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  1. It seems a little futile for me to continue to respond to everyone's comments, so please allow me to make one final point. I am simply waiting to see what happens. I didn't like yesterday's failed effort to sign Machado, but until Harper signs, and we can evaluate the merits of his deal, I continue to reserve judgement. I'm just a fan, and have no influence over anything that may, or may not, be done about player acquisitions. If you think that I am being unreasonably and irrationally patient, that is your prerogative. I'm just not comfortable "flying off the handle" and attacking the front office and ownership, without waiting to see what happens. Machado was never my preferred acquisition. I have expressed my personal reservations about him, as a person and as a potential "face of the franchise" player. It would have been a huge upgrade to the roster, but I'm not heart broken over losing him to the Padres. Harper is another story. Depending upon what happens, even yesterday's failure may seem acceptable, in the bigger picture. Carry on gentlemen. Go ahead and get your anger off your chests, if it makes you feel better.
  2. And just what should we expect them to say? My level of hopefulness is irrelevant. The point is that we simply do not know. I'm waiting and reserving judgement.
  3. Please don't take this personally, as I don't mean to offend anyone. However, while the hyperbole being bandied about, over these negotiations, may provide some therapeutic relief to the authors, it is really not helpful. I get it. We're all disappointed and many are angry. However, we don't know what is transpiring and these rants are simply irrational. Why not just wait and see what happens? Afterwards, there will be plenty of time and opportunity to assess the level of seriousness and competence of White Sox ownership and management. If they sign Harper to a reasonable deal, and then use some of the remaining financial resources to acquire another starting pitcher, I'll be more than satisfied with the off season. Until he signs elsewhere, I will continue to reserve judgement.
  4. If that happens, I will indeed grab my torch and pitch fork and lead the charge on the front office of Guaranteed Rate Field. However, I don't think that is going to happen and I doubt that you do, either.
  5. Yes, but what if the unspoken part of the plan also included spending on Harper? Perhaps Hahn had a good point, if they intend to spend $350 million on Harper. The extra guaranteed $300 million on Machado would indeed have crippled their chances of being able to retain the young players.
  6. Perhaps we should all simply wait to see what transpires, before we draw any conclusions, or engage in any more hyperbole. I'm not defending the front office, but I'm not ready to grab my torch and pitch fork, either. I'm not privy to any of the real details, regarding their intentions, or strategies and I am pretty sure that no one else here is, either. We'll see what happens, then we can all offer our fair and reasonable critiques.
  7. I don't mean to belabor the point, but I'm afraid I must keep reminding everyone that the "Sox did not admit that they aren't giving Harper $300 million". They were addressing the Machado negotiations, not the Harper circumstance.
  8. Your point is well taken and I would agree, unless the final deal for Harper is unreasonable, even by the most extravagant spending standards. If some team, other than the Sox, signs him for 12 years, $450 million, I'm not going to criticize J. R., Hahn or K. W. for not beating the winning bid. Are you?
  9. I understand and appreciate your disappointment, however please consider the following: 1) The front office did not say that they could not go to $300 Million for Harper. That comment was specifically addressing the Machado deal. 2) We do not know that Machado was their "top choice". He may have been the first one with whom they seriously negotiated, but that was likely because it was apparent that Harper would not sign, until after Machado did. 3) They had to have always known that Harper would be the more expensive acquisition.
  10. Exactly how have they made it clear, that they aren't planning to go after Harper?
  11. Again, it is not a valid assumption that they view both players the same way. Look at it like this. They originally hoped to be able to sign both Harper and Machado. The more desirable player was Harper and they knew that he would cost more. They were hoping to get Machado for a little less, which would have really made the acquisition of both more feasible. They did indeed almost get Machado and not for exactly "chump change". However, the bigger prize for the Sox may have always been Harper. Now that they still have almost all of the financial resources, which they were prepared to spend on both, minus what they spent on short term commitments to Manny's friends, they can afford to be very aggressive in their pursuit of Harper. I really think that it is a mistake to equate how they approached the Machado negotiations, with the way they may now pursue Harper. Moreover, if this suggestion that J. R. was serious about going after both of them is true, the accusations that he is "cheap" are completely unjustified. Don't lose hope. Hey, it's all we have, right?
  12. I am very serious. I meant what I said. I could be way off the mark, but that's my perception.
  13. Why should we assume that the way they approached the Machado negotiations is exactly how they would negotiate for Harper?
  14. Great point. I will actually be very surprised if the Sox do not now aggressively pursue Harper.
  15. I'm probably one who would indeed have quickly tired of his "act". He is not a very likable, or relatable person. It's so easy to really like most of our young prospects. They all seem to be genuinely nice people. Manny never impressed me as being that kind of guy. Could our front office and ownership have had the same impression?