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    Dye Trade Thread

    QUOTE(witesoxfan @ Jul 30, 2007 -> 01:44 PM) Then look at Hansen's stats before you go talking about how you don't like people's numbers. He's not that good, especially since he's a reliever. Masterson keeps the ball on the ground, doesn't walk people, and strikes enough people out to be effective. He's a much better prospect than Craig Hansen right now. I'll take your word for it then. I've heard that Hansen has a mid 90s fastball and a wicked slider, and that he was a starting prospect. I have no clue what Masterson's stuff is like but if it is anything close to Hansen's then I guess it's ok. Like I said in my post, I don't know what Masterson's stuff is like, so I was just going off his stats. I do know what Hansen's stuff is like, so I can ignore his stats a bit more.
  2. Jack Parkman

    Teixeira deal done

    Deal done pending physical per ESPN.
  3. Jack Parkman

    Dye Trade Thread

    QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jul 30, 2007 -> 01:24 PM) I'd like WMP and Masterson for Dye a lot. It would be even spicier if we could flip Pena somewhere else for something younger or with more upside. Throw out Masterson, insert Hansen, and I like the trade. I don't know what Masterson's stuff is like, but those stats seem to imply that he is not that good. 4.33 ERA and 56 Ks in 95.2 IP in A+ seems like a non prospect to me. This seems similar to the Gooch trade where we are giving a player away for nothing of value.
  4. Jack Parkman

    Dye Trade Thread

    Could someone post stats/scouting report on this Masterson kid. I'd like to know why Kenny likes this guy and not Hansen.
  5. Jack Parkman

    Gavin Floyd?

    QUOTE(fathom @ Jul 25, 2007 -> 11:00 AM) I don't think he meant to add and subtract. He just is so inconsistent with his pitches, and everything is up in the zone. His changeup is absolutely putrid. The inconsistency and the fact that he leaves everything up in the zone is troubling. If he could get the high 80s 2 seamer down, then I could see it being okay at that velocity, but a high 88 mph fastball is going to get, as Hawk would say, "Kilt." I disagree half way about the changeup. The movement of the changeup itself is good, his control of the changeup sucks horribly. If he could keep it down, then it would be good. And, yes I realize velocity isn't everything, but with Floyd's control it would make him a better pitcher if his velocity is up a little more.
  6. Jack Parkman

    Gavin Floyd?

    As of right now, Floyd is a blowhard. However, 120 innings is not enough to make an assessment to banish a pitcher to AAAA status no matter how pissed we were last night. Floyd needs to throw his 93-94 mph 4 seamer more and get a little more giddy-up on the 2 seamer. On the 4 seamer, if he throws it more it will probably creep back to topping out at 96. I wonder if he is just learning the 2 seamer, because his velocity on it is so inconsistent. at times it was 86-88, other times it was 90-92, and if he is just learning it, then why did he rely on it so much last night against the best hitting team. He HAS to throw the curveball for strikes. I'd probably describe it as a 12-6 nightmare. If Floyd can find the control on his curve, and get consistent velocity on the 2 seamer, then he has a shot, and watch out AL.
  7. Jack Parkman

    White Sox vs. Tigers, 7/24/07 (DH)Game 2(W)

    Watch the Sox designate Floyd for assignment, and then he goes to another team and magically rediscover his fastball and curveball, and becomes an ace for some AL team which haunts the Sox for years. [somewhat green implied]
  8. Jack Parkman

    White Sox vs. Tigers, 7/24/07 (DH)Game 2(W)

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Jul 24, 2007 -> 07:36 PM) He just laid that last one right in there to Guillen. His fastball just looks incredibly hittable. What is very strange about that is that his fastball was hitting 91-94 for the first two batters and then magically dropped into the high 80s. Very troubling. I have a feeling that this Vasquez kid is going to shut us out. That is what the Sox do whenever they see a pitcher for the first time.
  9. Jack Parkman

    Garland off the market, Vazquez available

    We're not trading Jose. The best thing we could get for him right now is an AAAA player. Kenny won't trade Jose for that. OTOH, Floyd won't get a shot up here despite the fact that Kenny thinks he could still be a good pitcher because he'll continue to start Jose. I'd shut Jose down for the rest of the year and see if he's hurt, and give Floyd a shot to see if he can become a major leaguer. A pitcher doesn't lose the stuff that Jose has lost by aging one year. Over a course of 3-4 years, yeah I could see it, but one year, no way unless the pitcher is injured.
  10. Jack Parkman

    Draft signings

    Why hasn't Griffith pitched in the minors yet? It's been 2 weeks since he signed.
  11. Jack Parkman

    Video Game Catch-All Thread

    Buying an Xbox 360 was one of the worst video game decisions I have made, Right up there with buying the Dreamcast at launch. What is worse is that I had a chance to trade someone straight up for a PS3 and turned it down. I'm probably going to end up taking a 50% loss on what I paid for it when I sell it and I'll be stuck backward with a PS2. No hard feelings on being backward though, because even though I love playing, I don't have the time to do so.
  12. Jack Parkman

    The Aaron Poreda Mystery

    Kris Honel part deux?
  13. Jack Parkman

    Boras says A-Rod assured to reach $30M annually

    If Selig and the owners allow Cuban to buy the Cubs, then that's where ARod will be and Cuban will pay whatever Boras wants.
  14. Jack Parkman

    Would You Care if We Started Over?

    When is this board going to change? I thought it would have been done by now.
  15. Jack Parkman

    Anyone know anything about telescopes?

    I am a big astronomy enthusiast. The first question I'd ask is: do you know how to find deep space objects without a autostar type thing? If so, the best thing for you might be an 8 inch Dobsonian reflector. An Orion Skyquest Classic goes for $370, which is in your price range. If you don't know how to find DSOs on your own, then you can't get a scope worth your time in that price range. I like deep space stuff and planets, but at the time I purchased my scope, portability was a big must for me along with the fact that I don't know how to find stuff on my own, so I ended up getting an ETX 125(5 inch Mak-Cass). If I would have known better I would have purchased an 8 inch LXD55. (LXD75 now) Look on astromart.com for used stuff. It sells at 50% cheaper than new stuff at times. Beware though, they charge a user fee to join, but if you find something worthwile, then it is well worth it. Most amateur astronomers treat their equipment with great respect, so you have nothing to worry about on faulty equipment if you buy used.
  16. Jack Parkman

    Mets Interested in Contreras?

    QUOTE(Greg The Bull Luzinski @ Jul 5, 2007 -> 03:35 PM) The value of Contrares is falling quicker than the price of fireworks the day after the 4th of July. If we traded him today, I should suspect we would be lucky to get a PTBNL depending on Jose's performance. Jose only did give up 2 earned runs last night though. While this is very unpopular thinking, might it be better to keep Jose a few more weeks and hope he gets his s*** together rather than trading him today. Maybe this is KW's thinking too. It is not a though his value can drop much more. He is on pace to lose 20 games right now. Agreed about the trade value of Jose. A pitcher doesn't lose 8-10 mph off his fastball after aging 1 year. He was old last year too, you know. He is either very hurt or his mechanics are screwed up. Coop should see if he could work with Jose on his mechanics and tell him not to drop down anymore. If he regains velocity on his pitches, then we could trade him for a better package. If not, then trade him for a bag of balls for all I care, he needs to be off this team.
  17. Jack Parkman

    Red Sox/White Sox Trade Proposal

    QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ Jul 7, 2007 -> 04:51 PM) I dont mind dealing with the Redsox but Ellsbury and Bucholz would atleast have to be in the discussion. I still cant believe someone actually thought Willy Mo Pena for Buehrle is a fair deal... thats just utterly ridiculous. Im not that high on Bowden really but to be fair I really dont know all that much about him either. I agree with you on that aspect. If we deal with Boston then Ellsbury and Buchholz need to be coming to the south side. I wouldn't mind Crisp coming here either, he would solidify LF and give Ozzie a leadoff/#2 hitter. I know a lot of people complain about him, but I wouldn't mind him coming here, and he'd probably have 15-20 HR power at the Cell. Not bad for a leadoff/#2 guy. So Buehrle for Ellsbury, Buchholz, and Crisp would be a very fair deal for us.
  18. Jack Parkman

    Video Game Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE(BearSox @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 01:39 AM) The price drop is about to happen sooner rather then later. In fact, try in 11 days... http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3160820 The price is going down 100 dollars on the 17th, same day NCAA Football 08 comes out. Believe me, it is worth it. The games aren't that good yet, but the graphics are terrific (better then the 360 in fabulous 1080p picture) and the system itself is very powerful and very convinent. Plus, since BluRay DVD's beat out HDDVD's, the PS3 will act as a bluray player at a fraction of the price of what a regular bluray player would cost. Welcome to the dark side young jedi Also, just curious, how much are you gonna sell the 360 for? I need one for when Halo comes out... How much are you willing to pay? I've got the $400 system, MLB 2K6, Call of Duty 2, and NHL 07, along with another wireless controller. I had Madden 07 and MLB 2K7, but those two got eaten. I could give you MLB 2K7 anyway but I doubt it works anymore because it has a huge circular scratch on it. I've already got an offer for $350. I've heard that that is the going rate. If you are willing to pay more PM me and tell me about it and we'll work something out. I'd trade you straight up for a 10 inch Dobsonian telescope, but I doubt you're intrested in astronomy, so you probably don't have one.
  19. Garlands ERA went from 3.15 before the game to 3.92 after the grand slam. Suddenly it doesn't look like he's had as good of a season as he has. IMO Masset should have started the 4th.
  20. Jack Parkman

    My firesale

    QUOTE(IowaSoxFan @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 01:12 PM) Sign Jason Jennings in the offseason and if Contreras has a decent secod half trade him in the winter, or you can use him as the closer next season. I wouldn't want Contreras closing out games next season. If Jose is our closer, then we might win less games than the '62 Mets. Jose is approaching DFA territory very very quickly. IMO that is the only way to get his contract of the books right now. His trade value is a bag of balls, so the best we could hope for in a trade is an AAAA player, and even in that case we'd probably have to eat his salary.
  21. Jack Parkman

    Video Game Catch-All Thread

    I have decided to sell my Xbox 360 after it ate yet another one of my games. That system is so poorly designed it isn't funny. I am going to give Microsoft a nasty phone call about the s***ty quality of the 360. I'll take what I can get and wait for a price drop in the PS3 which is bound to happen sooner or later.
  22. Jack Parkman

    White Sox vs. Orioles, 7/05/07 (W)

    QUOTE(elrockinMT @ Jul 5, 2007 -> 09:26 PM) Sure nice to see the offense and we are still getting it in the 7th. What happened to Danks? Just tired or they finally solved him for those 5 runs. Ozzie left him in for too long. He was tired.
  23. Jack Parkman

    7/5 Games

    What do you mean by Poreda is dead? Literally or they just aren't pitching him for some reason?
  24. Someone on the Postgame show on the Score brought up a valid point about Jose. This caller said that you don't lose 7-10 mph off your fastball from one year to the next just from aging, and the Ranger agreed. So this brings up the question, does Jose Contreras have serious damage to his shoulder? This could be a possibility, and if Jose is traded, he could fail the physical. I tend to agree that there is no way that over the course of a year that Jose's fastball could have gone from 96 mph at a maximum at this time last year to 85 mph at a minimum this year without some injury involved. Jose was topping out at 88 mph today and was mostly 85-86 with the fastball. I've come to the conclusion that he has to be hurt.
  25. QUOTE(witesoxfan @ Jul 4, 2007 -> 11:43 PM) This tends to happen when pitchers pitch well past their 50s. Come on, you think that pitchers lose 8-10 mph over a years time just from aging? I find that hard to believe.