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  1. 2nd_city_saint787

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Jon Jay was just on the ESPN 1000 and they kept it very tame on the Machado front.... Jay did say that they have talked about playing together in the past and that he's gonna try to make it happen
  2. 2nd_city_saint787

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Wait, so is he about to sign elsewhere? Clark said he'd delete his account if/when Manny signs elsewhere.
  3. 2nd_city_saint787

    Pending White Sox Move? (*May contain partially digested news)

    I would have zero problem bringing in Jones and Britton if it means Machado comes along. I wanna give Britton a look anyway, and, i know its kinda poo pood, Adam Jones from all I've seen/read/heard is a great leader. Having him around the young guys for a cpuple years could be beneficial. Jones as a bridge to Robert is perfect to me. Also, have you guys looked at that orioles rotation the lasr few years? Yeeesh. It's not Machado, Jones, or Britton that made that team so bad.
  4. 2nd_city_saint787

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Lurkers unite! #ThisIsReal
  5. Kenny Omega will face.............Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom. Very excite!
  6. 2nd_city_saint787

    Why is the world so cruel?

    Surprised there isn't a thread on this, I don't know where to put it, but there was a mass shooting on the Vegas strip. 20+ dead, 100+ injured. How sad.
  7. 2nd_city_saint787

    Who says we cant compete next year?

    Where is Manny Machado in the projected lineup? I really wanna see the Sox spend this off-season. They have money, there are some really good young players out there, and their first round pick will be protected.
  8. 2nd_city_saint787

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    I missed most of the game......Did the Bears play Howard and Cohen together in a 2 back set at all? What about Cohen split out wide as a receiver? Dude has really good hands and looks like he could be something....Bears need play makers out there.
  9. 2nd_city_saint787

    2017 Minor League Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (bighurt574 @ Sep 6, 2017 -> 11:02 AM) Keith Law released his 2017 prospect of the year - Vlad Jr. The 7 runners up included Tatis (re-iterates that he'll be a top 10 prospect next year, with a Manny Machado comp) and Alec Hansen. http://www.espn.com/blog/keith-law/insider/post?id=7614 For those non subscribers, any other hitters on the list? How do they stack up to Eloy?
  10. 2nd_city_saint787

    Fantasy Football

    So with Ajayi and Parker out, I need a starting WR and a flex out of.....Amendola, John Brown, Cooper Kupp, C.J Prosise, or Kyle Jusyjck. Or do I go grab Evan Engram or Fiedorowicz. What says you? I think Amendola is a given, but the others are all big time boom or bust guys.
  11. 2nd_city_saint787

    sox marketing technique - acquiring attractive players

    4 pages and not one mention of Cody Asche? That man being in the banner is the only reason I visit this site anymore. /sarcasm
  12. QUOTE (Y2HH @ Aug 22, 2017 -> 04:25 PM) This guy is the greatest Indy worker of all time. Totally not overrated. https://mobile.twitter.com/KVR216/status/89...7330561/photo/1 Just to be clear, I'm 99% sure that isn't Adam Cole. Well, I take that back, he has wrestled for IWA a whooping 3 time. Once on a tryout show at age 19, and then 2 more when he was 21. He was still a "Green kid" back then. Adam Cole is fantastic. If the crowd latches on to saying "Adam Cole Bay Bay" he'll get over......He's also only 28, so he has a lot of wrestling left.
  13. QUOTE (Brian @ Aug 21, 2017 -> 05:48 PM) 2 of my faves right now. Both are 5'11" just like....Adam Cole Bay Bay!!!
  14. Brian, what are your thoughts on Styles and Balor?
  15. Adam Cole Bay Bay! Cole with ReDRagon, chasing all the gold, is gonna be a whole lotta fun.