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  1. JoshPR

    Jason Benetti

    Well you got a younger guy with an old buzzard(no offense to anyone) older player are set on there ways and really don't like change
  2. JoshPR

    Jason Benetti

    And yes love that DJ calls it how he sees it. Love when there's a stupid play and he'll be like... What is going on here... Lol
  3. JoshPR

    Jason Benetti

    He probably takes espn more seriously. I think he's way too relaxed with the sox.I hate the joke thing. I think he comes off as a wise ass too. ESPN probably reads him the riot act before he starts
  4. JoshPR

    Game 162

    I wonder what Cordell did to this guy...
  5. JoshPR

    Game 162

  6. JoshPR

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    That's why the coaching staff needs to go. No one has improved under steverson/sparks or even Don Cooper. Need fresh ideas. Time to move on
  7. JoshPR

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    Rodon looks gassed
  8. JoshPR

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    Yoan needs to give way...
  9. JoshPR

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    Where is rodon's velocity?
  10. JoshPR

    9/28/18 Double header Sox at Twins

    I agree on coop doing something else. I know he likes pitching to contact but I truly think that takes away from the staff in a sense
  11. JoshPR

    9/28/18 Double header Sox at Twins

    Man I really think steverson and sparks should be gone
  12. JoshPR

    The Hawk Harrelson tribute thread

    A lil slow at work for me right now. I decided to read this thread and now tears are running down my face. Its like asking myself were time has gone. Again I first heard hawk consistently in 1990(around the time my household got cable) I was 14 I tried not to miss any of the 50 games on WGN any any other random sox game a local channel down in PR would run. When he sounded off for the last time I felt hole in my chest. Like a part of me was gone. Now at 43 I look back and realize hawks broadcasts were a part of me. Having him gone is like a part of me is gone. THANK YOU HAWK FOR ALL THE YEARS AND MEMORIES only a true sox fans understands this feeling........
  13. JoshPR

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    Anybody remember the game against seattle when they loaded the bases and hawk goes.... "Bases loaded with sea-men" and 1 out lol
  14. JoshPR

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    Ill miss hawk. And I'm basicly crying right now. Yes I'll admit it. I turned 43 last Thursday and hawk has been a part of my life since I was 14 in1990. Its like an end of an era. Closing up a book. I know at the end hawk had some slips. But whitesox baseball won't be the same. Actually to me hawk is white Sox baseball. Thank you hawk!