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    Pods to be placed on DL

    Jerry Owens is not a prospect. He is a career minor leaguer. He can't hit at the major league level, and he has proven that already. It pisses me off that they will not bring up Sweeney. They need to DFA Scott Notoolnik and Darin Grinderstad, and bring up Sweeney and Anderson.(they can wait until Anderson is healthy to DFA Grinderstad)Furthermore either Iguchi or Uribe needs to be traded to make way for Richar. BTW is Richar a viable option at SS? I've heard conflicting reports on this issue.
  2. Jack Parkman

    7/2 Games

    QUOTE(BearSox @ Jul 3, 2007 -> 12:26 AM) Who else wasn't a fan of he McCulloch pick last year? I know he has done good recently until tonight, but I absolutely hated that pick last year. Me too. I wanted them to pick Pedro Beato. I hated the Broadway pick as well, but the guy I wanted, Bousgevic, is doing much much worse than Lance.
  3. Jack Parkman

    Draft signings

    So do you guys think that maybe Griffith won't sign? I'm beginning to think that he wants more $$$ to sign than the FO is willing to pay.
  4. Jack Parkman

    Why would you trade Bobby Jenks?

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Jul 2, 2007 -> 10:22 PM) OMG HE BLEW A SAVE, HE MUST BE TRADED. Some of you people have no concept of reality. If you want to trade him because he has a ton of value and you are worried about injury risk sure. But to say that he is a bad pitcher, or bad closer is stupid at best. I am not saying that you should trade him for blowing 1 save, I am saying trade him because odds are that he is going to have more and more nights like tonight in the future. Did you read my post earlier in this thread? Bobby Jenks is going to go the Billy Koch route. Straight high 90s heat disappears; closer gets shelled every time he gets a save opportunity. The ONLY reason that he hasn't been shelled is his nasty uncle charlie and he rarely throws it for a strike. I said it once and I'll say it again, It baffles me that Jenks has had as much success this year as he has because all hitters need to do is sit on his 93 mph straight fastball and he'll be toast. I think that hitters respect Bobby's fastball too much for some reason because it is nowhere near what it used to be. I'd trade Bobby by the deadline mainly because I think he'll be toast next season when the new scouting reports on his fastball are out.
  5. Jack Parkman

    Why would you trade Bobby Jenks?

    7/2/07-exhibit A on why you trade Jenks.
  6. Jack Parkman

    Why would you trade Bobby Jenks?

    You trade him because he would get you a s***load of young talent and this team isn't going anywhere for the next 3-5 years so his talent would be wasted here. That is just the main reason. The other reason is that most people would agree that he is an injury waiting to happen and that his fastball has dropped about 8 mph since 2005. Bobby's fastball was at 97-101 mph in 2005 with the slowest reading at 96, but now I've seen it as low as 89 and it is mostly 91-93 with a few pops at 94-95. Bobby's only saving grace is his curveball, but he rarely throws it for strikes. I'm surprised he's done this well so far because all hitters have to do is sit on his straight-as-an-arrow 93 mph fastball and he'd be just as effective as the rest of the bullpen.
  7. Jack Parkman

    Build a Story with Lyrics

  8. Jack Parkman

    White Sox vs. Royals, 6/29/07 (L)

    QUOTE(fathom @ Jun 29, 2007 -> 07:23 PM) Two of the better fastballs this year for Contreras....pull him!!!! Yeah, I mean holy s*** Jose's fastball just hit 94...twice. If we can showcase him with this stuff to other teams we may just get more in a trade for him. It could be a possibility that he has had an extended dead arm period though, and he is just getting out of it.
  9. Jack Parkman

    White Sox Winner!

    QUOTE(santo=dorf @ Jun 28, 2007 -> 09:32 PM) No more What do you mean? by "no more" are you saying that Javy will always be inconsistent and that I'm full of s*** or are you saying that he has turned the corner?
  10. Jack Parkman

    White Sox Winner!

    I really like the way that Javy is pitching right now. You know, he may just be coming around. I really think that he has fixed the problems between his ears. Don't prove me wrong Javy.
  11. Jack Parkman

    White Sox Winner!

    The Sox still need to make trades. Work on re-signing Mark, trade Jose, Dye, Iguchi. Bring up Richar, Sweeney, Floyd, and Anderson when he gets healthy. IMO we need to see for sure if Anderson can't cut it at the major league level, and if he can't then we need to adress CF and LF/RF(whichever Sweeney doesn't play) in FA. #1 on my list is NOT TO COUNT ON PODS AND ERSTAD ANYMORE!!! Hopefully Richar can fill our leadoff position from 2B.
  12. Jack Parkman

    Buehrle Fest

    So, WTF is going on? What did Hawk say during the game?
  13. Jack Parkman

    White Sox Devil Rays, 6/27/07 (W)

    What did Hawk say about the Buehrle contract situation? WTF is going on here?
  14. Jack Parkman

    Gavin Floyd

    Has anyone actually seen him pitch? I keep hearing that his fastball is back up to 94, but have heard that he has pitched at 96 sometime this year. Having a starting pitcher with that kind of fastball would be great for the Sox. If Gavin has success at the Major league level I wouldn't be opposed to trading Masset if Mark is re-signed. The Sox have to keep Gavin at the major league level next year. If(and this is a big if) Buehrle is re-signed, and Jose won't waive his NTC, then would we keep him in the bullpen? I can't imagine the Sox giving up on him so soon, especially with the way he has been pitching at Charlotte.
  15. Jack Parkman

    Buehrle Fest

    QUOTE(Gregory Pratt @ Jun 27, 2007 -> 11:21 AM) If this is bulls***, someone's got to pay. ESPN radio said exactly that, that it is bulls***. BTW the ESPN insider article said that Mark really wants to stay with the Sox, and that "going to any other team is a distant second choice"
  16. Jack Parkman

    Buehrle Fest

    Holy guano batman! OMFG!! I can't believe this. 4/50 is inf***ingcredible!!! I was waiting to get my Buehrle Jersey to see if he re-signed, but now I'm gonna go get one(If this is true) Now Kenny needs to work on an extension for Jon and trade Jose. We have no need to trade our commodities for pitching, we need to trade them for position players, specifically middle infield and outfield. I do think that this signing is the end of Joe Crede as a member of the Sox. I might consider trading Masset if Floyd comes up and does a decent job, because IMO his future is in the rotation. However, I'd still trade Thome for some prospects at the positions, if he'd waive his NTC. We would need a LH power stick if we trade Jim. EDIT: is this bulls***? I've not seen anything anywhere reporting this I'm starting to get kinda skeptical. I might call up the score tonight and ask WTF was with this and go apes*** on someone if it is false
  17. Jack Parkman

    Miscellaneous "White Sox" Trade Notes

    QUOTE(fathom @ Jun 26, 2007 -> 10:50 PM) Good news tonight as Gappard and Billingsley were bad....that only makes the demand for Buehrle go up even higher. If LAD were to offer Billingsley for Dye straight up in a couple of weeks if Billingsley keeps sucking would you do it, knowing that he'd been bad? I doubt that they'd even make that offer but it is a hypothetical question.
  18. If we suck so badly the rest of the season that we get a top 5 pick in next year's draft, then what would you prefer seen done? would you rather go for a 5 tool position player, or a pitcher with stuff that compares to Verlander? IMO the only way that I don't take the pitcher is if the some of the players on the team are traded for a pitcher with that kind of ability. I'd like to see a young pitcher break through to the majors with the Sox that has serious stuff. I haven't seen that for a while but am crossing my fingers with Poreda Does anyone have an idea who the top pitchers and position players are in the 2008 draft, or is it impossible to know this early?
  19. Jack Parkman

    Seattle or Arizona Interested in Buehrle?

    I'll pass on Nippert. A 26 year old pitcher with no major league experience is a non prospect. If a guy can't make the majors by age 25 then he's a non prospect IMO.
  20. Jack Parkman

    Mets Interested in Contreras?

    Wow. Just wow. Pelfrey and Gomez/Martinez/Milledge for Contreras? Where do you sign me up? That would be a fleecing by the Sox IMO. I had no idea that Jose had that much trade value. I thought that the best you could get for Jose is a couple of players like Richar.
  21. Jack Parkman

    Red Sox Interested in Buehrle?

    QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 10:28 PM) Are you saying you condone Kenny trading Mark Buehrle for a couple B prospects!??! QUOTE(hitlesswonder @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 10:33 PM) That's how read it. I can't believe this guy is advocating trading Buehrle for a couple of B prospects. STFU Really, no hard feelings. QUOTE(hitlesswonder @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 10:35 PM) The market for Buehrle as an expensive rental isn't great. If KW makes the best trade he can make here, he'll only be able to get 2 B prospects. So it's not like this is a deal that can save the franchise. Isn't that the point I was trying to make? BTW at WSI some posters are saying that NESN said that the Red Sox are dismissing the Buehrle rumors as "pure fiction" I'm sorry I wasted my time on this stupid rumor
  22. Jack Parkman

    Red Sox Interested in Buehrle?

    QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 10:17 PM) We get it. Thanks. BTW I sure hope Kenny isn't stupid enough to trade Mark for a couple of B prospects. In Gammons' blog on ESPN.com he wrote that Boston isn't willing to part with Lester, Buchholz, or Bowden. If that is the case, then why are we still talking about this trade? Ihat comment, and the fact that we're still talking about this trade scenario, scares me about the package that we'll be getting in return for Mark. IMO if Buchholz AND Bowden aren't included then the deal should be off.
  23. Jack Parkman

    Red Sox Interested in Buehrle?

    QUOTE(southsideirish @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 09:50 PM) Then they don't get Buehrle. That is pretty simple to understand. You just don't take a package of B talent prospects because they are the highest bidder. Also, from what I understand, KW is a straightshooter. He asks what it will take to get a certain player(s) he likes and they go from there. It is not - how about Bucho - click. Genius. I totally agree with you about the trade. How many times do I have to say this? I AM NOT advocating trading Mark for a couple of B prospects. If Kenny trades Mark to Boston, I want nothing short of Ellsbury, Buchholz, and Bowden/Bard. They can throw in Crisp if they want, I'm sure if they give us those 3 Kenny will have no problem taking Crisp or Pena. If we deal with the Braves, I want nothing short of Salty, Andrus/Escobar, and Harrison. (one of their best pitching prospects)If we deal with the Mets, I want nothing short of Pelfrey, Gomez/Milledge/Martinez, and Humber. It's pretty simple. If you want Mark Buehrle, You're going to have to give up 3 of your best prospects, period. I just don't think that a trade like the ones I want will ever happen, though. In fact, My belief(though through pure speculation on my part) is that after last year's offseason, GMs around baseball value their A prospects more than any player on their major league team except their young stars(i.e. players like Verlander, Sizemore, and Miguel Cabrera)
  24. Jack Parkman

    Red Sox Interested in Buehrle?

    QUOTE(fathom @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 09:37 PM) Did you just make that up? It would be a bad trade. No, someone on WSI made that up. And to make this point clear, I am not advocating trading Mark Buehrle for a couple of B prospects. My argument is that I don't think teams are going to offer any more than that for him, and if Kenny counteroffers with a couple of A prospects, the other GM will hang up the phone in the middle of the first guy's name. Example: Epstein: I'm offering Hansen, Crisp, and Lowrie for Buehrle. Kenny:How about Bucho(Epstein hangs up phone)
  25. Jack Parkman

    Red Sox Interested in Buehrle?

    By the way, I am IN NO WAY,MEANS, SHAPE OR FORM advocating trading Buehrle for a couple of B prospects and Pena/Crisp. I'd call for Kenny's head if he made a trade like that. However, I don't think they're getting any more than that from Boston or any team in a trade, so yes, I'm advocating letting Buehrle walk and taking the picks.