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  1. He's been 2021 Yoan for 2 months pretty much. His walk rate on the season has improved from 4% 3 weeks ago to 7.5% as of yesterday. That's kinda what I expect going forward. That's the point I've been trying to make the whole time.
  2. Dude was obviously injured and rushed back. He hasn't looked anywhere close to that bad in 2 months. If it was him who pushed to come back and help the team, then you can blame him for it.
  3. I don't disagree with this. He had problems with fastballs last year too.
  4. It's not. He's having a bad season but the 1st 3 weeks when he was beyond terrible make it look worse than it actually has been.
  5. Even being ice cold for 2 weeks, Moncada is hitting .254/.331/.402 with a 112 wRC+ since June 13th. Ignore everything that happened before that.
  6. So Yoan is slumping a bit. He was on fire for a month. It's normal. It's called baseball. I'd be more concerned if he wasn't walking. Vaughn had a bad few weeks and we were all(myself included) freaking out about him too. One thing I've learned is that it's more difficult to recover numbers wise from a bad first month than going into a slump midseason after starting hot. Hitting is all hot streaks and slumps just like having a hot shooting percentage in basketball
  7. Hasn't been able to lay off that slider low and in.
  8. He deserves it for watching strike 3 down the middle of the plate. Swing the damn bat.
  9. Lynn looks like yet another player that was brought back too early from injury.
  10. I was very anti-Singer but should have learned from the Nola experience. Won't make that mistake again.
  11. Question: Are they playing a man short to save money? If they don't call anyone up, they don't have to give them MLB game checks.
  12. Jack Parkman

    Name Change? Anything else needed?

    Can you guys change my header to "Fire Hahn and TLR" Thanks.
  13. Jack Parkman

    Fire Rick Hahn

  14. Jack Parkman

    Fire Rick Hahn

    1. They only have themselves to blame 2. Good, they're not winning a WS even if they win this dumpster fire of a division 3. Hopefully it involves Hahn and Tony being held accountable
  15. Jack Parkman

    Fire Rick Hahn

    I don't think he has consistent 30 HR power, but I do think Vaughn will have a lot of seasons in the 20-29 range. This is fine if he's hitting .300 He might get 30 or 31 a couple times.
  16. Jack Parkman

    Fire Rick Hahn

    I don't disagree, but Jerry can't be fired so we're hoping for the other two. KW/RH=GarPax. Hopefully if they fail this year, Jerry will have had enough. Those fuckers have been running the team for 20 years. Time for a new direction.
  17. Jack Parkman

    Fire Rick Hahn

    Not really, he has been involved in said fucking heavily. Rick, Tony and Jerry are all responsible. What percentage each is responsible for, is up for debate.
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    8/2 Games

    Is Schultz going to pitch in the ACL? Anyone know?