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  1. Lillian

    Offseason Thread

    Conforto's career stats, vs. RHP: AVG .265 OBP .371 SLG .502 OPS .873 Platoon him with Engel and have Adam also be Conforto's late inning defensive replacement, if you're worried about his defense. The Sox are not going to make Eloy a DH, this early in his career. We may disagree, but it isn't happening. Gavin needs to split time with Abreu, between first base and DH. Grandal can catch against opposing RHP, and rest on days against LHP. That should give him enough rest, without having to play him at first base, unless Sheets proves not to be effective vs LHP, in which case Grandal DH's vs. LHP, batting from the right side. Vaughn might net a very good pitching prospect, if not, it seems like he may have to wait for Jose to retire. A.V. would be a very capable corner outfielder, if he weren't so slow. Being RH and short are really considerable obstacles to being a first baseman, especially with other guys in front of him at that spot. La Russa seems to love Leury, so my guess is that they bring him back, in which case Tony will play him regularly. most likely at second base, which isn't a bad idea. However, someone else will have to be that versatile utility man, if Garcia continues to be a regular. I'd personally prefer to see what they have in Romy Gonzales at second, and keep Garcia as a bench player. I don't see Tony limiting Leury's use, that way. Perhaps he would, if there were enough better players in the corner outfield spots and second base. We'll see. It would be great if Keuchel, Kimbrel and perhaps someone like Burger, could net another really promising and Major League ready, starting pitcher, as no one in the Sox farm system looks to be ready. No ideas regarding who that might be. In any case, as we've noted, the Sox will likely limit Keuchel's innings, in order to avoid the exercise of his 2023 option. Therefore, acquiring another starter seems essential, especially the way pitchers seem to lack durability in this era.
  2. Lillian

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Four switch hitters in the lineup. I like it.
  3. I agree with your assessment of priorities. I hope that you didn't think that I was suggesting that the Sox not play Moncada. He's going to be our third baseman for at least the rest of this season, and probably for the next few years. However, I hope that you can appreciate the suggestion that he has some issues, which he needs to address.
  4. Here is another glaring and troubling stat, regarding Moncada. He is tied for 10TH in the AL, in strike outs, with 125. That is more than 10 times his home run total of 11. He is striking out like a slugger, which unfortunately, he isn't. That flaw in his offensive game has got to be addressed. Either he has to hit more homers, or stop striking out. A team can live with a 3 true outcome hitter, like Gallo, but not with a "2 outcome" hitter. A guy can't just walk, or strike out. Power has to be part of that equation. If this trend continues, he is not a $24 million a year player, even though the Sox will ultimately be paying him that. Regarding salary; the worst part of that contract is the $5 million buy out, which the Sox would have to pay, in order to avoid his $25 million option, for 2025. His contract still has 2 years of reasonable salary, before jumping to $24 million, in 2024. He's 26, in his prime, with almost 2,000 MLB at bats. It's time for Yoan to figure it out. Let's hope so.
  5. Baseball Reference, under "Splits": https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.fcgi?id=moncayo01&year=2021&t=b
  6. Regarding where Moncada should bat, in the order: He has had his best success this season, by far, hitting 3RD. That is the spot, at which he has the most plate appearances and he's hitting .294 with an OBP of .422 and a SLG of .421. Nevertheless, hitting him 3RD would be a big gamble, at this point, with the way he looks at the plate. Perhaps he needs more help than simply moving him up in the order. What about a change in his approach to hitting? When he was a prospect, the talk was always about his comp to his idol, Robinson Cano. He was supposed to be "Cano with speed". That hasn't been the case. Maybe he should shorten up his swing and try to be more of a contact hitter, who is willing to spray the ball to all fields. His approach is more of a slugger's, which he does not appear to be. A few attempted bunts, for a base hit, wouldn't be a bad idea either. With his speed, especially from the left batter's box, he could probably grab quite a few hits, with such an approach. Moreover, it would force opposing teams to leave the third baseman in, and on the left side of the diamond. The other change in his approach, which I have wanted for a long time, is becoming more of a defensive hitter, with 2 strikes. I've said it before, but he just doesn't seem to battle and foul off pitches, with 2 strikes. Far too often, he strikes out looking, or takes his normal big hack, with unsatisfactory results. He appears to be looking for something he likes, in his sweet spot, as most hitters do when ahead in the count, even when he has 2 strikes. That might be his most frustrating tendency. Again, I don't know what they should, or will do about his struggles at the plate. However, simply moving him to the heart of the order may not be worth risking potentially negative effects, on the total offense, especially when the Sox have so many much better options for that critical part of the lineup.
  7. FYI: This Oakland lefty has moderately reverse splits. Not much sense in stacking the lineup with all RH hitters.
  8. "CaliSoxFan..." and others, like myself, are not trying to say that Goodwin is a great player, or that he should be signed to a long term deal. I think that our point is simply that he has been a serviceable, inexpensive substitute for our injury devastated outfield. After all, for a good portion of the season, the Sox have been without our top 4 outfield regulars. The guy has contributed and has helped to fill the void. He was never expected to be Adam Engel, or Luis Robert on defense, or to hit like Eloy. He has been pretty much what he was with the Angels, in 2019 and part of last year. He provides a little power, from the left side and can play all 3 outfield positions, although none of them particularly well. His splits against RHP are actually the best of his career, so far for the Sox. He's hitting .282, with a .383 OBP and a .553 SLG. HIs OPS is .937, which is tops on the team, for anyone with over 50 at bats. That production versus RHP has really helped balance the lineup, which has a recent history of struggling versus right handers. None of these players are without flaws and Goodwin is certainly not even close to being a star. However, when a guy is brought in, on a very inexpensive one year contract and contributes to a winning ball club, he deserves to be lauded and appreciated. He has certainly lived up to, and probably exceeded, most people's expectations. As a fan, I simply prefer to applaud his efforts and root for him to continue, until this team can get healthy.
  9. Perhaps, however he did hit the walk off homer today. After all, isn't performance what it's all about? Did you see his stats for the 3 game series? Next to Seby's unbelievable night, Goodwin was arguably the most productive hitter, in the series.
  10. Responding to the questions about Xavier Fernandez: Yes, he has always been considered a very good defensive catcher. He was blocked by Salvador Perez and Gallagher, in the Royal's system, and was picked up by the Sox. He was always a defense first receiver, but has been hitting, as well, this year. I remember reading this article when the Sox acquired him, 3 years ago: https://royalsfarmreport.com/2018/09/11/xavier-fernandez-deserves-a-40-man-roster-spot-this-november/ And yes, I know that he bats right handed. Touche.
  11. Goodwin is on a pace, which over a full season would produce the following stat line: 32 doubles, 4 triples, 24 homers and 80 RBI's. He is making almost nothing and is not supposed to be a regular, let alone a star. Compare his production to Moncada's, who it considered a 5 tool super star and has a big contract. Oh, Goodwin's OPS is .788 compared to Moncada's .780. The point is that he has filled in quite well and has even delivered in the clutch, on several occasions. OK, he's not a great fielder. You're getting a lot of value from him and he provides one of the few solid LH bats on the roster. The negativity and hyperbole is embarrassing.. If you don't like the player, that's fine. We're all entitled to our opinions. However, it would be nice if people were at least fair and magnanimous, when they opine. Back to Moncada: He is falling back into his bad habit of leaving close pitches up to the umpire, when he's in a two strike count. He rarely has long at bats, where he successfully manages to stay alive, fouling off pitches, until he gets something that he can drive. He hits a very high % of line drives, on his batted balls, but he simply refuses to swing, unless he thinks it's a strike. That approach is great, until the hitter has 2 strikes. That habit is precisely what made him so ineffective in 2018. It is conventional wisdom that a hitter should be in protective mode, with 2 strikes. It's baffling why he persists in this overly selective approach, with 2 strikes. Again, we're all entitled to our own opinions, but I personally find him very frustrating to watch at times. He could be so much better. Other guys seem to learn and get better, with more experience and at bats. Yoan seems like he is regressing. I remember when some here were absolutely convinced that Adam Engel would never be a Major League hitter. He has worked hard and developing the skill to become a respectable hitter. I wish that we saw that same kind of growth with Yoan. I'm still hopeful, but he's in his prime now, so it should happen soon, if it's going to happen. He's approaching 2.000 MLB at bats. That is usually enough for a guy to realize his potential. Sorry for the rant.
  12. Xavier Fernandez may object, as well.
  13. Lillian

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    It may be true that Moncada is over rated, but Boston must have believed their own hype, at some point, because they gave Yoan a $33 Million bonus to sign, and paid a big luxury tax to do it. Moncada is talented, but he continues to be a disappointment to those who expected a 5 tool super star. So far, covid and injuries aside, he has not been a super star, since his one breakout 2019 season. What has he been doing, so far this season, that has so impressed his supporter? He was drawing a lot of walks and thus sporting a really good OBP and playing a good third base. However, he is still striking out too much and not hitting for power. He may yet get going, but so far, count me as being under whelmed, which I know is considered blasphemous, around here. Well, let's hope that he proves me wrong., and soon.
  14. Lillian

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    The assumption that Engel can only hit lefties is proving to be fallacious. He has had a lot of very good at bats off RHP. It's beginning to look like he may have actually developed into a decent hitter.
  15. Lillian

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    The best part for me was Zavala not only hitting 3 homers; one to center, one to left with bases loaded and one to right, but he was very good, behind the plate, blocking balls. I don't know whether, or not his pitch calling was good, with all of the offense Cleveland produced, but that may not have been his fault. Nevertheless, I've never seen Collins have any where near that good of a game. At least, it's nice to think that Zavala might be an adequate catcher, to fill in for Grandal, who may not be able to catch much, the rest of this year, with his recent surgery.