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  1. Lillian

    8/19 games

    I'm looking for a center fielder. Eloy will obviously be the first outfield prospect, but he is a corner outfielder.
  2. Lillian

    8/19 games

    What are the chances that he could be promoted to Birmingham? I'd rather see him there, than Call. How soon could he be in Chicago, if he succeeds at AA? Is the end of next year, feasible? He'll be 23 next month. I think that there is a good chance that he gets there before Robert, Basabe or Rutherford, because those guys are all a little younger, than he is. He seems to be the most polished hitter, who can play CF, out to the entire group of prospects. I was hopeful that Booker might stay on track, but he has not done that well, since being promoted to AA.
  3. Lillian

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    It seems a little unfair to criticize Benetti, in this context. He is not an ex player. He has has his own strengths, as well. He has a good voice, is a pretty well rounded and intelligent young man. It's the difference between being a "play by play" announcer, versus a "color" broadcaster.
  4. Lillian

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    Are you guys enjoying this broadcast, as much as I am?
  5. Lillian

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    The encouraging thing is that he has a great arm and is young enough. He can certainly add to his repertoire. He should develop into a very good starter.
  6. Lillian

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    I think Lopez needs another pitch. His stuff is very good, but he could use an out pitch.
  7. Lillian

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    I'm loving Konerko, in the booth. He's very interesting.
  8. Lillian

    8/19 Sox vs Royals, 1:10

    Konerko just offered some very astute and wise observations about Moncada. I hope most of you heard him. His assertion is that it's very hard to come into the League, as a young hitter, and expect to walk 100 times, and to get the close calls. He advocates a little more aggressiveness, in order to establish that you can be dangerous. The walks will come, with that respect.
  9. Lillian

    Sox vs Royals 8/17 7:10 PM CT WGN

    Moncada is wearing glasses. I don't think that they're sun glasses.
  10. Lillian

    Castillo rehabbing in Charlotte

    Do you think that he is a significantly better defensive catcher, than Omar, especially handling pitchers? If not, I agree that the at bats should go to Narvaez. He's earned it.
  11. Lillian

    Jose Rondon

    Why isn't Rondon getting any recognition? He has it 18 homers, at AAA in just 77 games. He also hit 3 with the Sox, giving him 21 for the season. He needs to get his OBP up another .020 or more, but he has had a good offense year, for a SS.
  12. Lillian

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    If the Sox picked 5TH, do you think that they would still have a shot at one of the two, most highly ranked collegiate catchers?
  13. Lillian


    Short of replacing Stevenson, whom could the Sox assign to work with Moncada, to try to fix whatever is "broken"? His approach is not working, and he is going to need to make some adjustments. The most discouraging thing to me, is that I don't see him making any changes. He continues to do the same thing and with the same results. There are many things, which he could try; including choking up more, especially with 2 strikes, move around in the batter's box, start being more aggressive, especially with 2 strikes, try hitting to the opposite field, etc. It is just insane to continue to do what he is doing. This has to be shattering his confidence. The Sox better do something, before they ruin this young man. So far, all I've seen is that he has been moved down to #8 in the order. That is not going to be enough of a change.
  14. Lillian

    White Sox Vs Cleveland 8.12 game thread

    Engel has power. His problem is his inability to make solid contact. I'm not lobbying for him to get more playing time. He had plenty of opportunities to prove that he can hit. My on!y point was that one can readily see the potential.
  15. Lillian

    White Sox Vs Cleveland 8.12 game thread

    Engel never seemed to be able to solve the challenge of hitting, as I hoped. However, you can see why some of us were rooting so hard, for him to do so. If he could just hit for a respectable average, he could be a good player, given that glove. He has speed and power, as well. It's too bad that he just can't make enough contact.