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  1. Lillian

    Moncada/Abreu - Who finishes with a higher WAR?

    Wow!! What a difference a week makes. It wasn't that many games ago, that many were wondering if Moncada was a bust.
  2. Lillian

    Trust the process

    Rodon, Giolito and Lopez will not be too young and inexperienced to be near top of the rotation quality starters, next year. I agree that Kopech being ready to step up to that level, as early as next season, is a little bit of a stretch, but he has the ability and the mental make up. It wouldn't surprise me. I think that it probably depends upon how good and consistent his change up is. I suspect that we will get some indication, later this season, when he is called up, which I expect him to be.
  3. Lillian

    Trust the process

    Regarding Moustakas: I wonder how much the Sox would have to give up, at the trade deadline, to acquire him and then extend him. That would avoid having to give up a draft pick, which is likely to be a pretty high one. That strategy, could turn out to be better than signing him, this last off season. The Sox would have saved the contract's first year salary, when they weren't competing, while also eliminating the need to give up a draft pick. Of course, this scenario assumes that the Royals will not be in the race. If the pitching develops quickly, it could make sense, as the team might be ready to compete next year, with a couple of free agent acquisitions. Insert Eloy and Moustakas in this lineup and the offense could be good enough to compete next year. Again, it all depends upon how fast the pitchers develop. A rotation of Rodon, Giolito, Lopez and Kopech (There are your four #2's or better), plus whoever takes the 5TH spot, could very well be ready next year.
  4. Lillian

    Trust the process

    If the Sox need to sign a top of the rotation starter, in order to be competitive, when the window opens, I agree that the rebuild will have failed. They only need 3 or 4 starters to be #2 caliber arms, in order to have a solid rotation. If they also have an Ace and, or a really good 5TH starter, that would be a bonus. Out of Giolito, Lopez, Kopech, Cease, Hansen, Dunning and Fulmer, plus Stevens, Adams, Clarkin and whomever they draft this June, they better end up with at least 3 number #2 starters and 1 or 2 bottom of the rotation arms. Even if the last couple spots turn out to be weak, filling out the rotation, at the 4TH and 5TH spots is not that expensive. Then there is the question of Rodon and whether he is traded for a promising young arm, or resigned to be part of the contending rotation. As so many have pointed out, we do have a good track record of developing pitching and this is the best crop of young arms, that this team has assembled, in a long time.
  5. Lillian


    You all know that I have hoped for Moncada to become a Ricky Henderson, Tim Raines type leadoff hitter. While I still think that he has the potential to be that kind of player, it looks more likely that the Sox will need his left handed thunder, in the middle of the order. Without him hitting somewhere in the middle, I just don't see any other left handed hitting prospects, down on the Farm. My hopes for Collins to be that guy are fading, and it looks like Zavala may have a better chance of becoming the starting catcher, for the rebuild. He would be yet another right handed hitter. Although he is off to a good start, Rutherford hasn't shown any power, which suggests that if and when he does make it, he is not the answer, for a power left handed bat. Basabe could become a solid player, but again, he's not a big power bat. All of the most promising position players are right handed hitters. Eloy, Robert and Adolfo could be the starting outfield, in 2020 and they all hit right handed. If Anderson can continue to show significantly more ability to draw walks, he becomes a viable leadoff hitter, which would afford the Sox the opportunity to move Yoan to the middle of the order. I find it a little perplexing that Hahn, who has often mentioned the need for a left handed, middle of the order bat, has not made more of a serious effort to acquire one. Maybe the front office thought that both Collins and Rutherford had a good chance to fill that void. This complete absence of a left handed, middle of the order, power bat, continues to argue for the Sox trying to sign Harper, over Machado. He is at the top of my wish list. Starting lineup in 2020: SS Anderson 2B Moncada 1B Abreu (He is the guy whom the front office should resign) RF Harper LF Eloy DH ???? C Zavala/Collins 3B Yolmer CF Robert (He will likely move up in the order, but not immediately) If Rutherford, Basabe or Adolfo push their way into the starting lineup, they would all be better defensive outfielders than Eloy. That might lead to him going to first base and letting Abreu DH. If Adolfo is the one who emerges, he should be in RF, for his arm, which would move Harper to LF. In any event, that could be one very potent and scary lineup. Speed, power and good balance, from both sides of the plate. Compare that to acquiring Machado, instead of Harper and benching Yolmer. Of course, we would have to resign Sanchez but that shouldn't be difficult, or too expensive.
  6. Lillian

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    I understand that, but the point remains: The Yankees don't need both of them. Which one and which contract the front office will prefer, is the question. How much do you suppose Gregorius would cost them? This article provides some insight into the issue: https://www.pinstripealley.com/2018/4/9/17212616/yankees-didi-gregorius-contract-extension-shortstop-manny-machado Moreover, you know me, so I'd consider that NY has enough rh hitting thunder, and therefore Didi provides better balance. If he ends up costing much less, it might make more sense to resign him and spend the difference on more pitching.
  7. Lillian

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    Gregorius will be a free agent in 2019. They may prefer to extend him, instead of signing Machado. In any case, it's hard to see them signing both. They need pitching more than they need Machado.
  8. Lillian


    While we're talking, anyone else skeptical about his being 6' 2"? I'd swear that he's no taller than 6', if that. It doesn't matter, but I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed.
  9. Lillian


    Maybe he should try to choke up, just a little. He is certainly strong enough and hits the ball hard enough, to be able to maintain reasonable power, while improving his bat control. It seemed to work pretty well for Barry Bonds. Moreover, as lively as the ball is, these days, I'm confident that he would still have a respectable exit velocity, even if he no longer was among the games best, in that regard. If he could make more contact, it just might be worth a try.
  10. Lillian


    Moncada's split stats, so far this season, continue to reveal that he is having a very good start, to his young career, as a left handed hitter: .291 .391 .618 1.009 The issue of whether, or not, he should continue to try to be a switch hitter is the one, about which we should be debating. It's hard to imagine that he could do much worse against lefties, batting left handed. At some point, it might be worth while to see how he would fare. There are several reasons why it might be advantageous for him to try: 1) Regardless of the pitcher, the left handed batter always enjoys the benefit of being a step closer to first base and falling in that direction, with his swing. Given his speed, Yoan would likely scratch out a significant number of infield hits. 2) Drag bunts for base hits, from the left side are easier to successfully execute. 3) Breaking balls from left handed pitchers, break directly into the swing plain of a left handed stroke, when the batter is pulling the ball. It's complicated, but I wrote an article on the subject, many years ago, which I entitled "The Angle Of Contact". I gave a copy to Greg Walker, and discussed it with him, the following Spring, He agreed with the principle. It's an intriguing observation, and worthy of a much deeper analysis. Try to visualize where the ball is moving, when a hitter gets around on a breaking pitch, from his side of the plate, versus the opposite side. If you draw the respective angles out on paper, you will see the point. It's the reason that Hawk always used to say that he hated facing left handers and that he suggested an "inside out swing," in which the hands come before the barrel of the bat. He may not have understood why that works so well, but it is because the angle of contact is much better.
  11. Lillian

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    I'd be ok with that, as well. As long as the Sox add Harper, over Machado, I'd be happy. I'd love that LH power bat and .400 OBP in the middle of the order.
  12. Lillian

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    The Contending team is likely to consist of the following: Outfield from the following: Eloy, Robert, Avi, Adolfo, Rutherford or Basabe. The Infield and DH will include: Anderson, Moncada, Abreu, Sanchez and Davidson Catcher could be Zavala, Collins or a Free Agent. With the outfield logjam, the Sox might move Eloy to first base. You all know my concern about the lack of a LH middle of the order bat. Even if Rutherford, or Basabe, make the contending roster, odds are that neither will be a middle of the order, power bat. That makes Harper so much more desirable than Machado. He's also a better hitter. If they are going to spend big, Bryce is my guy. Here is my 2020 dream team: 2B Moncada 3B Sanchez DH Abreu RF Harper 1B Eloy CF Robert LF Adolfo/Basabe/Rutherford (whoever wins the job) If it's Adolfo, he can play RF and move Harper to LF C ???? SS Anderson
  13. Lillian


    Just to coax some of you back off the ledge, after yesterday's big day, his stat line, in 46 at bats, from the left side is now: .261 .358 .522 with 3 doubles, 3 homers, 8 RBI's, 7 walks, 3 stolen bases, no caught stealing. Project that out over 550 at bats and you have an All Star, maybe even an MVP. When you take into consideration the following, it is even more encouraging: 1) He's batting lead off 2) Horrible weather 3) Too many off days 4) Still getting familiar with the League's pitchers 5) Less than 300 total MLB at bats 6) He is only 22 7) The exit velocity, on his batted balls, is near the best in baseball If anyone wants to focus upon the real trouble signs, it is the alarmingly high strike outs and his lack of any production from the right side. For my part, I'm just enjoying watching him grow and dreaming of what he and the rest of these kids, can become.
  14. Lillian

    4/18 Games

    Were all 3 of Rutherford's doubles, legitimate? Did he hit the ball hard? If so, he is definitely off to a good start.
  15. Lillian

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    The current outfield roster is probably a mute point. The future window of contention, opening wide in 2020, will likely feature 3 of the following 4 young outfielders: Eloy, Robert, Adolfo and Rutherford. i'm beginning to think that everyone else is just a place holder. I don't know about you guys, but I find myself more interested in following the Minors. I can't wait until Eloy and Robert are back on the field.