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  1. As long as he will play 3rd base. Not interested in him at SS.
  2. kevo880

    Eloy playing winter ball

  3. kevo880

    Your Offseason Plan

    I'm going to assume we aren't getting any of Corbin, Harper, or Machado. I would love all 3 of them so if that happens then that's amazing, but I am going to go with, what I think to be, a more realistic offseason. As most of us can agree, the Sox are still a couple years away from having a good majority of their talent up in the majors. That is why I would prefer 1-3 year deals for any of these players. 3rd Base: Donaldson or Moustakas Outfield: Brantley and McCutchen Starting Pitcher: Ryu and Morton I think these moves would make us competitive while being infused with our younger talent as they show they are ready over the next couple years. Get the youngsters in the frame of mind to win when they get called up.
  4. kevo880

    2018 Films thread

    Saw Mid 90's this weekend. Was short, but really enjoyed it. Nice work by Jonah Hill.
  5. kevo880

    Moncada hopes to stay at 2b

    I think it comes down to 2 things: Does Madrigal develop as anticipated and then take over as a gold glove caliber 2nd baseman, which could then move Moncada to 3rd or Do the Sox sign Machado this offseason or Arenado next offseason, thus making Madrigal a super sub or Moncada/Madrigal trade bait to upgrade at a different position.
  6. kevo880

    Technology catch-all thread

    For sure. I recent signed up with Vivent Home Security and the Nest was an option to be installed with it. I like how it goes into Eco Mode when it doesn't detect motion for a little while so I do expect to have lower energy costs, especially in the winter time.
  7. kevo880

    Technology catch-all thread

    How long have you had the Nest? I've had it almost a month now and like it, but haven't had it long enough to notice a difference on monthly bills.
  8. Lol is Owen really Patrick Nolan?
  9. kevo880

    FS: Checking the Boxes - a rock and a hard place

    I really hope some of the twitter folk read this article. Between Patrick Nolan and Southside Larry I can't even read their posts anymore. Everyday it's the same thing claiming how much damage is being done to Kopech and Jimenez for not being called up yet. People need to look at the big picture of what's best for the organization.
  10. kevo880

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    If he is a September call up then the Sox would have to wait an extra 30 days or so to call him up next season right? So for example, instead of April 15 it would be May 15 and they would still have the extra year of control?
  11. kevo880

    2018 Travel Thread

    Main street is pretty much where everything is. I would just start at one end and walk down. Plenty of shops/restaurants/bars to enjoy. I have plenty of friends that have biked Vail Pass and heard it's awesome. Never done it myself though. There are some awesome trails to hike as well. A google search could point you in the direction of the trail heads.
  12. kevo880

    6/6 Games

    There we go Robert! 2 RBI base hit
  13. kevo880

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    So awesome! Wish we could have seen the catch a little better.
  14. kevo880

    2018 MLB Draft

    He has called quite a few transactions to be considered a fraud. I realize he can be a joke to follow on twitter sometimes but there's really no question that he has someone "in the know" that gives him info.
  15. kevo880

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 01:10 PM) I thought he was in charge for Fulmer. Even so, the track record is poor. I don't think that Collins has hit above .260 at any level. Actually I looked it up and his best season average wise was his draft year, which he hit .258 in Kanny. He hit .230 last year. I don't think he's a major league hitter if he can't crack .240 at A+ BA is the last thing you should look at when assessing Collins.