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  1. Baines3

    AJ will not return to Sox

    I sure hope AJ returns to the Sox.
  2. Baines3

    espn says the sox are in need of a leadoff hitter

    I thought De Aza did good as a lead off hitter.
  3. Baines3

    AJ files for FA

    I hope we can resign AJ some how.
  4. Baines3

    White Sox Re-Sign Jake Peavy

    Sure glad Peavy is staying.
  5. Baines3

    Your 2013 Plan for the White Sox

    I hope Liriano goes some place else next season.
  6. Baines3

    Worst collapse in franchise history?

    The collapse this season was a bad one, don't know about the worst in franchise history.
  7. Baines3

    Steve Stone NOT leaving

    I hope Stone stays for next season.
  8. Baines3

    9/26/12 GT Indians @ Sox 7:10pm WCIU

    Let's get our act together and beat these teams we should be beating.
  9. Baines3

    Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

    Let's break this losing streak and win a game. Let's win this division.
  10. Baines3

    GT: 9/23: Sox vs. Angels

    Hope the Twins can win the double header.
  11. Baines3

    Despite our good season, we have MANY ?'s

    I hope Youk stays next season but I have my doubts on it.
  12. Baines3

    9/18 White Sox at Royals

    Hope we sweep KC and the Tigers get swept. Go White Sox!
  13. Baines3


    That win was a big one. Hope we are playing our best this week.
  14. Baines3


    Does anyone know who will be pitching for us Monday against the Tigers in the make up game?
  15. Baines3

    GAME. THREAD. 9/13 Detroit @ White Sox

    We need a win tonight badly.