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  1. TheHawkaroo

    Now that the playoffs started

    I wanted to see Padres Tigers, but I wouldn't mind Dodgers Tigers or Cards Tigers.
  2. TheHawkaroo

    IF the Sox win the Wild Card...

    QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ Aug 16, 2006 -> 06:06 PM) I wouldnt even want Freddy Pitching. Game 1: Jose Contreras Game 2: Mark Buehrle Game 3: Jon Garland Game 4: Contreras/Vazquez depending on situtation Game 5: Contreras/Buehrle All this hate for Freddy, who has the 2nd best ERA on the staff and tied for 2nd in wins? I don't get it. Buehrle and Vaz have been much worse than Freddy most of the year and Garland has only been better lately. I'd rather have Freddy pitching at this point than Buehrle or Vaz.
  3. TheHawkaroo

    Big Frank

    Great to hear, funny thing about Frank is no matter how many times he gets hurt and goes on the DL he'll always come back and hit some homers.
  4. TheHawkaroo

    Toughest Athlete?

    Michael Jordan, Pete Rose, Dennis Rodman, the whole '85 bears team.
  5. TheHawkaroo

    Game Thread: 6/04

    Was Anderson out binge drinking last night?
  6. TheHawkaroo

    Offense is not the problem

    Good post, I totally agree. Bullpen is our problem and the only thing Kenny should be looking to upgrade.
  7. TheHawkaroo

    Could Jon Garland win 200 games?

    Yeah it's quite possible. If he stays with good teams and stays healthy he'll be the kind of guy who will win 12 a year. Never dominating but good enough to win and give some quality starts. I think his size and mechanics will keep him healthy barring a freak injury. Jon has alwyas been consistent and is ready to go every 5 days. QUOTE(MSHAWKS @ May 31, 2006 -> 11:36 AM) One day Garland might have the dubious disticntion of becoming the first 200 game winner with a career era over 5.00 Doubtful, I'd look at his current career ERA (4.53) as where he'll be around the rest of his career. I think last year's ERA was a bit of a fluke and expect more of a lower 4 ERA for his peak years. By the end of this year he'll have it below 4.5
  8. TheHawkaroo


    QUOTE(sayitaintso @ May 7, 2006 -> 08:46 AM) Walks and passed balls? What does this matter. A knuckler will have walks and passed balls whether he starts or relieves. A walk in the 1st inning is just as bad as a walk in the 7th. The object of a pitcher is to make outs, if he can't make outs then he shouldn't be starting or relieving. I think a knuckler in the pen is a good idea. As the long reliever/6th starter who could eat up a lot of innings. If a starter gets hurt or has a bad outing throw in the knuckler.
  9. TheHawkaroo

    Pujols, God's gift to hitting

    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ May 1, 2006 -> 12:52 PM) Does anyone think he actually has a chance to break Bonds' record this year? It's very early, and I certainly don't want to get my hopes up, but wouldn't it be the sweetest thing for Bonds to see his record erased in his retirement year (probably)? Obviously it's still very early and it's always a bad idea to project, but I don't see why not. He already has 14 in what is usually the hardest month to hit. The summer heat of St. Louis is coming and hitting will only get easier. We'll see how that park plays out in the heat, I got a feeling it was made just for Pujols to jack one out.
  10. TheHawkaroo

    Pujols, God's gift to hitting

    Pujols is on pace to shatter the balance of time and space. Projecting his current stats over a whole season gives you this line. .346, 102 HR, 233 RBI, 189 R I projected him to have 591 AB's (Look at his AB's for the last five years 590, 590, 591, 592, 591.) Of course he won't continue this pace... right?
  11. TheHawkaroo

    God bless Jeff Brantley

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Apr 30, 2006 -> 11:39 PM) He says if he could have ANY PLAYER IN THE GAME.......he'd take Jonathan Papelbon. That could be the dumbest thing he's ever said, and that's saying something. He also said the White Sox should be happy they got THomes because Konerko is getting off to a slow start. Last time I checked Konerko was getting off to the best start of his career, .360 6 HR 20 RBI, talk about a "slow start"
  12. TheHawkaroo

    Baseball America's "dream draft"

    57. Will Kimmey Manny Ramirez, of Are these guys retarded?
  13. TheHawkaroo

    BP's "Top 50"--Where's Buehrle?

    I have found that the whole PECTOTA system is great for fantasy baseball, but when it comes to real baseball it all kind of falls apart, as the sox proved last year. The system is good at predicting a player's numbers, but as far as predicting a team's succes it is worthless. It definetly overvalues OBP and undervalues defense and fundamental baseball. It also tends to undervalue pitchers like Buehrle, Glavine, and even Maddux. Guys who don't have great K or Hit rates but still find a way to win.
  14. TheHawkaroo

    Comebacks for Sox Fans

    Let em talk, the more they talk now the sweeter it will be when they choke in september and the sox are in the playoffs.
  15. TheHawkaroo

    Rick Morrissey calls out his own bosses

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Mar 31, 2006 -> 12:33 PM) If it gets desperate enough, the Tribune might sell either way. Yes the Cubs are one of the few things the Trib has that makes money, but it would also net them the most money if they sold now. Yeah I don't see why they would sell it unless they were REALLY desperate. The Cubs are a money-making machine. Newspaper sales may be down but over-priced cub tickets are not. I Think they would only sell if they had to, if they were in debt and about to go under.