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  1. 1 minute ago, steveno89 said:

    What quality starting pitcher is even available via trade right now? That is a genuine question. I scoured fangraphs and am not seeing any obvious fit.

    That's the issue. 

    They can get pitchers just as good as Keuchel in the bargain bin. Keuchel is a signing a dumb organization makes. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, centerfieldsixers said:

    you just figured this out?  Not as bad as the Rays or A's , maybe a step above

    Those teams do it better than the Sox do. Learn by example. 

    Who are the Sox kidding by not operating in the same fashion? 

    Again, it gives some credence to the Sampson comments. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, raBBit said:

    I guess we're just looking at this differently because you knew the contracts that Ryu/Bumgarner/Keuchel are getting and I don't. You also know that Ryu/Bumgarner/Keuchel (players the Sox could still conceivably get) are the next Shields and Strasburg/Cole (players the Sox won't get) are going to be healthy for three years and worth the million dollar a start (if they stay healthy for several years) price tag. It's almost like any scenario you address ends in the Sox being doomed. 

    I don't think they're doomed per se, I think they're stupid. They've proven it over and over again. It's incredibly frustrating as a fan. 

    Ryu is injured more often than either Strasburg or Cole

    Bumgarner has a gopher ball problem, and GRF is a notorious HR hitter's paradise

    Keuchel is a 2 win pitcher. You can go get those for far less than he costs. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, raBBit said:

    Since when do you care about being fiscally responsible?

    I really don't(unless you're talking about my personal life...that shit is baked into my genes lol) , but at the same time the argument can be made that Strasburg/Cole at their prices are better investments than Ryu/Bumgarner/Keuchel at their prices. 

    Any one of the latter three could be the next Shields. 

    You get Cole or Strasburg, you're probably getting at least 3 years of a TOR starter, and the remainder of it as a #3/4.  It costs more, but it costs more because it's safer. 

  5. 1 minute ago, bmags said:

    That's pretty wild. Boras is a good agent.

    He's the best at his job, no doubt. 

    I never begrudge players for getting theirs. Boras is awesome at his job. Fans should not be mad at a guy just because he's awesome at his job. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, raBBit said:

    I am not making the comment based off of any inside information. I made the comment as a result of your penchant to overreact and to flippantly assess situations based off of emotion and an overwhelming feeling of unending dread.

    Wheeler was a nut punch. The Sox set the market and still didn't get him. They signed the best fit on the market in Grandal. They're still working on multiple fronts. They will make additional moves and they will address the majority of the team's holes if not all of them. Let the process play out.

    I remember years ago when people were calling for Hahn's head when there was no movement with the team on Monday night of the WM. Then they traded Sale and Eaton in consecutive days for a Cy Young Finalist, 5 WAR stud, a top 30 prospect, another top ten prospect, Lopez and Basabe. Relax. Let it play out.

    Even if you think owners are rich and should just give good players blank checks with no consideration of the risk of a contract of this magnitude we were never signing Strasburg.

    OK, if they were never in the Strasburg/Cole market, and Wheeler never wanted to come here, then where do they spend their money? I think that what Ryu/Keuchel/Bumgarner are going to get is even more fiscally irresponsible than Cole/Strasburg. 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Sarava said:

    Yeah we're not on the same page in this discussion. I'm trying to point out how Vaughn will have a lot of value around the league. Forget about the Mets. There's a lot of teams in rebuilds, or considering entering one since they're so popular these days. Heck, some teams might want to retool on the fly. 

    No we're on the same page, but Vaughn is useless to teams that have a long term answer at 1B. 

    It's part of why I was against drafting him. No matter how good he is, his value is diminished just because he is a 1B. 

  8. Just now, Sarava said:

    If there was a need, I think you could. DeGrom would be the less likely one.

    But really, it's just about getting a TOR starter. I don't care how the Sox get one. They need one to make this rebuild work. It doesn't have to be through free agency. The one thing I don't want them doing is wildly throwing 100 mil at some pitcher they have no faith in, only because they're too cheap for Cole/Strasburg and they lost out on Wheeler. That will kill the rebuild faster than anything IMO.

    Van Wagenen has said that Syndergaard isn't available anymore.....besides, my point stands on the Mets specifically. Vaughn has no value to that particular team. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Sarava said:

    Come on. The point just flew right over your head. I'm throwing out a random example of how Vaughn might fetch a TOR starter. I don't care who he is, or what team it might be with. It could be an established TOR starter. It could be a young starter on the verge of it. A guy like Vaughn will get teams to listen.

    I don't disagree with you, but you're not getting Syndergaard for him. 

    Counterpoint: Who's even available? 

    There really aren't any TOR options available via trade. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Sarava said:

    Eh, I think it's in the ballpark for a headliner. A few years back Sale got 2 stud prospects. But he's better than Thor, had one more year of control and a great contract. 

    But either way, Thor or whoever, that's my point ...we need a pitcher in the #1 or #2 slot. I don't care where he comes from. If you dangle out a huge prospect, teams will listen.

    They have Pete Alonso who just won NL ROY. The Mets have no use for Vaughn.