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  1. 5 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    You really are trying for that ban.

    I'll agree to the ban if you guys let me back on OD 2022 if I ask to be reinstated. I'd be glad to be banned. I spend way too much time on this board.

    I PMed the Mods asking to be banned months ago, nobody answered so now I have to be an asshole in order to get it done.  

  2. 1 minute ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    Who, Jack?

    Abreu worse year in 3 years.
    Anderson worse than the past two years
    Moncada worse than 2019.

    Please tell me all these over performers.

    Hendriks blows! Jack was right!


  3. Just now, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    The 2005 White Sox had the best record in baseball for 90% of the season.

    Is this just you "tempering" your expectations for a team that already won the title? At this point I just feel like you're trolling, and it's not your pessimism any longer but your desire to say irrational things to get a reaction.

    Part of the reason the Sox won that championship was because of Cliff Pollitte and Neal Cotts, two guys that had great seasons that sucked before and after that season. 

    The Sox needed 3 closers that year, most teams that go through 3 closers don't make the playoffs. 

    The dropped 3rd strike, the HBP that was actually a foul ball, etc. 

  4. Just now, Heads22 said:

    The team that was first place from the first day to the last day of the season? That went 110-64 (46 games over .500) over the regular season and playoffs?

    And the team that missed the playoffs the following season and lost 90 games 2 seasons later. 

  5. Just now, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    ThE WhItE SoX OfFenSe iS TeRrIbLe!

    Page size:
     30 items in 1 pages
    1 HOU 1416 3936 131 551 529 37 9.4% 19.3% .171 .302 .266 .340 .437 .336   118 -8.7 76.6 3.2 21.6
    2 TOR 1417 3611 150 495 473 44 7.9% 21.5% .192 .302 .264 .327 .456 .336   112 -4.3 46.4 -10.1 16.1
    3 CHW 1411 3757 108 502 474 41 10.0% 23.4% .163 .310 .252 .335 .415 .327   110 5.6 49.3 -4.0 17.5


    except for having the 3rd best wRC+ in baseball despite missing 4 of their best offensive players for much of the year!

    Smoke and mirrors. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, soxfan49 said:

    Essentially yjust said that the Sox and Indians aren't much different. The two teams play the same opponents. One is 9.5 games better than the other. Your post is idiotic and will surely be one that you regret soon enough

    Cleveland has had a much more difficult schedule so far. Wait until August and September when both teams are healthy and the Sox are playing Oakland and the Yankees while Cleveland is playing KC and Minnesota. 

  7. 1 minute ago, soxfan49 said:

    The Sox are really good. The Indians aren't. Just shut up

    Remember the Danny Mac "who you crappin" segment back in the day? You would be ripped apart on that weekly

    The Sox are not really good, that's where we disagree. They're winning the division by ownership forfeit. 

    The offense is terrible most nights, and so is the bullpen. Rodon/Lynn/Giolito have been carrying the team. 

  8. It's not that Cleveland is as good as the Sox, as it is the Sox are almost as bad as Cleveland. 

    Never forget 2005. 

    They had a 15 game lead on August 1 and it was shrunk to 0.5 by September 15th. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, chitownsportsfan said:

    nice thing about yoan is even when he's slumping he's still a 350 obp

    I think he's only walked once or twice since the ASB. 

    EDIT: That's #3. 

    Had a .292 OBP since the break going into tonight. 

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