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  1. Al Lopez's Ghost

    White Sox outright 5 to Charlotte

    They've improved the depth of the system so much this year, I'm sure they had rule 5 considerations.
  2. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Reynaldo getting the call and the ball on Friday

    Who's leaving the big club?
  3. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Avi Garcia to the DL

    When Avi comes back, who goes?
  4. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Teams are asking about Holland

    They're probably asking "is he really that bad?"
  5. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Reverse Standings Thread

    Because if we only get the number two pick, we won't Obsess about it at all.
  6. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Avi Garcia to the DL

    There go the playoffs.
  7. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Melky thread

    Delmonico played left tonight. Just sayin'.
  8. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Yolmer Sanchez

    Yolmer is to be admired for how he has developed over the last 12 months...but I'd take a guy who could become the first lefty out of the pen eventually. Yolmer is a spare part.
  9. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Reverse Standings Thread

    QUOTE (GermanSock @ Jul 20, 2017 -> 03:32 AM) It all depends on the next season. Beer was ranked so high because he had that outstanding freshman year. Most are not that good their first year. Last year was good but a step back. To be in conversation for first overall again he needs a monster year and basically be clearly the nest college hitter by some margin because he is a corner of at best. Usually those guys don't get drafted first overall, but if he is projected as a generational hitter that doesn't matter. But if he just has a very good season (20hr, 1000 ops) he could probably fall to late top10. I would actually like if they got turang. Usually you should not go by need but the sox system has absolutely nothing at shortstop and shortstops are the most valuable prospects as they can also move to every other position except catcher. So if turang is one of the 5 best players why not go for him? Because Tank for Turang doesn't sound as cool? I have confidence the Sox will make the right decision, irrespective of what we all theorize, and shortstop is a weakness.
  10. Al Lopez's Ghost

    Anthony Swarzak to Brewers; Sox receive Ryan Cordell

    QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Jul 19, 2017 -> 09:34 AM) Avi/Swarzak to STL with Carson Kelly headlining the deal Liking that idea.
  11. QUOTE (Alexeihyeess @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 09:28 PM) Basabe is barely top 30. The crazy part is that Burger and Collins barely make it into the top 15 (!). Sox are loaded. Plus all the pitchers...It's gonna be HARD to make the White Sox. As it should be.
  12. If the Sox tie this game in the bottom of the ninth, I will be so pissed.
  13. Never been more distracted from a Sox game.
  14. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:41 PM) I feel like I am waiting for the scene in Swordfish where Halle Berry unclips her top... You must be expecting a better outcome than most of us.
  15. Being by Phil Rogers Tweeted that Frazier did hugs and handshakes and went into clubhouse