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  1. kevo880

    The Beer Thread

    Not sure how far their reach is at this point. Living in CO now and it’s not available here.
  2. kevo880

    The Beer Thread

    Yeah man, Greenbush is great, especially the starchicken. About 15-20 min from my hometown.
  3. kevo880

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    844 OPS vs righties last season. As long as he’s only playing in the platoon role then I like it.
  4. kevo880

    2019 Home Improvement

    In the Denver area now actually. I gave it a quick thought of doing it myself, but I don’t feel 100% confident in my ability to do that. Could probably find someone I know that has done it before to have around and help though.
  5. kevo880

    2019 Home Improvement

    We own a pretty small house, with the main level being about 600 sq ft. We currently have half of it (living room) carpeted and other half (entry way and kitchen) with tile. We hate how the divide limits our living room space and where we can put our couch as there is a solid 2 ft of tile that could be living room space and the tile is just terribly cheap. It cracked in a couple spots and had to get those tiles replaced, then the installer used the wrong color grout so it doesn't even match the rest of the tile! We are debating having all of that torn up to install a wood laminate across the entire main level. We had an estimate done and it would cost $2600 for them to tear up what we have an install the flooring of our choice (flooring price is in addition to that). Couple questions here: Does anyone have wood laminate and what are your opinions on that? Does that price seem reasonable?
  6. kevo880

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    Seems like that would be a bad idea. Would make him overpaid and he would definitely accept it.
  7. I think that's a cop out though. Injuries happen. If you take the top 3 players off any team then that team isn't going to be as good. Yes, injuries will happen.
  8. That's interesting. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most savvy guy in the world when it comes to advanced metrics. I think another thing to take note of though is I don't think Narvaez's D improves like that with the Sox coaching.
  9. I think the organization knows what it wants for Collins. To me it seemed like Renteria wasn't on that same page during his cup of coffee though. I think the plan is for him to be the back up catcher and keep his bat in the lineup at first base/DH most days of the week. I'd be surprised if the plan isn't for McCann to be the starter for the next few years, but who knows. I understand his offensive production is vastly improved this season, but his value on D is always there which is huge with our young pitching staff and mentoring young catchers in Collins and Zavala.
  10. I understand the frustration on the international level, but I personally don't miss Narvaez. Not great defensively and will probably regress offensively. According to BR Narvaez is at a 1.7 WAR this season while the guy we signed to replace him is at 2.5...
  11. Lol it's like no one can see the arrow is finally pointing up for the Sox. Just keep looking in the past.
  12. And that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don't think there is any reason for people to act irrationally about today. We've already shipped out everyone that was a trade-able asset. Now it's hopefully one more top 10 pick, sign a RF and a starter, and let our prospects develop into major league players. Regardless if we make the playoffs next season or not, it's going to be a hell of a lot more fun when you add Robert, Madrigal, Kopech, and whoever else to this team.
  13. Agreed. The over reactions are hilarious. If there was a solid offer for Colome then he would be gone. No point in giving our players away. No one else that would make sense to trade holds enough value to get anything back anyways. It is what it is at this point. The only people throwing fits are the ones that hate the front office and will attack them about every little decision.
  14. kevo880

    7/31 Games

  15. Fore sure. Didn't mean anything by it. The way I read it sounded like you expected them to be.