all I can say. If he's hurt he needs to tell someone.
  2. Jack Parkman

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Yes he does, but if he goes down it makes 2019 ST do or die for him staying with the Sox. For that reason, I don't think they're going to send him down. They really don't have a ton of time to let him grow or not. It's pretty much do or die now, tbh. And yeah, it is possible he sucks, because as DA said, he doesn't make hitters look silly when he gets it over the plate. I honestly don't think I've said "that's nasty" once while watching him pitch.
  3. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    Honestly, even if I agreed with that persons policies more than their opposition, I wouldn't vote for someone with zero experience in government. Only in primaries though.
  4. Jack Parkman

    5/24 Games

    Great. He's gonna get killed in the bigs at that level. His command is usually on par with Giolito.
  5. Jack Parkman

    Injury updates

    Rodon just took a liner off the melon and was removed after 2 IP.
  6. Jack Parkman

    5/24 Games

    Anyone have velo readings on Rodon?
  7. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    Even if Bernie does run again, I voted for him last time but I won't again. He was 75 in 2016, I think he's too old. It is incredibly rare to stay as sharp as he is now forever as one ages.
  8. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    That isn't mutually exclusive though, and Dems can get the message across to both suburbanites and rural blue collar people. They have forgotten how to campaign. When you go to urban areas, you talk about how your policies appeal to urban people, and when you go to rural areas, you talk about the things that benefit those people there. The huge issue is people who might vote Dem but are bigots. Those people are hard to win over and will lean GOP more often than not. I laugh at this, because you hear from GOP supporters all of the time that they don't play identity politics but they do. Their identity politics is I'm white and the riff raff is taking over the country. I don't want any riff raff! Also, there is a special place in hell for Libertarians. We should give them the area between San Bernadino, CA and Phoenix, AZ and bordered on the south by Mexico and the north by Lake Mead as their own little country and let them go play Hunger Games there. I'm sure they'll tell us how wonderful their independent state is and how everything works so perfectly and it is a utopia. FREE MARKET FTW!!!!
  9. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    I haven't been able to figure out how to gain understanding and support through individuals, so I took it to the political arena. Politics isn't a spectator sport and there isn't a damn thing in the world that isn't political in some way or another. Unfortunately, I'm an outlier when it comes to autistic people as I am a natural extrovert, despite the disability pushing most who have it to introvertedness. I'm not shy about being autistic, and I want to be an activist to the best of my ability. I don't have a large group of supporters, because most don't care about fighting for their rights. The community likes to b**** about things, but they don't want to really do anything about it. I don't care. Even if I don't have the support of the community, I'm still going to fight on their behalf to make their lives better in any way I can.
  10. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    Right now, I'm too busy trying to punt Roskam from IL-06. He won't meet his constituents and uses the Scalise shooting as an excuse. He won't hold a town hall with his constituents because he claims he fears for his life. I don't get to tell him that I fear for mine because police don't have the proper training to deal with Autistic people. BTW, Reddy, as an autistic white male, there is overlap on 80-90% of issues minorities face, including the following: Not being paid a fair wage or being given an opportunity to prove myself at a full time position(AKA workplace discrimination) having to decide practically whether to work or give up my government benefits and fearing for my life in an encounter with law enforcement, as well as not having most people, even people who care about me, understand what it is like to have a disability. I have been disenfranchised too, and I understand the struggle. I could go on. I unilaterally support movements that seek the civil rights of diverse groups, and hope that as more minority groups that have a larger percentage of the population win their civil rights, I will then have the platform to win mine. I have personally spoken with the Democratic nominee for Kane County Sheriff on a training program to help police officers better understand how to deal with an autistic person they may encounter when on the job, so I'm hoping to somewhat help that issue here in Kane county.
  11. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    Read my addendum above. I have more of an insider's view in to what is actually happening, at the very least locally. Raising campaign funds and returning the favor are winning over principles and integrity. It is infuriating. Establishment Dems think they have to take money from special interests to win elections. Those dollars come with a favor. They don't realize that message>>>>money and people can outspend you but if you have a better message that resonates with more people, you'll still win.
  12. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    16 is 16 too many that is my problem. Quit compromising principles. If you're against it, then don't vote for it. 33% is way too much for me. I'd have much more faith in the process if 33% of the senators in Washington failed to vote against a bill that goes against everything that Obama et al worked for in 2009. I don't know what these people think they're accomplishing by voting for this bill. Voting for this bill tells me you're not actually standing up for party platform principles. I used to be really active in my local municipal/county Democratic party since late 2015. I got a little disillusioned when progressive candidates got crushed in the state level elections. Again, It doesn't mean I'm not going to vote for Democrats. I haven't gone to a meeting since the state primaries which a group I was involved with was campaigning for Biss and other local candidates. I got disillusioned when Mike Madigan attacked people who I know personally that were running for office. I know these people are strong progressives and Madigan publically branded them as Republicans in disguise. That kind of disgusting behavior that I have seen taking part inthe process, is why I have a disdain for establishment Dems. I think they have zero integrity. I have more of an inside view into what is actually going on than most and it disgusts me. Campaign funding over constituents and party over people are the common themes here.
  13. Fathom, are you willing to write him off completely? That is what you're doing if you send him down. He only has 1 option left, so it is make the team out of ST next season or DFA him. The Sox really don't have that luxury. He's still a young pitcher so if you're going to punt him it is better to swap him for a similar reclamation project via trade than just releasing him. You are admitting that you don't think he's a major leaguer now and never will be if you send him down. There is nothing to lose here, IMO. The Sox either have to leave him in the majors or punt him and accept he isn't a part of their future. He's going to run into a numbers game next year so there really isn't much time to figure out what they have in him. They aren't trying to win, so why waste the option?
  14. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    May I ask why obstruction worked for the Republicans from 2008-2010, when the Dems had a supermajority in both houses? Why did acting like petulant children work for them? I understand the Dems have a minority in congress, but the GOP had even a bigger minority and they were still able to pull it off. They weren't able to stop all legislation but they were able to stop most.
  15. Jack Parkman

    2018 Democrats thread

    Do I think Trump is dangerous? Absolutely. Will I vote for a 3rd party or a GOP candidate over a Dem? No. I understand how the system works. I'm more concerned about principles and integrity and not compromising them when a candidate goes to Washington or Springfield. I'd rather in-fight, sorry. If I'm not happy with my representation, I'd rather primary them and try to get someone in office who better represents my values. If I lose, fine. I'll re-elect the incumbent Dem. I find the GOP and 98% of what they stand for abhorrent.