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  1. Lillian

    Tulo released by Toronto (2 yrs, $38 mil left)

    If that was the case, why wouldn't the Blue Jays have simply told him that he can't play SS, and let him retire? Wouldn't that have saved them the $38 Million?
  2. Lillian

    Harper part 3

    I don't doubt that the Dodgers could acquire Harper. I just doubt that they would be foolish enough to spend that kind of money on one player. They simply don't need to do that. They already have the fan support and lots of good players. Why would they elect to commit that much money to one guy, especially a player who is not nearly the best player in baseball? As some of us have argued; the Sox may "need" to do it, but the Dodgers don't.
  3. Well Jack Parkman, you obviously do not have an intellectual disability, considering your degree and the quality of your posts. I'm sorry that you have not been able to obtain satisfying and well paying work. I hope that improves.
  4. Well, wasn't that fun? I hope none of that makes me a "troll". LOL. Now, sign Harper already and get on with the rest of business.
  5. Yes, and I imagine that you can't think of many kinds of jobs, where you get a guaranteed contract, for 10 years, regardless of how well you perform. However, in the final analysis, no one is coercing anyone. The owners agreed to this kind of a Labor Agreement, and they have only themselves to blame, if they don't like it.
  6. One more point; Although I also understand the the Players' Union does not allow such a thing, wouldn't it be refreshing to occasionally see a player make some kind of gesture, to demonstrate that he felt bad about taking a huge amount of money, for what turned out to be very disappointing performance? Who was that pitcher who left a bunch of money on his contract, for such a conscientious sentiment? In most lines of work, you don't get guaranteed money for 10 years, into the future, regardless of how you end up performing. Nevertheless, it is what it is. Perhaps if these guys at least made a pretense of being a little less about themselves and the money, it would be easier to swallow. But again, that's just me.
  7. Oh, well if we are going to base this on "fair compensation", then perhaps we should bring the conversation back to WAR. Look gentlemen, I completely embrace liberty and the free market. More power to any professional athlete, who seeks to earn as much as he can. However, let's remember that there is no accountability in this process. If a team agrees to pay a player $350 million, over 10 years, and then he either gets injured, or performs miserably. That's just tough luck. I know, no one forces the owners to agree to these contracts. It's just that no player ever seems to have even the slightest feelings of regret, that he didn't live up to expectations.
  8. Please don't take offense, but I'm not surprised. It is simply a different perspective. Don't mind me. I'm old and I'm afraid, a little "old school". I still appreciate things like humility, gratitude and loyalty. LOL Here we go, and I can imagine how this comes across, but I remember when Major League players had to have jobs, in the off season, just to get by, and even some pretty good players, at that. I guess that if I were in such a position, I would at least try to appear to be a little less self centered and egotistical. I would certainly not want the fans to get the impression that all I cared about was making a few extra million dollars, on top of hundreds of millions. The idea that a guy's goal is to become the "highest paid player in the history of the game" doesn't create a very endearing image, even if that might be what motivates him.
  9. I never embraced the old "Feudalistic" structure of baseball, when teams "owned" players, but listening to these players and their demands about how many hundreds of millions of dollars they need to agree to play for a team, with whom they would "feel comfortable", in a city they like and exactly which position they are willing to play, makes me long, just a little bit, for the old days, before free agency. It's just harder to relate to these guys. You would think that they might almost be embarrassed by all of this. Well, I feel better, to have gotten that "off my chest". Thank you for letting me rant.
  10. CF is our #3 prospect, Robert's in 2020, and if he doesn't develop, as anticipated, there is always Basabe, Gonzales or even Walker. All 3 of those guys are considered to be among our best prospects. I don't see the point of worrying about who is going to be in CF, in a noncompetitive 2019.
  11. Then I think we both agree. We would also both be happy if he signs with the Sox. Neither of us cares how much the team has to spend.
  12. If Machado is not willing to play third, that would argue strongly for not signing him. Not only would it negatively impact his WAR, but it would indicate that he is not the team player, that he is purported to be. You play where your team needs you to play, period. This guy has enough issues, regarding his character, without adding "selfish" to his profile. I want to hear him state; "I know that I can contribute to the team, anywhere in the infield, that they put me. I just want to help them win a championship." Of course, it's cliched, but it's the right way to think. The last thing this young team needs is a selfish, "prima donna" to set a bad example and ruin what seems to be a good team chemistry, especially for that kind of money!!
  13. Note that I did not say I would be unhappy. I agree with you and have stated elsewhere, that "it's not my money". I'm merely pointing out that the Sox have a unique need to sign a player with this kind of intangible star power. They do have to acquire such a player, because of their being relegated to a small market team, in a big market city. This is the problem for a team located in one of the worst parts of town, while trying to compete with the Cubs, on the North Side. Regarding the left handed bat; Absolutely love the notion that the Sox would finally have that elusive middle of the order, left handed bat. Insert him right into the #3 spot and problem solved. LOL. Nevertheless, it wouldn't take a $350 Million contract, just to solve that problem. But again, hey it's not my money. I'm just arguing that no other team really needs Bryce Harper badly enough to compete with the kind of offer, which J. R. appears to be prepared to make. In fact, it may be foolish for any other team to do so. It may be a prudent, even wise decision for the Sox, but not for other teams. So, relax. I think that all signs point to him coming to the South Side.
  14. Does anyone suspect that the Sox may be the only team "desperate" enough for the intangible "star power" that Harper brings, to really have a serious interest in him, at the kind of money that is being suggested? I'm beginning to think that teams like the Cubs and Dodgers would view such a deal as pure folly. Those teams could care less about star power. They all know that he is not the best player in baseball and doesn't play a premium position, in fact he doesn't even play his position very well. No other team needs him, as badly as the Sox do. Perhaps he hasn't signed yet, because no other team has surfaced with an offer to match what is being hinted. Perhaps none will. Many of you have stated that his on the field performance does not justify the biggest contract in the history of sports. Given that his intangibles are not worth that much to other teams, the Sox might not really have any competition, if Harper is simply seeking the best offer. It's also likely that the Sox would offer one, or more, competitive opt out clauses. It appears he likes the city of Chicago and although he might prefer to play with is buddy on the North Side, being in the same city would be a reasonable compromise. Finally, it's likely that the wives could be more interested, than are the players, in the two families residing in the same city. They are the ones who are home, while their husbands are at the ball park, most of the day, even when their teams are in town. When they're husbands are on the road, they're really alone. I'm leaning on the probability that no other team is going to match the Sox offer, if they are actually willing to spend $350 Million, for 10 years of Bryce Harper. The other GM's may even privately think that the Sox are foolish to make such an offer.
  15. Lillian

    What should the max offer be for...

    Yes, you are correct. Sorry. Thanks for catching my mistake.