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  1. Lillian

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    The Reed situation is entirely different, not because he is left handed and Robert isn't. My argument about Reed was that, given his age and Minor League tenure, he was going to have to be on the 40 Man Roster, next year, or be exposed to a waiver claim. Moreover, he has already had a few years at AAA and has nothing left to prove there. He needs to be given Major League at bats, in order to determine whether, or not, he is worth keeping. Interesting to note that the front office agreed with that reasoning, which is why they changed their minds and brought him up. Regarding the length of time that I have argued that they could use a middle of the order left handed bat: Yes, it's been just about as long as they have not had one. I'll probably continue to hope that they find one, until they finally do. Reed is just the next guy up. If he doesn't work, they'll likely try someone else. Moncada is the only viable candidate, but hitting 4TH or 5TH probably isn't the ideal spot for him. Again, the front office seems to be on the same page, with me, regarding this issue. because they keep trying. In any case, it has nothing to do with Robert. They will decide when to bring him up, based upon the kinds of considerations, which have been discussed in this thread, and elsewhere. Many posters have raised valid points, and we all have to just hope that they have a sound plan.
  2. Lillian

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    I did not say one word about the left handed issue, in my post. You, Sir are the one who brought it up. Does this mean that every time I post something, that someone is going to try to remind everyone about my desire for better balance in the order? If that is the case, well so be it. However, it is ridiculous. Yes, I have a point of view, on the subject, as do you. However, that does not mean that it is the only subject, regarding the Sox, or baseball in general, about which I have thoughts and opinions. It's not very gratifying to be the subject of such unreasonable scrutiny. If I express an opinion about another topic, why should anyone, reply with "Yes, but it's because he isn't left handed"? Do you see how unintelligent that sounds?
  3. Lillian

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    For those who seem to think that being left handed is my only qualification for a hitter, let me put it this way: If Robert becomes Mike Trout, I would put him in whatever spot in the middle of the lineup, which would best fit. Now, would that eliminate the appropriateness of acquiring a middle of the order, left handed bat, to provide better balance to the lineup. The answer is no. You don't think that the front office agrees with that assertion? Why are they running one left handed bat, after another, through the organization? It's so obvious, that it's really not worth expending any more effort to clarify it. Dunn, La Roche, Palka, Alonso and now Reed. They are trying to fill that void. I am simply agreeing with the front office. If you don't agree, criticize them.
  4. Lillian

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    Oy, that again. Stop already.
  5. Lillian

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    Yes, he does look like he may end up being the best of all of the talented young core, which this team has assembled. I've watched Robert hit a lot, on MILB TV games, and he is still chasing the low and away, breaking balls. Once he learns to lay off those pitches, as Eloy seems to be learning to do, he should indeed be a Super Star. As I said, I'm excited, but just trying to temper some of the "over the top" optimism. Will he become a 30/30 guy, a 40/40 guy, or a 50/50 guy? That is the question for me. If it's the former that's a good outcome. If it's the latter, that is absolutely fantastic. That would be Mike Trout, HOF, best player in Sox History, kind of good. It will be fun to see, either way.
  6. Lillian

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    I am as excited, as anyone. The future does indeed look bright. However, calm down guys. It was one game. I think Collins hit a couple homers in his first game of the season, didn't he? And now there are those who are ready to give up on him. Let's just see if Robert can continue to excel. As far as going for the Post Season this year is concerned, that would seem to be complete folly. The pitching staff has been completely decimated with injuries. After Giolito and Cease, there isn't anyone who belongs on a contending team. We all know that, even if nights like tonight might help us to forget it. Next year is the year to really be stoked. It is fun to think about a team built around these exciting young players and a starting rotation of Giolito, Kopech, Cease and whomever JR agrees to spend money on, in free agency. I can't wait.
  7. That's why he's going to get the playing time. We should all want to find out, one way, or the other. Here are his AAA Split Stats from 2016 through last year, versus RH pitching: AVG OBP SLG% OPS 2018 .272 .363 .554 .916 24 HR 345 AB 2017 .287 .375 .590 .966 29 HR 349 AB 2016 .306 .361 .585 .946 11 HR 183 AB
  8. I suspected that your comment was made in jest, but as much grief as I get around here, for wanting a better balance in the line up, I never know when someone is serious, when it comes to that subject.
  9. I'd be interested to hear more about Reed's weight, and what all of your thoughts are, on the subject. This young man seems to be in quite awful shape. That's quite a belly he's carrying there, and I understand that he has not expressed any interest in trying to change that.
  10. I am aware of that. My mentioning Mercedes was only as an emergency replacement for either Collins, or McCann, in the event that one of them were injured, after having released Castillo, should the Sox elect to do that. I also suggested Zavala, in that same context, realising that he also hits right handed. Under a scenario, in which Castillo were moved and Collins, or McCann were injured, someone would have to assume the back up catcher role, regardless of the side of the plate, from which they hit. I wasn't suggesting the Mercedes be given the DH role.
  11. If the Sox traded McCann, that would be even more infuriating than missing out on the Harper/Machado "sweepstakes". I give Hahn more credit than that. They have lucked into filling the catching void, and to now trade it away, would be just stupid. The question should be whether, or not, to extend him, not for whom could we trade him.
  12. Thank you. I stand corrected. If he is only required to be on the 40 Man Roster, the Sox could do that, if they were concerned about losing him. Nevertheless, until Reed gets some significant MLB at bats, it would seem to be pretty difficult to evaluate him. If he hits well at Charlotte, what would that prove? He's done that at AAA, for a few seasons now, and still no one seems to have any confidence that he has a future in the Big Leagues. Guys like that have to be given a chance to succeed, or fail, at the Major League level, in order to discover who they are. Short of that, they remain proverbial AAAA players, which is the moniker Reed now wears.
  13. I'm sorry that I didn't see the humour. I understand. Well, if he was acquired simply for depth, then he won't be there long. Again, he will have to be exposed to the waiver claims, unless he is on next year's Roster, or am I mistaken about his needing to be on the 25 man roster? Does that requirement only pertain to the 40 Man Roster?
  14. We'll see what management does with Reed. If they simply send him to AAA, for the rest of the season, then I'll concede that that was the plan and that I was wrong. Yes, and I have seen his unimpressive AAA numbers, from this year, albeit in limited playing time.
  15. Then what was the point of signing Reed? And please, there is no need to be condescending. I'm not an idiot and am perfectly aware that Collins hits left handed.