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  1. ..... What's going on here.... 😡😶
  2. C'mon dude gotta be trolling.....
  3. JoshPR

    Rays to Sign Avi

    Good for avi
  4. Machado, ottavino and maybe GioGonzalez for me. Don't want pollock
  5. Lol at the title. I think people panic cause they want the team to win to be mentioned be on the map so to speak. Its not always that big name free agent and Chicago White sox are mentioned in the same breath. So I can see fans getting upset and what not. I honestly have kept the bar low. For multiple reasons. Honestly I think Hahn is a smart guy. But his hands are tied. And after the hunter fiasco I think we are seen as a joke or used. I think many of us want that to end. Its hard to put in words. Another reason is the state of the team and mostly we were lead to believe the team would go all out. Now is it happening ? who knows but its annoying to see these tweets. Even if it is a few Chicago media people making shit up. Its so screwed up that instead of our media people cheer us up and help the cause they rip the team apart. Haven't seen anybody from the Yankees rip them apart, or Todd zolecki trash the phills. So yes it does make some panic. We only want the best for our Sox.
  6. Yup the influx I talked about the other day....
  7. Again I think a lot is at stake for this franchise. They miss and a lot of people stay away and the brass will have so much heat upon them that they do something stupid
  8. Either or. But you get my drift. I get not going all out yet. But don't penny pinch. (If that is the case)
  9. Problem is sox need one of these guys to be taken seriously. Unfortunately its the price to pay. You guys think the cubs would have be taken seriously if they wouldn't have shelled out of Heyward?
  10. Cubs get any of these guys and hahn, Kenny and jerry will have to go into exile.
  11. I would love to know what's gonna be the excuse if they miss out.... How will Hahn get out of this one