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  1. Lillian

    MLB cheating scandal

    Being a pitcher, do you think that Keuchel will be immune to any culpability in this ongoing story?
  2. Lillian

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    It would be interesting to see some you compare the various respective parts of the 2 pitching staffs. I would think that the Sox have the distinct advantage, in terms of quality, depth and potential.
  3. Lillian

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Exactly, apparently their front office does not embrace the old adage that says "pitching wins championships".
  4. Your point is well taken. Nevertheless, for those who haven't watched a given team, or player, on a daily basis, this kind of data can be very useful. Our eyes tell us that Bummer was terrific, last season and we don't really need to examine all of the stats to recognise that fact. However, not having had the benefit of seeing Cishek pitch, very much, these stats are helpful in at least determining whether, or not, we should be pleased about his acquisition.
  5. Thank you. That is very interesting and useful statistical data. I've never seen that.
  6. Yes, of course the percentage of inherited runners, who scored is also very important. Last year, he allowed 33% of the 27 inherited runners to score. In that category, Bummer was better, allowing just 19% of the 36 inherited runners, to score. Cishek was better, in 2018, when he allowed 29% of the 59 inherited runners to score. I think we agree that he was overworked, the last couple of years, by Maddon. Inherited runners are not much of a concern for closers, as they are usually brought in, to start the last inning. Thanks for suggesting that I cite those stats, as well.
  7. Won't Ryan Burr be a part of the pen's equation, once he is finished with his rehab, for TJS? The Sox re-signed him, last month.
  8. I thought that the other procedure was arthroscopic surgery to "clean up his shoulder," from which he seemed to have completely recovered. Here is a quote, from MLB.com, at the time: "Significant bursitis was found in the White Sox southpaw's shoulder and a debridement of the area was done. Both the rotator cuff and labrum were viewed as normal, and Rodon is expected to make a full recovery."
  9. Is there some specific reason that we should be especially concerned about Rodon's ability to completely recover from Tommy John Surgery?
  10. Even more revealing than the splits, if you examine his "game logs" for last year, you will find that he rarely gave up any runs. There were just a few occasions where he was not effective, but the vast majority of the time, he was lights out. April was his worst month. He made 13 appearances and gave up no runs in 11 of them. However, on 2 occasions, he gave up 3 runs, in each. In total, he made 70 appearances and was unscored upon in all but 13 of them. Aaron Bummer was also scored upon 13 times, in 12 fewer appearances, and he had a terrific season. From my perspective, if a reliever can come in and not give up anything, 82% of the time, I'll take that. In Cishek's 5 previous seasons, his WHIP was right around 1.000. Last year it ballooned up to 1.203. Hopefully, he won't be overused in our pen, as he was the last 2 years.
  11. They now have 4 excellent candidates for the 8TH inning; Bummer, Herrera, Colome and Cichek. A lights out closer could still be worth while. However, it would have to be via a trade, as there aren't any available, in free agency. The other possibility is to try Bummer as the closer, in which case they probably need another lefty, as Fry is the only other southpaw bullpen arm and I have lost confidence in him, after last season.
  12. Lillian

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    I could not agree more. This has been my contention, from the beginning, providing that he is willing to contribute in that limited capacity.
  13. Lillian

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    I'm not sure that I understand the rule, regarding the signing of a Minor League free agent. Could you please clarify exactly what the Sox would need to do, in order to keep Fernandez in the organization?
  14. Lillian

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    This acquisition of Fernandez could simply be about organizational depth. McCann will likely be gone by 2021, at the latest. Having a solid defensive catcher in the system, makes sense. It's premature to read much more into this move. We'll see. Has this move even been officially reported? I can't seem to find anything, to confirm it.
  15. Lillian

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    He elected to become a free agent. He was in their Minor League system a long time, having signed very young. The Royals organization is also pretty deep at the catching position. I find this signing to be a little reassuring, as the other catchers in the Sox' organization are all defensively challenged. Neither Mercedes, nor Zavala are ready to catch in the Big Leagues and many have their doubts about Collins. From the inception of this discussion about McCann, I have asserted that the possibility of Collins being thrust into the full time catching role, in the event of an injury to Grandal, was a major reason to hang onto McCann.