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  1. Lillian

    Sox Sign Jake Lamb

    No, we shouldn't "just sign Encarnacion". Encarnacion is 38, right handed, can't play a position and isn't excused from being bad because of an injury. Comparing apples and oranges, is not a valid argument. Asking Vaughn to learn a new position, in his rookie season, is not the best option. If Collins is in the lineup, he shouldn't hit in Eloy's spot, as he is yet unproven. He would have to bat further down in the order. If La Russa doesn't intend to play Lamb, why did they release Lucroy to make room for Lamb? Moreover, why would Lamb sign to sit on the bench?
  2. Lillian

    Sox Sign Jake Lamb

    This team shouldn't worry about facing left handers, against which their heavily weighted RH hitting line up didn't lose a single game last season. RH pitching is an entirely different matter. With that in mind, perhaps Lamb, if healthy, should be in the lineup, on days when the Sox are facing a RH starter: VERSUS RH PITCHING AB 2B 3B HR RBI AVG OBP SLG J. LAMB 2016 & 2017 413 27 7 25 75 .271 .346 .552 404 26 4 25 86 .282 .386 .552 ELOY CAREER STATS: 501 26 2 34 91 .279 .321 .543 Projected lineup vs. RHP: Anderson Eaton Abreu Moncada Robert Lamb Grandal/Collins Vaughn Madrigal
  3. Lillian

    Sox Sign Jake Lamb

    Sorry, typo. Of course I meant Tim Beckham.
  4. Lillian

    Sox Sign Jake Lamb

    I thought Beckman was regarded as the first backup third baseman.
  5. Lillian

    Sox Sign Jake Lamb

    He was a very good hitter against RHP, in 2016 & 2017, before his rotator cuff injury. He had it surgically repaired and If he is finally healthy, his LH bat could be useful. What about the possibility of putting Moncada in LF, just for this year, versus RHP, and letting Lamb play 3RD? Lamb is a solid defensive third baseman. Was his shoulder injury to his throwing arm, and if so, does he still have the arm to play 3RD? If that could work, it might be preferable to putting Vaughn in LF. Moncada would likely be an above average left fielder, given his speed and athleticism.
  6. Lillian

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    The concept of starting the year with Kopech and Crochet, as a tandem, in the #5 slot of the starting rotation, is very intriguing. They could go 3 innings each, with a conservative pitch count, to get to the 7TH inning, when they would turn it over to the pen. As they both gain strength and stamina, their load could be expanded to 4 innings each. They could even get to the point of being able to go as far as 5 or 6 innings, late in the season. If one of them emerged as a very strong and effective starter, he could be used in the Post Season rotation, while the other went to bolster the pen, or they could simply continue to function as a tandem team. That kind of decision would also depend upon how the other starters were doing, in terms of both health and effectiveness. For those concerned about service time, why not begin this regimen at Charlotte, and continue it when they're brought to Chicago? In any case, those two fireballers could end up being the most effective part of the starting rotation, and out of the #5 slot. Wouldn't this approach be more effective as a method of achieving the ultimate goal of making starters out of both Crochet and Kopech, than throwing short relief stints? Moreover, the pen is already a team strength and doesn't need either of those arms, as much as the rotation does. It's certainly a very intriguing idea. What team would want to face a righty, lefty tandem, both throwing triple digits?
  7. Lillian


    My question was simply; "Did any of you notice the change?" I haven't heard anyone mention it. Just for clarification; I'm as disenchanted with him, as anyone here.
  8. Lillian


    Did any of you notice that Mazara's batting stance was much less open, last night? It wasn't a closed stance, but not nearly as open, as his normal one.
  9. Simply stated; This should not be a political issue. Nevertheless, it is obvious that I'm talking to the wrong crowd here. I'll drop it. Be well, everybody.
  10. Confirmation bias is always a potential obstacle to discovering the truth. If anyone really wants to discern the truth, they might be better served looking at both sides of this issue. Many doctors have reported very positive results. It is easy to find attempts to reject and dispute their findings. After all, it should be obvious that there is a concerted effort to cover up this information. Again, one should be asking why. This should not be the kind of subject, about which one side of the controversy should be censored. If one does the research, and considers both sides of the argument, they will likely discover that there is something very nefarious transpiring here.
  11. Leaving politics out of the discussion, are you suggesting that the many doctors who are trying to inform the public about their positive results with the HCQ protocol, are doing so with some malevolent motive? What exactly would that motive be? I don't understand the logic.
  12. Has anyone here investigated the very odd and suspicious controversy over hydroxychloroquine plus zinc, as a treatment for Covid-19? Many doctors have asserted that it is a very effective treatment. The curious thing is that Youtube and Twitter have consistently censored and removed such material. Social media companies have waged a campaign to block any positive information about the HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) regimen, as an effective treatment. This is unprecedented and very suspicious. One has to ask themselves; why would these social media companies be blocking and censoring information being presented by doctors, about a disease, and its treatment? What is their motive and who benefits from the censorship of such information?
  13. In the interest of gaining a better understanding about the pandemic, particularly as it relates to professional sports, I'd like to pose the question; How serious is Covid-19. in respect to professional athletes? The data regarding the number of cases and the number of deaths has been critically questioned. Many experts have asserted that it is not a life threatening disease, for younger people, especially if they are in good health. That controversy aside, as baseball fans, we are paying particular attention to its impact on Major League players and teams. Of all of the players, who have tested positive, so far, has any player even gotten very ill, much less been in critical condition? We do know that none of the players have died. If this trend continues, could professional sports simply begin to treat this the same way that they do the flu?
  14. Lillian

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    If true, that answers my question. Oh well.
  15. Lillian

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    It could be advantageous for Michael, as it would provide him with an opportunity to establish himself, in order to virtually eliminate the possibility of management keeping him in the Minors, at the beginning of next season, which would cost him another year of service time. After just seeing that news regarding his failed marriage, perhaps being around his teammates might be good for his psyche. Who knows?