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  1. Yeah but Pollock didn't start. Only played an inning defensively. Why not just put him in from the get go
  2. Why would you put in Pollock then remove him for haisley
  3. JoshPR

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Gotcha. Very strange story then
  4. JoshPR

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Could have been hacked
  5. JoshPR

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    I'm looking at his IG. The official one blue checked. Got 17 posts. Nothing deleted
  6. JoshPR

    Great Expectations

    He could have learned that and always made me wonder how much influence coop had on that. The grass was not greener on the other side for the sox and a lot of so talk posters who bitched and moaned daily bout ricky