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  1. 2 minutes ago, TaylorStSox said:

    He didn't have a feel for his slider or change. He was also falling all over the mound. Still had a lot of life on his fb. I'm not worried at all. The usual suspects are going to hate on him regardless though. 

    3 ER in 5.2 innings is a hell of an outing with your  D stuff vs the Sawx 

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  2. 1 minute ago, fathom said:

    Stuff is still good, his command is starting to get scary though. No need to freak out yet though.

    I wouldn't start worrying unless he's throwing 92 mph or slower. That is how you know his mechanics are fucked again. 

  3. Why does everyone think that Gio is going to revert to sucking? He's been facing some patient and damn good offenses the last two starts. Obviously what he did vs the Astros and jankees doesn't matter. 

    He's still missing bats. He's gonna be fine. 

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    19 minutes ago, GermanSoxFan said:

    Moncada > Benintendi 

    It is obvious. Moncada always oozed talent, now he's starting to put it all together. The next 4 seasons are going to be fun. He's going to be so good I'm not sure that they're going to keep him.

    Last year many were willing to punt both Moncada and Giolito, now they're franchise cornerstones. 

  5. 46 minutes ago, ptatc said:

    Anti-inflammatories. He didn't have an infection.

    It is a different surgery when they don't find or need to repair a structural issue.

    Bursitis is an infection of the bursa sacs, no? I had it myself in one of my elbows in HS, and that is what they gave me. Mine went away. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, TaylorStSox said:

    Can you name a single pitcher who's had both major shoulder surgery and TJS and came back? 

    He didn't have major shoulder surgery. He had severe bursitis. they had to go in there and cut the bursa sacs in his shoulder to relieve the pain and let the bursa sacs heal. He had no structural issues when they were in there. As far as shoulder surgery goes, it was as benign as it gets. They probably only went in there because it wasn't getting better with antibiotics. 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, JUSTgottaBELIEVE said:

    Actually his value was pretty high last year approaching the trade deadline. I was one of the few on here saying trade him while most others agreed with pnoles;


    I would have traded him as well. I was hoping they would have done so. I thought the Braves were a good match, I would have done it for Toussaint and Gohara and been done with it. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Dick Allen said:

    I do think people bank on TJ surgery being no big deal, but there have been several guys who have come back not so well from it, at least initially.  Rosenthal, Smylie, Burdi....So with 1 year to go before he goes wherever he wants, you would have to think Rodon is seriously a non tender candidate. It probably depends on how the rehab is going. 

    100% Agreed. I don't think they're going to cut bait, but they might. I think they're just going to keep him until he reaches FA and then let him walk. 

  9. 1 minute ago, JUSTgottaBELIEVE said:

    This is by far my biggest complaint with the rebuild thus far. Forget Alonso, Machado, Harper, Nova, etc. Not trading Rodon last year when it was rumored he might be on the block was a big missed opportunity. 

    He was just coming off of shoulder surgery and had very little value. They couldn't have moved him during the season, you could argue they should have moved him this past offseason, but again who would have paid for him? Rodon is and has been practically worthless in trade because of his lack of durability. It is what it is. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Lillian said:

    When Rodon returns, he is only going to have one left, before he will be eligible for free agency. Wouldn't putting him in the bullpen be a poor way to try to re-establish his value, for a possible trade? And if he opts to become a free agent, that might influence his decision to consider an offer to stay with the Sox? However, on the other hand, they could make a qualifying offer and if he doesn't accept, at least they would get the compensation pick, in the Draft. I personally would like to see if Rodon could finally stay healthy, as a starter. Recovering from TJS seems pretty much a high probability and his shoulder has already been repaired, sufficiently to assuage any of those concerns. Interesting decision. Let's just hope that he gets healthy and then the front office can try to figure it out. 

    He's no longer part of the Sox long term plans, IMO. He's going to hit the FA market regardless, given that Boras is his agent. The Sox need to prepare for 2020 without him. They can stretch him out in 2021 if they want to, but for 2020 they need to have that spot occupied by a competent, semi durable starter. Maybe they can give him starts when they have to shut down Kopech toward the end of the season, but they should work him for longer stints out of the bullpen to start, until he needs to replace either Kopech or Cease.