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  1. wolves01

    COVEY DFA-ed - Signed by TB

    I'll bring the party dip! Hope to never see him in a Sox uniform again.
  2. Thank God we should never see Dylan Covey start another game for the Sox. If he does, a disaster has occurred.
  3. wolves01

    Parking For Day/Night Doubleheader

    Going back about 10 years ago I caught both games of a day-night DH. They didn't make us leave the lot, but we were suppose to pay another parking fee. They used different colored tickets for game two. A guy came around to check. However, I already had a bunch on my dash from previous games so it appeared to him that I paid for the 2nd game. I'd be interested to hear how it turns out
  4. wolves01

    Weekday tailgating

    We tailgate usually 3 hours before the game starts. Weekdays included. Thankfully our first game this year is Saturday. Looking good.
  5. wolves01

    Eloy Jimenez: I'm Ready (Players' Tribune)

    Great story. So looking forward to this kid coming up
  6. wolves01

    Rodon has minor shoulder surgery

    QUOTE (OmarComing25 @ Sep 28, 2017 -> 03:51 PM) For a shoulder surgery this is pretty much best case scenario, right? Yes. I had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders about six months apart. Wish I just had to do what Rodon did instead.
  7. Lots of Melido Perez starts. After spotting the opponent 5 or 6 in the first inning, he was untouchable.
  8. wolves01

    Comcast adding WCIU HD (SOXNET)

  9. wolves01

    Need Directions to The Cell from I-55

    QUOTE(Molto @ Aug 9, 2007 -> 10:06 AM) It's only a few minutes/seconds once you get on the Dan Ryan from the 55 and off at 31st or 35th, so no alternate route is really needed. If you think it's going to be really congested though for the game, he can just get off at Ashland, take a right, left on Archer, right on 35th. Thanks! We're going to get there plenty early, so I'll just send him down the Ryan.
  10. wolves01

    Need Directions to The Cell from I-55

    QUOTE(BigSqwert @ Aug 9, 2007 -> 09:50 AM) http://maps.google.com/ Yes...I am a smartass. Yes, I did try that first, but couldn't determine which exit. Should have went to the Sox website first. Found the info I need there. Thanks.
  11. wolves01

    Need Directions to The Cell from I-55

    My brother is driving up from Peoria on Saturday for the game. He'll be coming up I-55. Is there a good alternate to avoid the Ryan from there? I'll be meeting him at Maxwell St Depot on 31st and Canal. I'm from the northwest and have no idea about routes from the south and west.
  12. wolves01


    QUOTE(BFirebird @ Jun 29, 2007 -> 03:19 PM) Yeah..you are correct on that. Scrub/Sox series the lots definitely open sooner. I thought that maybe you could come early for every series but was unsure...figured I should check before I tell everyone in my group to get there really early. Has anyone tailgated early this year in the Non Scrub/Sox series? Yes. Almost every game I go to, we get there 3 hours before the game and have never had a problem getting into lot E. I'm not sure about other lots though.
  13. wolves01


    We were in lot E 3 1/2 hours before the game against the Scrubs last Saturday.
  14. wolves01

    ticket refund question

    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ May 16, 2007 -> 12:43 PM) I've said it before, and I will say it again. The White Sox might have their bumps as an organization, but they do a lot to accomidate their fans. to Brooks and his staff. Agreed, that sounds fair to me. GO SOX!
  15. wolves01

    ticket refund question

    Thanks. I sent an email to one of the ticket reps. I'll post back if I get anywhere with it.