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  1. JimJab

    Sox McDonald's commercials

    He probably gets all the McDonalds he wants at a discounted price.
  2. JimJab

    Sox McDonald's commercials

    QUOTE(GoSox05 @ Mar 29, 2006 -> 08:41 AM) should a guy who showed up to camp overweight and outta shape be doing commericals for the worlds most unhealthy food? I think not.
  3. JimJab

    Sox McDonald's commercials

    I saw the one with the Cubs Fan and Juan Pierre last night. They go into the fan's roomate's room because he's a Sox fan and wake him up to get back at him or something. I thought it was lame.
  4. JimJab

    Panthers @ BEARS

    I'm disappointed that we lost. But, we made it farther then many people said we would. We turned around from being 1-3 and made it into the playoffs. Our defense was awesome. I think if Rex never got injured during the preseason, then, we would have had a pretty good offense. Rex came alive in that game. As long as we get good draft picks, we'll be good. Our defense just didn't play the way they usually do. The only problem I have is with Mushin Muhammod. He would talk crap about Orton and now that Grossman is throwing good passes to him he can't pull them in. We need one more good wr and I think we're good to go. You'll see us again next year.
  5. JimJab

    STFU Howry

    I really don't care what this guy thinks. If the Cubs really have that good of a rotation then why haven't they won a World Series in the past 97-98 years? It might have taken us 88, but we still got it done. Kerry Wood and Mark Prior had some big years, but still haven't done anything. Greg Maddux is old and doesn't have many years left. So if this guy wants to say our pitchers just had a career year, well then atleast we got it done and we're in line to get it done next year too!
  6. JimJab

    Thank You Frank Thomas.

    Frank has always been my favorite player in the game and it's going to be hard to see him go. It's definetly going to be strange to see him in another uniform. I hope some sort of miracle happens and he comes back, it's unlikely, but one could dream, right? Wherever you end up on opening day, I'll still be supporting you! #35 For Life
  7. JimJab

    MVP 06 Release Date

    I hope they end up releasing it for PSP. I love playing MVP 05 on it.
  8. QUOTE(jackie hayes @ Jan 7, 2006 -> 11:33 PM) And maybe more than just drafted. Rotoworld's take is that he's a near certain first-rounder... Is this equally obvious to all the draftniks here? I wish there was a rule to keep someone like him out of the draft. For all the things he's done, I hope no one takes him, but as its been stated by others, including myself that won't happen. I think he's pass the point of maturing in his life. He's just low-life scum.
  9. JimJab

    White Sox Dream Date

    Your guy is Scott Podsednik. Take a number and getin line, ladies, because this base-stealingadonis is hotter than an egg frying in hell. Honestly, I'd rather have his woman..... I have a teacher that says she dated Neil Cotts when she was in college. I know it's weird to bring up. But, this topic reminded me of it.
  10. JimJab

    UT-USC Where does it Rank?

    I haven't seen many National Championships, the oldest I remember is Miami vs. Nebraska in 2002. I was pulling for USC because I flat out don't like Vince Young. However, the way Young play that game was simply amazing. Lendell White also played a great game. It has to be one of the best National Championship games ever, not just for the plays but for the talent.
  11. I was reading the Sun-Times and he made the comment of saying, "I'm just going to move onto the next level, baby" or something along those lines. Just like southsider2k5 side, I hope the nfl turns its back on him. Unfortunately, with the last name Vick, I think he'll get drafted.
  12. JimJab

    Buerhle says no to WBC

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Jan 7, 2006 -> 12:24 PM) Some Jackass cub fan just called into the score and how Mark Buerhle doesnt have pride in his country. That even though Prior and Wood are hurt they would pitch for their country. GMAFB. Maybe they should go back to worrying about if Wood is going to make more than 10 starts. Or if Prior will have elbow issues this year. Or maybe they should just worry about 1908. Back in 2001, when I really got into baseball, all I heard people talk about was Kerry Wood. So far I haven't seen Kerry Wood do anything, except up and down seasons. The same goes for Mark Prior. As for Mark Buerhle, I think he made a good decision. He'll be well rested for the start of the season and be back again to lead us to another WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!
  13. JimJab

    what sox gear did you get for christmas

    QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ Jan 7, 2006 -> 10:38 PM) Welcome to SoxTalk! Thank you!
  14. JimJab

    what sox gear did you get for christmas

    I got a Paul Konerko jersey. I also got a Scott Podsednik World Series Champions Jersey, an authentic White Sox Hat with World Series patch, and World Series DVD. Schweet!