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  1. Lillian


    My question was simply; "Did any of you notice the change?" I haven't heard anyone mention it. Just for clarification; I'm as disenchanted with him, as anyone here.
  2. Lillian


    Did any of you notice that Mazara's batting stance was much less open, last night? It wasn't a closed stance, but not nearly as open, as his normal one.
  3. Simply stated; This should not be a political issue. Nevertheless, it is obvious that I'm talking to the wrong crowd here. I'll drop it. Be well, everybody.
  4. Confirmation bias is always a potential obstacle to discovering the truth. If anyone really wants to discern the truth, they might be better served looking at both sides of this issue. Many doctors have reported very positive results. It is easy to find attempts to reject and dispute their findings. After all, it should be obvious that there is a concerted effort to cover up this information. Again, one should be asking why. This should not be the kind of subject, about which one side of the controversy should be censored. If one does the research, and considers both sides of the argument, they will likely discover that there is something very nefarious transpiring here.
  5. Leaving politics out of the discussion, are you suggesting that the many doctors who are trying to inform the public about their positive results with the HCQ protocol, are doing so with some malevolent motive? What exactly would that motive be? I don't understand the logic.
  6. Has anyone here investigated the very odd and suspicious controversy over hydroxychloroquine plus zinc, as a treatment for Covid-19? Many doctors have asserted that it is a very effective treatment. The curious thing is that Youtube and Twitter have consistently censored and removed such material. Social media companies have waged a campaign to block any positive information about the HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) regimen, as an effective treatment. This is unprecedented and very suspicious. One has to ask themselves; why would these social media companies be blocking and censoring information being presented by doctors, about a disease, and its treatment? What is their motive and who benefits from the censorship of such information?
  7. In the interest of gaining a better understanding about the pandemic, particularly as it relates to professional sports, I'd like to pose the question; How serious is Covid-19. in respect to professional athletes? The data regarding the number of cases and the number of deaths has been critically questioned. Many experts have asserted that it is not a life threatening disease, for younger people, especially if they are in good health. That controversy aside, as baseball fans, we are paying particular attention to its impact on Major League players and teams. Of all of the players, who have tested positive, so far, has any player even gotten very ill, much less been in critical condition? We do know that none of the players have died. If this trend continues, could professional sports simply begin to treat this the same way that they do the flu?
  8. Lillian

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    If true, that answers my question. Oh well.
  9. Lillian

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    It could be advantageous for Michael, as it would provide him with an opportunity to establish himself, in order to virtually eliminate the possibility of management keeping him in the Minors, at the beginning of next season, which would cost him another year of service time. After just seeing that news regarding his failed marriage, perhaps being around his teammates might be good for his psyche. Who knows?
  10. Lillian

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    Would it be possible for Kopech to change his mind, and later decide to pitch this year? If so, could the Sox offer him some extra money, to entice him to do so, since he is not going to get credit for a year of service time?
  11. Lillian

    FS: White Sox saw something in Codi Heuer

    Just for some context on Sam Long: https://www.milb.com/kannapolis/news/sam-long-earns-second-chance-on-the-diamond-with-white-sox-307387400
  12. Lillian

    McCann Trade Speculation

    McCann's success last year may not have been the aberration, that some assert. He did make significant changes to his approach at the plate, and they seemed to have paid huge dividends. He probably isn't as good as his first half of last season suggests, but he's still pretty decent. Watching him hit, on a daily basis, demonstrates to me that he has a very sound approach. I like the fact that he chokes up on the bat, with 2 strikes and that he is willing to hit the ball to right field, which is a very desirable practice. It has certainly turned around Anderson's career.
  13. Lillian

    McCann Trade Speculation

    As previously stated, because catching is a position which uniquely requires shared playing time, adequate depth really includes a third option. If Grandal were to get injured, who would be Collin's tandem partner? Mercedes can certainly hit, but can he catch well enough to be a viable option? I don't consider Zavala a good enough offensive, or defensive catcher, to be a possibility. If Mercedes could catch well enough, the Sox could get by without McCann, in the event that Grandal were to lose significant playing time. Catching is such a critical defensive position, that the return for McCann would have to be someone with some real potential. Otherwise, I'd prefer the extra insurance that the current depth provides. It is likely that James will elect to sign elsewhere, next year, but by then the Sox may know more about their catching depth.
  14. Ok, I concede I'm over reacting. He'll be fine and probably have even a better year this year, than last. Thanks for talking me off the ledge. LOL.
  15. Yes, I was being serious. Although, I qualified my comments by admitting that limited Spring Training stats are not very meaningful, Moncada's completely underwhelming performance may not help his negotiating position. His offense has been completely absent, in his first 18 at bats. He isn't even making hard contact. He's healthy, been in camp the whole time, and even showed up early. I hope that he gets going soon. I know that I shouldn't over react, but he does look pretty lost, at the plate. There will be many times, during the season, when even great hitters will go through such slumps, but I'd like to think that it would at least be against really good pitching, not a bunch of Minor League arms. If he had a longer track record, I'd be much less concerned, but he looks more like the 2018 version, than the 2019 version, especially his reversion back to taking close pitches, with 2 strikes. Again, I don't get overly optimistic about a guy having a great Spring, considering the circumstances, but I'd like to see the best players giving a better account of themselves, than what Yoan has been doing.