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  1. Lillian

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Hey, present company excluded. I'm old, but I'm not "whiny," nor bad-tempered. All of these very young multi-millionaires are prone to ill-advised behaviour. Awarding tens of millions of dollars to young men, in their early 20's, in our current social culture, what could possibly go wrong? Hopefully, Abreu will provide some positive role model suggestions, minus the tobacco chewing. At any rate, I'm glad that Puig was not added to this likeable group of players.
  2. Is Colorado really looking for that much talent, in their attempts to trade Arenado? I would think that it would take less. That contract is not exactly a bargain. As has been pointed out, the acquiring team would only be getting two guaranteed years of his service, because of his opt out. Seems like a lot to give up for just two years.
  3. Lillian

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Leury should be just fine, as a platoon partner for Mazara. He hits lefties well enough to cover those games, as his performance over the last 3 years indicates: AVG OBP SLG .302 .341 .349 .333 .349 .444 .311 .344 .443 Given his speed and versatility, he is probably as good as some of the other names, which have been suggested, in the limited role of Mazara's platoon partner, especially when considering the cost. I'm much more interested in additional pitching depth, than I am concerned about acquiring a guy to take 100 + at bats from Mazara. In fact, I'd kind of like to know if Mazara can learn to hit lefties better. If Nomar realizes his potential vs. RH pitching, it would be helpful to know if he would still need a platoon partner, going forward, should the Sox have an interest in extending him.
  4. Lillian

    MLB cheating scandal

    Here are the issues, as I see them: 1) Fairness - The victories in the Post Season were not fairly won. 2) Justice - How do you try to rectify the injustice done and achieve some restitution? The only action which really fits the offense is to have the title, which was not won fairly, taken away. Exactly how that can be achieved is something that can be debated. It would understandably be problematic, at the very least. Questions such as; who would be declared the champions, what about the individual statistics compiled during the post season, what happens to the W. S. rings and what about the additional earnings derived from winning the Championship? However those issues would be resolved, in any case, the Astros should not be entitled to claim the World Series Championship in 2017. 3) Deterrent - Measures must be taken to mitigate the possibility of a recurrence of this behaviour. Perhaps strong penalties, as well as means of precluding any such future attempts, can all be part of that process. The use of electronic communication between the catcher and the pitcher would seem to be one viable strategy. In summary; suspending players doesn't seem to be feasible. How can one be certain which players participated, or which ones knew and did, or didn't object. The more appropriate measure would be to simply deprive them of their unfairly awarded title of Champions. It's a team sport and that punishment affects the entire team. Strip them and the team of their fraudulently awarded title and let them live with that disappointment and shame. That is my humble opinion, and I'm sure that many have their own take, which is quite different.
  5. Lillian

    MLB cheating scandal

    I'm not qualified to address the technological challenges, but I suspect that a secure means of communication could be achieved.
  6. Lillian

    MLB cheating scandal

    Not having read this entire thread, perhaps this has already been suggested, but why can't pitchers and catchers utilize a similar means of electronic communication, to eliminate future sign stealing? Putting down fingers seems like a pretty antiquated method of communication, in this modern digital age. That would be a completely appropriate use of the technology and eliminate the ability of teams to steal signs. As for the appropriateness of the punishments handed down by the Commissioner; As long as the perpetrators keep their World Series titles, it doesn't seem like justice has really been served here. Managers and GM's get fired all of the time, for doing nothing wrong, beyond failing to produce. That is not a harsh punishment and not sufficient to deter future violations. Beyond the deterrent issue, the fact is that the Astros, and perhaps the Red Sox, did not fairly earn their championships. That fact is not being addressed, by simply suspending a few people for one year. Well, I'm sure that has all been expressed by others, but that's my take.
  7. Lillian

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    That's true.
  8. Lillian

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I see. So, you would be willing to just put Castellanos in RF and accept his poor defense. Well, that is one possibility, but I'm not sure how much sense that makes. At any rate, thanks for the clarification.
  9. Lillian

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Do you really think that he would get any playing time in LF, with Eloy there? Why would he get any of the DH at bats, with E. E. there? They're all right handed hitters. I don't see the logic in that. Given his poor defense, the only place I see that he would fit, would be as a platoon partner with Mazara, taking the AB's versus LH pitching and I don't know why he would sign a one year contract, accepting such a limited role. Moreover, even if he would accept such a limited role, it would be hard to justify spending that much money to acquire him, under those circumstances.
  10. Lillian

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I agree. Moreover, he isn't going to sign a one year deal, to be platooned. He wouldn't have much of an opportunity to improve his stock, batting exclusively against left handed pitching.
  11. He actually hit pretty well in 2018, while playing third base. Last year, he moved back to his natural position, where the same offensive numbers, combined with his Gold Glove defense, at the keystone position would have been fine. However, for some reason his XBH production just vanished, which is odd considering the juiced ball. I suspect that some team will take a chance on him, in hopes that he can rediscover his ability to at least be a gap hitter. In any case, his contract will likely not earn him what he was due to receive in arbitration.
  12. Lillian

    MLB cheating scandal

    Being a pitcher, do you think that Keuchel will be immune to any culpability in this ongoing story?
  13. Lillian

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    It would be interesting to see some you compare the various respective parts of the 2 pitching staffs. I would think that the Sox have the distinct advantage, in terms of quality, depth and potential.
  14. Lillian

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Exactly, apparently their front office does not embrace the old adage that says "pitching wins championships".
  15. Your point is well taken. Nevertheless, for those who haven't watched a given team, or player, on a daily basis, this kind of data can be very useful. Our eyes tell us that Bummer was terrific, last season and we don't really need to examine all of the stats to recognise that fact. However, not having had the benefit of seeing Cishek pitch, very much, these stats are helpful in at least determining whether, or not, we should be pleased about his acquisition.