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  1. You're describing a 1 WAR player.
  2. Yeah really. Incredibly disappointing.
  3. 100% with you. I was hopeful with his improvement in AAA, but his bat is still too slow. Saying not a productive MLB hitter is probably giving him too much credit. We all complain about Engel but Collins has no chance.
  4. Ok. I was hopeful Collins had turned a corner but he still sucks. You can't hit in MLB if a pitcher can pump in 93-95 mph fastballs and you can't catch up. On a different note, that's the most Adam Engel hit ever.
  5. People were expecting him to hit .270+ and he's hit .250. They were expecting more walks, not an OBP hovering around .300. That's where the disappointment comes from.
  6. Eloy is turning the corner. He's ready to rock in 2020.
  7. He's not the same guy that he was the first half and if you think he's the same guy I want some of what you're smoking. You're not wrong about the secondary pitches for him. It's about staying on top of his breaking balls and changeup. All of them are decent pitches, but he was incredibly inconsistent with them within starts and from start to start. His secondary pitches have been much more consistent in the second half. It isn't even close. It's like night and day.
  8. He had a bunch of swinging strikes on the slider already. He just hung that one. That being said, I disagree with the pitch selection to Soler.
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    Dude we have a completely different worldview. If you want to do discuss that stuff let's take it to PM. I'm down.
  10. Jack Parkman

    Machado do-over

    There's no way in hell Stanton is opting out of that contract. He'll never get anything close to it again. Do you think Stanton can beat 8/218 on the open market? I don't even think he'd get $200M. Hell I'm not even sure he'd get more than 5/150 if he opts out.
  11. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    Hahn has made comments alluding to Kopech starting in AAA.
  12. A bit, their schedule is hard, they looked like horseshit, and there was no context yet. Feel better now.
  13. PI rules changed in 2005 IIRC. It was in response to Bill Belichick having his CBs grab receivers and force them out of bounds immediately after the snap in the 2004 AFCCG. Due to the rules at the time, those receivers would then have been ineligible to to touch the ball. WTF was Manning supposed to do, when he couldn't complete a pass to his outside receivers without getting a penalty?
  14. Jack Parkman

    2020 RF options

    Yeah, they need someone to cover the first 10 weeks of the season while Kopech is in AAA. Let me see what the options are, I'll get back to everyone. Best options are Wood, Wacha and if healthy Matt Moore on the cheap side. Pineda is no longer an option for the Sox due to his suspension. If the guy they sign performs, they can move him for some prospect depth at the TDL. As for RF, I'm down for a Luis Gonzalez or Blake Rutherford for Nomar Mazara swap. I don't think they'd (the Rangers) get much better than that. Mazara has been pretty average but he's only a month older than Moncada. There is still upside there.
  15. Looked up all of the old guard( Brady, Brees, Roethisberger, Rodgers) and noticed something. They were all above average QBs until they reached 28-30. Then they took a massive leap into the guys we know them as today. Keep that in mind. Brady's 2002 was similar to Trubisky's 2018. By no means am I saying that Trubisky is great, but the truth is you don't know who the great ones are until year 5-8. If you get to year 8 and they haven't separated themselves, then you move on. A top investment in a QB is truly a career investment. The only reason to give up on a guy too early is if they're absolutely terrible. I've only seen one game like that from Trubisky under Nagy and that was Thursday. Nagy did him no favors either. You're looking at being only average through year 5 as the threshold for a somewhat successful draft pick. If they are competent enough to deserve a 2nd contract, that's a win. One of these guys is Tom Brady in 2002, the other is Mitch Trubisky last year Player A: 5.5 TD% 2.8 INT% 11.1 YPC 7.4 YPA Player B: 4.9 TD% 2.3 INT% 10.1 YPC 6.3 YPA Bottom line: It's too early.
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    Well, people bust my balls about stuff. If you could direct me to it, that would be nice.
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    QFT. He's so talented. I think there's going to be a point where Moncada is a clear #2 in baseball to Trout. He might rival him during individual seasons in his late 20s.
  18. Brady was only above average until the 16-0 season. His first two SB wins were his defense and Belichick. He didn't become the GOAT we know him as now until 2007ish. When he took that next step, the Patriots went 18-1 but lost the one that mattered. I think that season, and losing the SB the way they did, launched Brady to new heights. EDIT: I looked him up, and he didn't take that step until 2007.
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    We'll wait until the end of the season to bust @The Sir's balls. Both are teetering right now.
  20. Jack Parkman

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Mas Cubanos.
  21. Jack Parkman

    And That's Another Jimenez/Moncada HR's White Sox Winner

    Moonshot Moncada. I'm trying to get that to catch on.
  22. Jack Parkman

    Job Thread

    I've gone to search firms. The won't take me because of my shoddy work history and lack of experience. I've exhausted pretty much every avenue known to man. Even when I've been ok at selling myself, I haven't been able to get an opportunity. I'm working with a search firm for people on the spectrum out of LA.
  23. Jack Parkman

    Job Thread

    This is the issue. I'm as shitty of a salesman as one could possibly be. It's really hard for me to sell myself. I feel like a liar trying to sell myself. It's not gaining a full and accurate picture. Also, even though I like those things, I haven't done them at a high enough level. If I could be a car mechanic I'd love to. I love to build and fix things.
  24. Jack Parkman

    Job Thread

    I have things to offer. I'm actually really good at a lot of things. Ideas of jobs that I'd like and I'm good at: internet network technician, any sort of handyman/home installer work. I'm really good at computers and building things. I was actually good at software QA, but found it incredibly boring and unfulfilling. If I wasn't an idiot and dated a co-worker there that went south horribly, I probably would have stuck it out at that company and tried to make the best of it. Unfortunately, it was a hostile environment. There were other issues going on there. My boss told me the following at my software QA job: When you're on focus, you're near the top of my best employees. The problem is that you're incredibly inconsistent on focus. I never know what I'm getting when you come into work each day. This is because of my executive dysfunction. It's awful. And I was bored. I have a feeling that if I started working there today, things would go differently. I also never took that job seriously as a career, mostly because I didn't think that I'd be there forever. I have plenty of things to offer. I have plenty of skills. If I don't have them, I can obtain them. I spent my money on College, unwisely. Part of that was lack of access to information. Things have happened in a way I couldn't have anticipated. There are these jobs available, but I don't have quite the skills that they want for them. Going back to college isn't an option, unless it's free. The risk is MUCH higher for a person on the spectrum not ever finding a job and being saddled with debt than for a neurotypical(random person) I've done research on the subject. NTs struggle with it too.
  25. Jack Parkman

    Job Thread

    I'm willing to concede that. Gaining my independence trumps everything. The huge issue is that with today's sophisticated interview processes, some of my more negative tendencies will be uncovered and I'll never get s chance to prove myself. I want to work for myself. I kind of need that flexibility. I actually like project work and "the gig economy" it allows me to re-charge. This is all a huge journey. I might figure it out, I might not. Have fun and learn along the way.