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    4 Sox in BA's Top 100 Prospects

    Someone at WSI said that they saw Danks pitch in Oklahoma and that that day he was at 89-92mph. Edit: I saw him pitch today, and he was between 89-93 with the fastball.
  2. Jack Parkman

    AAP: Adam Russell

    Why do they not like Russell as a starter?
  3. Jack Parkman

    Lead off hitter

    Heath PHILLIPS is who I meant. Not the TE on pitt. My bad. I get those guys confused sometimes.
  4. Jack Parkman

    Lead off hitter

    QUOTE(Tony82087 @ Feb 5, 2007 -> 05:27 PM) 1) are you saying that TB won't go for the trade in the first place or the Sox would be dumb to do it. I know that Crawford is very unlikely to get in a trade so I was meaning that Baldelli was the person to get in the trade. I don't think that TB would get a better offer than that. 2) I even said that Anderson for Olsen or Sanchez was a pipedream in the first place. 3) the Mets trade idea was only possible if (1) and (2) happen.
  5. Jack Parkman

    Lead off hitter

    I'd move Broadway and Heath Miller to TB for Crawford or Baldelli, then we can flip BA to Florida for some pitching, maybe Olsen or Sanchez(pipedream) or a couple of power arms in their system. I'd stay away from Petit though. it would then end up being a lateral move, and if they were willing to part with Olsen or Sanchez, then maybe we could pry away Phil Humber or Mike Pelfrey and Lastings Milledge away from the Mets for Vazquez. This plan may actually improve our team.
  6. Jack Parkman

    Whats Buehrle worth now?

    With the contract that Zito signed, I think Mark is gone by opening day or July 31. There is no way that the Sox are going to pay a contract > Zito's and that is what Mark is looking at on the open market if he rebounds. If he doesn't rebound then he is looking at a Gil Meche contract at 5/55. Either way that is ridiculous, so from a fiscally responsible standpoint, Mark should be traded by July 31. I also think that Kenny has shifted his mentality from a large market to a small market GM. Something someone else said is that maybe the Sox need to change their stance on long-term deals for pitchers and position players, and if they don't, then maybe we turn into the KC Royals as the cellar dwellars of the AL Central. I don't know if this is entirely true, but it may be a possibility.
  7. Jack Parkman

    AAP: Gavin Floyd

    I read somewhere that Floyd's fastball was once in the 93-95mph range, topping at 96mph but it had gone down to 91-93 mph topping at 94mph and that he has a 2-seam sinker around 90-92 mph. I wonder if maybe the sox brass saw some problems with his mechanics and they think Coop can work with him and get his fastball and sinker velocity back up. How good is his curve and change right now anyway?
  8. Jack Parkman

    Winter Meetings Thread

    QUOTE(shawnhillegas @ Dec 6, 2006 -> 06:48 PM) We are overvaluing our own players. Im pretty sure that Texas fans would laugh at the notion of Danks and Young for rent-a-Buerhle. I'm getting that feeling too. It seems that we are going to get no more than one top prospect STRAIGHT UP for one of our starters. If that is the case then we should look to sign Buehrle to an extention and trade Garcia at the deadline in July. If the best package we could get is Milledge for Buehrle, then either the fans are overvaluing our starters or teams would much rather pay ridiculous amounts for #4 or #5 starters than pony up top talent for a member of the Sox rotation. I think our overvaluing of the Sox starters has to do with that the scouts like pitchers who K a lot of batters, and Vazquez is the only guy in the rotation who does that, but he does it with an ERA in the mid to high 4s, which makes him only as attractive as a guy like Gil Meche, who does the same thing, and teams can get Meche for less money than we are paying Vazquez. So I think we might end up with the situation that McCarthy is in AAA next spring, and we have basically the same team that we had to end 2006 besides the Cotts-Aardsma trade.
  9. Jack Parkman

    STOA: The Hot Stove Edition

    can you listen to the show without having an ipod?
  10. Jack Parkman

    STOA: The Hot Stove Edition

    I'm having trouble with the stream
  11. Jack Parkman

    Sox & Angels Talking; Crede/Garcia for Santana/Figgins

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Nov 27, 2006 -> 06:24 PM) That's crazy. I'd take Saunders for Garcia straight up, and Santana is definitely more valuable than Garcia right now. Crede is better than Figgins, but there's no way you're getting 2 very good young pitchers (who you would control for 4-6 seasons) and a potential versatile stud leadoff hitter (if he rebounds), for a veteran SP with 1 year left on his deal, and a 3B with an iffy back. Do you honestly think that Crede and Garcia for Figgins and Santana is a fair deal? I don't. Give me those two and one of Wood/Saunders/Aybar/Kendrick and it is a bit lopsided in our favor, However if we are trading Crede and Garcia to the same team we need to make that team overpay. Pitching is priced high on the market right now, and Kenny has what everyone wants. Vincente Padilla is asking for $10 million/year right now. That is what Garcia is making and Garcia>>>Padilla. Also we are trading one of the best defensive 3B in baseball, and I think he can hit too. If Kenny makes that deal without one of the additional prospects then the Angels got a steal. By all means we should get another prospect with Saunders in addition to Santana and Figgins.
  12. Jack Parkman

    Sox & Angels Talking; Crede/Garcia for Santana/Figgins

    The Angels have to throw in at least Saunders along with Santana and Figgins. Crede and Garcia for Santana, Figgins, and Saunders and you've got a deal. The Sox need either Saunders or one of Wood/Aybar/Kendrick to make it a deal. Crede and Garcia for Figgins and Santana Should be a starting point only. Like Dick Allen said, KW has to ask for the moon, and I think someone will give it to him.
  13. Jack Parkman

    Sox & Angels Talking; Crede/Garcia for Santana/Figgins

    If the Angels add Saunders AND one of Aybar/Wood/Kendrick then you have a deal. Otherwise we are getting taken. That is waaay too little that the Angels are giving up for both Crede and Garcia. The deal has to be Crede and Garcia for Santana, Figgins, Saunders and Aybar/Wood/Kendrick. Maybe then the Sox could sign Huff to take over at 3B or trade for Ensberg.
  14. Jack Parkman

    Any realistic way to upgrade the starting pitching?

    My thought is to dump Contreras to a pitching starved team for pitching prospects (and I emphasize pitching) because nobody really knows how old he is and that he has injury concerns. I would also trade Garcia for some prospects, maybe a combination of hitters and pitchers, and sign Mulder to an incentive laden deal or sign Ted Lilly. Watch Buehrle closely during the beginning of the season and by mid-June if he is good lock him up, If a deal can't be done or he sucks, trade him at the deadline.
  15. Jack Parkman

    Javier Vazquez pissed at himself?

    QUOTE(shoota @ Aug 2, 2006 -> 06:28 PM) Vazquez supporters can quit dreaming that he will become the next Jose Contreras because Vazquez has never been as good of a pitcher as Contreras was pre-2005. Uhh did you see his numbers in 2001 and 2003? absolutely sick. Albeit they were in the NL and in Montreal, but we know he can be an ace, unless he just lost all of his stuff since 2003.
  16. Jack Parkman

    Prospects Poll

    I could live without Sweeney and Liotta and Broadway. I would have rather given up Broadway than Lumsden. Sweeney has Zero power. You can't have your RF hitting less than 15 HRs a year. Liotta has no chance to make it to the bigs in my opinion. Broadway and McCullough will make it to the bigs for few years but will be out of the league 5 years after they become regulars. We have nobody worth keeping in the minors, so why don't we just trade them for proven talent now, and build a real farm system starting in 2007.
  17. Jack Parkman

    White Sox may be in trouble

    QUOTE(RME JICO @ Jul 3, 2006 -> 12:32 PM) Minnesota cannot rely on just two pitchers. How did that work for the 2001 Diamondbacks?
  18. I for certain would be pissed because this guy is a good lefty with excellent stuff. I'd like to see what he has in the majors before he gets shipped out. I don't know if he will ever get there in our organization though, because of our surplus of starting pitching. Thoughts?
  19. Jack Parkman

    Official Day 1 Draft Thread

    Anybody know anything about this kid?
  20. Jack Parkman

    Official Day 1 Draft Thread

    how long until round 3?
  21. Jack Parkman

    Official Day 1 Draft Thread

    why are we drafting a closer? we have someone by the name of Bobby Jenks don't we?
  22. Jack Parkman

    Miguel Tejada

    QUOTE(BigSqwert @ Jun 6, 2006 -> 09:51 AM) So far the '06 pitching looks good on paper only. Agreed.
  23. Jack Parkman

    Too early to worry??

    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ May 2, 2006 -> 08:35 AM) Season-long view I think Garland will be fine, but I think the big thing is that he hasn't pitched inside nearly enough, and needs to be paired with AJ every chance he gets to force him to get that agression back. The talk about AJ calling better games than Widger was pretty evident with Jon's start last night. Jon was sawing off bats all night. AJ has him pitch inside 10 times more than Widger, and Jon's only earned run last night was on 2 ducksnorts where the hitters were eaten up. When Jon pitches inside, you have starts like last night. When he doesn't, you have starts like his one against the Angels.
  24. Listen- the comments I made about Broadway are based on what I saw today. I also heard that his FB is 90-92 mph and that is what I expected when he came in. Obviously he isn't ready for ML hitting because he hasn't even been in the minors for a full season yet, but his stuff doesn't look good enough to warrant his high draft status. I am not one of those guys that think that you have to have a monster fastball or K a lot of batters to be a good pitcher. If you get batters out, then good. But Broadway doesn't look like he has the stuff to do that at the major league level. He just gets rocked. I am not writing him off yet-but the preliminary signs don't look good.
  25. Is this Broadway's usual stuff? If it is, he was a wasted pick. He is going to get killed in the majors with that stuff. a righty can't get by with an 88 mph fastball in the majors, unless he changes speeds a lot and has really good junk.(breaking balls, changeup) I haven't seen any junk, so maybe he was picked for trade bait. Kenny, what intrigued you about this guy that made you pick him in the first round? He looks like a AAAA guy to me.