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  1. Pants Rowland

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Jan-Michael Vincent, 73. I used to love to watch Airwolf with my old man.
  2. Pants Rowland

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    This almost made me smile as much as the Black Betty/Pam Ballam meme.
  3. Pants Rowland

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    As we say, Hyesa Mehsah!
  4. Pants Rowland

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Congratulations, Bart Simpson: you're our new Fallout Boy! ... ... That's what I'd be saying to you if you weren't an inch too short. Next!
  5. Pants Rowland

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    And that is why he just joined Greg on my list of ignored posters. Word vomit is an understatement.
  6. Pants Rowland

    Double Game 163 Thread

    I would agree, but their luck over the past few years would have had them winning today, too.
  7. Pants Rowland

    Double Game 163 Thread

    I only saw on game tracker calling it a deep fly to RF. How close was it to out?
  8. Pants Rowland

    Abreu hospitalized

  9. Pants Rowland

    Taking a hiatus at the end of the baseball season

    I know this wasn't the spirit of the original post, but this thread made me think of this scene again. Peace.
  10. Pants Rowland

    Can of Corn

    I approve this message
  11. Pants Rowland

    Can of Corn

    Anyone else thing he's a bloviating jerk face?
  12. Pants Rowland

    9 year anniversary of MB's perfect game: where were you?

    I was actually there. Had two season tickets but did not think I would make it due to a busy schedule. By the 5th inning I was in my car with my 4 year old speeding down the Ike from Oak Brook. We arrived around the 6th and got a spot somehow in the VIP area next to gate 1, got to our seats in RF about a half inning later. The ballpark was electric when Wise made that catch. At the end, everyone is going nuts and the usher in our section with her back to the field says to me, "Why are people going crazy? Just because they won?" My kid then asked "Did the Sox win, dad?" Great memories.
  13. Pants Rowland

    How the Sox are trying to perfect tanking

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Apr 3, 2018 -> 01:10 PM) It was written for a non-Sox audience but I do agree it was mostly "old news" for Sox fans. It is still encouraging to see a knowledgeable admitted White Sox hater break it all down and exhibit an admiration for what is being done here, even with the noted slip up of the Tatis trade. The guy seems to have done his homework.
  14. Pants Rowland

    Financial News

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Mar 1, 2018 -> 10:04 AM) This has been in complete chaos this morning, and the meeting has now changed to a "listening session" so who knows what'll actually happen. but now it's back on and he announced tariffs. Strong and stable No White House chaos oh they got this all screwed up, let me fix that Strong and stable? No, White House chaos! Reminds me of that Lionel Hutz ad