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  1. Now that's an interesting idea. Why not use the financial flexibility to help acquire Betts, without having to lose Madrigal, or Vaughn. Chaim Bloom really needs to shed some payroll, and Price is a good place to start. My question is, could Price reasonably be expected to at least contribute to the starting rotation? Just to refresh everyone's memory, Price is owed :$32M annually, for the 3 remaining years of his contract..
  2. Lillian


    Dickerson's defense would be fine, except for his arm. He's fine in LF, but many are very dubious of his ability to play RF.
  3. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    Probably a lot better than Bryant. Isn't Moncada a much better athlete? He certainly is much faster.
  4. Lillian

    A Realistic Offseason

    Do you really think that it makes sense to sign 3 position players? I think that Rendon and a LH bat (Moose, or Grandal) would be sufficient. Then spend the money on pitching
  5. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    I would prefer Rendon, and that contract, as well. However, I suspect that it will be more like $40 Million AAV, for 5 years. If he was sincere, when he said that he didn't see himself playing at age 36, perhaps he would prefer to make the money, in fewer years. That might be fine, for the Sox.
  6. Lillian

    A Realistic Offseason

    I can't imagine that Rodon would be very happy about that, heading into his free agent year. Not sure what recourse he would have, but he wouldn't be a happy camper.
  7. Lillian

    A Realistic Offseason

    After last off season, it's hard to believe that they would be so foolish as to be saying such things, unless they were prepared to spend, really significantly. I'm encouraged.
  8. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    That part goes without saying. Of course, in the final analysis. money talks.
  9. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    How much of an effect do you think that signing Rendon would have on other free agents becoming intrigued with the idea of joining this emerging contender? If they could ink him to a deal, early in the off season, might some other big names think that they'd like to jump on the Sox train?
  10. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    I'd like to address the point of view, often expressed here, that it is better not to allow oneself to be hopeful that the front office will spend the money to acquire a high priced free agent, because it sets one up for major disappointment. I have a different perspective. My satisfaction, or disappointment, is more a function of whether, or not, the front office does what I think would be the best thing. If I believe that this is the time to spend big on a free agent, then I will be disappointed, if they don't, even if I didn't expect them to. Whether, or not, I had high hopes is far less important. Theoretically, I could be of the opinion that it would be a mistake to commit too much to one, or more players, and in that instance, I could conceivably be disappointed that they did. In other words, I would be disappointed if they make what I consider to be a bad decision. My expectations are far less important than my judgement, regarding the wisdom of making any particular player acquisitions. To me, the notion that one shouldn't get their hopes up, for fear of disappointment, seems more like superstition. I hope that helps some of you who would like to be hopeful, but are afraid to do so. If you want Rendon, go ahead and be hopeful. Would you really be any less disappointed, if they don't sign him, just because you didn't expect it? The anticipation is half of the fun. I'm having a great time, just thinking about it. LOL
  11. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    After listening to that podcast, my impression is that he had little to offer. That Sox are not going to give Jose $40 Million, for 2 years. They don't need to and shouldn't. If Jose wants to accept the QO, fine. If not, then I would expect each year to be for less, the more years that he gets.
  12. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    No need to apologize, but thank you, just the same. Now, back to the important stuff of building a competitive roster. Go Sox!!
  13. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    Has anyone done a 5 year financial projection, on what the Sox payroll would look like, prior to adding any free agents? There isn't much argument about them being able to spend big, for this coming season. The question is what commitments for years 2 through 5 would be, when most to this current young roster, reaches arbitration and free agency.
  14. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    Actually, I was projecting $40 Million per year, 5 years, for Rendon. Add $18 million for Grandal and you have $58 Million, for the two of them. How much does that leave for another starter? Who knows? It all depends on what J. R. has authorized as a maximum payroll. If all of the commitments can be confined to 5 years, or less, that might be plausible. They have lots of financial flexibility now, until the young core reaches arbitration and then free agency. It would seem to me that this is the time to spend the money. If not now, then when?
  15. Lillian

    Rendon Thread

    In the spirit of extreme optimism, let's address the issue of where to play Moncada, if the Sox can acquire Rendon. Some have vehemently resisted the idea of moving him to a new position, yet again. If it's true that Moncada has already stated his willingness to play the OF, I really don't see the problem. Not only would it make room for both Rendon at third and Madrigal at second, but it would fill the hole in RF. Yoan has the speed and athleticism to become an outstanding defensive right fielder. He also has a good enough arm for the position. I have heard some concerns about his past issues with hamstrings, but I'm not qualified to comment on that factor. If the Sox could acquire Rendon, that would only leave one more regular position to fill. Signing either Moose, or Grandal to rotate between first, DH and catcher, would fill the need for a left handed bat and complete the roster, for position players. Therefore, I don't agree with the suggestion of moving Moncada back to second. Madrigal will likely be a Gold Glove caliber defender, as soon as he joins the team and even if he were to start slowly, as a hitter, the Sox could easily hide his bat, with all of that thunder in the line up. That would leave the rotation, as the only remaining need for at least one more addition.