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  1. kevo880

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 01:10 PM) I thought he was in charge for Fulmer. Even so, the track record is poor. I don't think that Collins has hit above .260 at any level. Actually I looked it up and his best season average wise was his draft year, which he hit .258 in Kanny. He hit .230 last year. I don't think he's a major league hitter if he can't crack .240 at A+ BA is the last thing you should look at when assessing Collins.
  2. kevo880

    2018 Watercooler thread

    Has anyone watched Sneaky Pete on Amazon? Just wrapping up the first season.
  3. How is Brendan Rodgers left off this list? Dude rakes.
  4. kevo880

    MLB Pipeline Top Prospects

    QUOTE (cjgalloway @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 03:54 PM) Any idea when they release the top 30 for each team? They typically make their rounds during training camp if my memory is correct.
  5. kevo880

    7/19 Game Thread: Dodgers @ Sox

    Everything about that was ridiculously stupid...why why why
  6. kevo880

    July 8th Game Thread: White Sox @ Colorado Rockies

    Walking into the game now. Hopefully better outcome than last night!
  7. kevo880

    Baseball America Mid Season top 100 updated

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Jul 7, 2017 -> 02:27 PM) Soto at #94 sounds about right to me at this point. He does not have the speed to profile as a center fielder long term, forcing his bat to play up as a corner outfielder. I like him, but he needs to prove both health and success in the minors before calling him a top 50 guy. Pretty crazy that all 5 of our top 100 have entered our system since last season ended.
  8. kevo880

    Nationals acquire Doolittle/Madson from As

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jun 11, 2017 -> 10:41 PM) Given the leaked trade that almost went through in December, it's unlikely we even get Soto Can someone refresh my memory on what the leaked trade was in the offseason that got nixed?
  9. kevo880

    2017 Draft prediction thread

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Jun 12, 2017 -> 09:20 AM) I'm pulling for a shocker in Beck. Would love that but am afraid he doesn't fall to us. Don't think it will be Kendall and feel someone unexpected will be swooped by us. I agree. I think it will be someone that we have not publicly been linked to.
  10. kevo880

    BA top 100 update

    QUOTE (Joshua Strong @ May 11, 2017 -> 01:06 PM) I think there was one report that said Tucker wasn't on the table. Who knows what was really offered, if there even was an offer. Everything that I saw had Tucker off the table the entire time, but I do remember the reports that said the Sox asked for all 3. Oh well, doesn't matter.
  11. kevo880

    BA top 100 update

    QUOTE (NCsoxfan @ May 11, 2017 -> 11:36 AM) IIRC, we asked for Musgrove in addition to those two. Right. So the Sox didn't make a mistake is turning down a trade that was never offered to them.
  12. kevo880

    BA top 100 update

    QUOTE (NCsoxfan @ May 11, 2017 -> 11:05 AM) Well, based on the rankings we probably made a mistake if we turned down Tucker/Martes. Theres no way to know. Those two prospects could've just as easily fallen back like Giolito, but as of now that looks like a really good package for Q. I thought the rumor with Houston was that they wouldn't give up that package for Quintana. It wasn't that we turned down a package including Tucker and Martes. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. kevo880

    BA top 100 update

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 11, 2017 -> 09:36 AM) Fulmer did a lot of damage to his standing last year. He is going to have to do some big things to over come that for rankings sake. Hansen has to be a fun debate for these kinds of lists. I mean he has ace stuff, put a lot of work to do to get there. He has turned around, but still has big issues when he gets into about the middle of games keeping his mechanics and stuff. Agreed, but for Lopez to be at #23 and Fulmer not ranked just doesn't seem right to me.
  14. kevo880

    BA top 100 update

    QUOTE (maxjusttyped @ May 11, 2017 -> 08:27 AM) 1- Yoan Moncada 23- Reynaldo Lopez 24- Michael Kopech 40- Lucas Giolito 51- Zack Collins http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/top-...hOMrYRsRpOEL.97 Surprised Carson Fulmer isn't on this list. I understand why Burdi isn't, but think he should be. Dunning and Hansen have to be close to the top 100.
  15. kevo880

    2017 NFL off season thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Apr 25, 2017 -> 03:00 PM) The draft is actually very quite, especially loaded at DB and TE. QB is debatable and the top has a good number of above average players. You might say the top isn't quite as strong as some past drafts, but the quality and depth is very strong. I also argue that there are some intriguing QB options and I still believe we see 3 QB's picked in the 1st round (and I've been pretty adamant about this for months). I will be dissapointed if the Bears don't select a QB with one of its first two picks. I still think San Fran is taking a QB. No clear day 1 starter, but quite a few QB's with NFL talent. Didn't the 49ers already come out and say they are going after Cousins next offseason?